Every second Dane wants to limit the number of Muslims in Denmark

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MetroExpress – 04 February 2015 07:02
A new poll by YouGov shows that a majority of Danes are moving closer to the opinion of the Danish People’s Party and the party’s goal to limit non-Western immigration – including from Muslim countries, writes Metro.
When asked what percentage of Muslims should constitute the Danish population, 50 % of Danes set a ceiling as to how many should be accepted. Every fourth Dane answered in the poll that the number of Muslims in Denmark should not be more than 1 – 5 % of the total population.

The Danes are sensible, says the Danish People’s Party.
I’ll take the result as an indication that the Danes have plenty of common sense and that they are greatly concerned about what is going on with our country and the consequences of increased immigration, said the party’s immigration spokesman Martin Henriksen, who would not put a cap on what proportion that should be, but the limit has been reached, he stresses.

Karina Lorentzen, immigration spokesperson for SF (Socialist Peoples Party), disagrees:
You should not judge people on religion or skin color. It’s about respecting the law, our democracy and the values of gender equality. One should not place importance on whether you believe in Jesus or in Allah.

The poll showed that 42 percent were of the opinion that we shouldn’t set a limit for what percentage of Muslims should be allowed to immigrate as religion is a private matter. That a growing number of Danes have a desire to limit the number of Muslims is a sign of a growing intolerance in Denmark, says Bent Greve, a professor and social scientist at RUC (Roskilde University):

It is a sign that tolerance, equality, understanding and cohesion is under pressure in the Danish welfare model. At the same time the recent events in France have caused some people to get things mixed up. Some people think that if a small number of them are extreme then they are all extreme.

In your opinion what percentage of the Danish population should be Muslims, now and in the future?
0 percent: 7 percent
1-5 percent: 24 percent
6-10 percent: 14 percent
11-20 percent: 4 percent
21-30 percent: 1 percent
I cannot and I will not put a cap on / quantify this since religion is a private matter: 42 percent

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28 Replies to “Every second Dane wants to limit the number of Muslims in Denmark”

  1. Islam is not a legitimate religion since it is so intolerant of other religions, for that reason the number of Moslems in any nation should be below 1%.

  2. I was taught from a very young age that it was wrong to discriminate against people on the basis of things like race, religion, or nationality, so I understand the thinking process that is driving the 42% of Danes who oppose limiting immigration based on any of those things. But what about a religion that is evil at it’s heart, who’s intentions toward others are literally murderous? Until I read the Quran it had never occurred to me that such a thing could actually exist. It does…

    Read the Holy Quran, folks, and stare straight into the eyes of evil and feel Satan’s breath on your face…

    • “They were free to go about their lives, they weren’t slaves,” Vukosavovic said. “Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t a brutal ruler in that respect. He knew he needed the Judeans to help revive the struggling Babylonian economy.”

      More clever than some of those within today’s Europe. Not to mention yesterday’s.

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