PEGIDA in Dresden Jan 25 2015

More videos will be added here as they appear except the quote of Geert Wilders read by the PEGIDA people, which once I have found it I will subtitle and post separately.

ARTICLE: Thousands join anti-Islam rally as Germany worries about image

( I suspect that millions of muslims trashing Europe as a whole do more to hurt Germany’s image than a few tens of thousands of classical liberals trying to preserve democracy)

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    • I think that the Islamists are a lot like Wylie Coyote. Adequately Ill-intentioned, to be sure, but essentially as stupid as they are hapless. If the Western voters ever get truly frightened for the safety of their children, all the Howard Deans in the world will be powerless to save the Islamic World from their rage. Nothing the fanatics are doing makes any sense whatsoever nor has any chance of succeeding in the real world. They are living in a fool’s paradise that could pop like a soap bubble at any moment…

      How’s that for encouraging?

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