Feb. 11 is Islamic Victory day in Shiia islam: Links 1 on Feb 11 – 2015

1. France Says It Has Dismantled 15 Terrorist Networks

(If France has dismantled 15 networks on top of all the other arrests they have made since Charlie Hebdo/Jewish grocer and they still get attacked, one has to wonder how many networks they are. My guess is we will know within 10 days)

Christiane Taubira told an open meeting of the U.N. Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee on Tuesday that following last month’s attacks on the Charlie Hebdo weekly newspaper and a kosher supermarket that killed 17 people, along with the three gunmen, that international action is essential to combat the increase in terrorist attacks.

She said France is looking at the sophisticated propaganda, indoctrination and methods used to recruit terrorists, including social media and video games.

2. Wuzza wuzza backlash cause muslims are the real victims of islamic terror

3. Montreal imam has passport revoked; was once named as ‘subject of interest’ in probe


Federal officials have revoked the passport of an Iranian-trained Montreal imam once described by the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team as a “subject of interest in an ongoing investigation.”

Ali Sbeiti, who was born in Iraq but has been a Canadian citizen since 1991, was notified in a Nov. 19 letter that his passport had been “invalidated” and that Passport Canada was reviewing his “eligibility for passport services.”

4. 3 (muslim) students shot to death in apartment near UNC Chapel Hill

[…] The suspect, Craig Stephen Hicks, turned himself in to police later in the night and is being held in the Durham County Jail without bond. He was cooperating with investigators, police said Wednesday morning.

“Our investigators are exploring what could have motivated Mr. Hicks to commit such a senseless and tragic act. We understand the concerns about the possibility that this was hate-motivated and we will exhaust every lead to determine if that is the case,” said Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue.

But given the victims’ religion — they were Muslims — and comments the alleged shooter apparently left on a Facebook page, many social media users wondered what role, if any, the victims’ faith played.

5. In Shiia islamic tradition, Feb. 11 is ‘Islamic Victory Day’. This did not go unnoticed in Iran:

6. Swedish woman gets naked and parades herself to protest PEGIDA and support islam. (If ever there was a person who needed to read Origin of Species, this would be her.)

Woman wanting to get stoned

My last word in this post is to President Obama:

Thank you M., Richard, Tundra T.,Draculea, GoV., Yucki, Oz-Rita and many many more who sent in helpful materials and interesting comments. Again, readers to this site are well advised to read up on as many comments as they can as much of the most interesting material and auxiliary links are there.

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17 Replies to “Feb. 11 is Islamic Victory day in Shiia islam: Links 1 on Feb 11 – 2015”

  1. @4 – Finally a crime where the Moslems are true victims, how many people are going to have heart attacks from the shock.

    @5 When this woman finally dies the average IQ of the human race will raise.

  2. YEMEN – Shiite militiamen seize US diplomatic cars in Yemen

    Shiite militiamen seized three vehicles used by US embassy staff from Sanaa’s international airport on Wednesday shortly after their departure from Yemen, officials said.

    The vehicles were stolen from the airport by Huthi fighters following the evacuation of the US embassy in the capital, the airport and diplomatic officials said.

    The US State Department said Wednesday it was suspending its Sanaa mission indefinitely due to Yemen’s “deteriorating security situation”.

    Britain also evacuated its diplomats and France called on its citizens to leave the country, announcing it was closing its embassy from February 13.

    The Huthi militia, which entered the capital unopposed last September, ousted Yemen’s Western-backed president last week in a move denounced by some neighbouring states as a coup.

    U.S., Britain, France close embassies in Yemen due to security concerns

    The United States, Britain and France said Wednesday they were closing their embassies in Yemen following Shia rebels seizing power there, highlighting the turmoil gripping the country as it marked the fourth anniversary of toppling its longtime autocratic ruler.

    The embassy closures came as Houthi rebels, armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and dressed in police uniforms and civilian clothes, patrolled the main boulevards of the capital, Sanaa, some in pickup trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns.


  3. CBC – Emploi-Québec response not good enough for woman harassed over hijab

    Forsythe visited the Emploi-Québec office on St-Jean Boulevard last month to get help looking for work.

    She said a counsellor there instead focused on her hijab.

    Forsythe said she was told she had made a choice to “live in a ghetto” and that she would need to go to an “Arab country” to find work.


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