Hollande threatened with death by the jihadists

Le Figaro:

Original translation by Oz-Rita


On  a background of the Eiffel Tower, an islamic site has called on the “Lone wolves of France” to “assassinate the president” and to “explode bombs” in revenge against the French intervention in Mali and Central Africa. 

The 60 or so elite police in charge of the close-up protection of Francois Hollande are nervous since a new islamist fatwa threatens him with death. Within a virulent campaign titled: “France we will not remain silent”, the jihadist Internet site al-Minbar Jihadi Media Network, seemingly coming from Pakistan, has distributed 6 images with hate messages in arabic and French.

On a background of a smokey Eiffel tower it reads:  “Oh France! (…) We are coming, prepare yourself for explosions and assassinations on your territory….”  “To our lonely wolves in France we say: assassinate the president”. Then they add: “Terrify his cursed government and explode bombs, frighten them in a sign of support for those who are vulnerable in the Central African Republic.”

“Execute the head of Atheism and Criminality. Terrorise his cursed government, make them explode and let them live the horror” so say these documents posted on “the media platform of the moudjahidin”, close to Al Queda in the islamic Maghreb . (North Africa).

Accusing France of “leading and sustaining ethnic cleansing and murderous crusades against the muslims of Central Africa, the jihadist call up the “brave muslims of France”. Next to an image of a hand holding an automatic pistol, they urge them to “retrace the steps of Mohamed Merah and to trigger a war in France until the total end of her aggressions in Mali and in Central Africa.

Since the killings of Toulouse and Montauban, resulting in the assassination of 8 people between the 11 and 19 march 2012, French services have established dozens of files “S” targeting supposed jihadists, well aware that many among them needed updating.

A report that went largely unnoticed:

The Elysée, who declares herself as “extremely vigilant”, notes that these threats are not the first ones of this kind. In January 2013, Joulaybib, spokesman for Mokhtar Belmokhtar,  had issued similar threats:  “I hope that  France realises that there will be dozens of Mohamed Merahs and of Khaled Kelkals (responsible for a series of attacks on French soil in the years of 1990). Not hiding the wish of the jihadis to export their conflict in order to strike the hexagon (France), the assumed “right arm” of the terrorist warlord had assured France that “the crusaders and Zionist Jews would pay for the aggression against muslims in the north of Mali, as would their lackeys”.

In his stride, Manuel Valls had pointed his finger at the famous “enemy within” which he estimated at the time to be limited to “a few dozens of individuals” which one hoped to be watched closely by the French counter-espionage.

More recently, on the 22 February last year, Aqmi published a report which passed largely unnoticed but which was also cause for concern: Calling for revenge after French intervention in Africa, a terrorist sleeping cell threatened French diplomates and leaders as follows:

“Your shameless intervention against muslims (…) is endangering your interests and your citizens. Know that your crimes will not go unpunished and that the war between you and us will continue. Expect a disaster which will be inflicted on you either by Allah or by us”.

In their message on Tuesday, the jihadists confirm:  “Neither Hollande, nor the soldiers will know peace in France unless the muslims of Mali and Central Africa can live in peace”.

According to information from the police, an inquest has been opened.


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11 Replies to “Hollande threatened with death by the jihadists”

      • The Knesset is a near-perfect representation of the State, Rita.

        Think of a “knesset-quality” life. It’s one of the main reasons people who’ve made aliyah leave. Always with terrible regret because they’ve fallen for romanticized Israel. Which is really all you get until you’ve lived there for more than three months.

        It’s diversity exponentiated, a theorem become fact, a conglomeration of those who define themselves – or are defined by [hostile] others – by their uniqueness.

        Like a circus, it’s fun to visit but not where most would choose to live. It’s life in niches, movement between them always perilous and often unpleasant.

  1. After the way France has led the way in Israel-hatred for the last 40 years, obviously as the result of some Danegeld bargain with the Arab oil Sheiks, I wonder if there are any in Israel who obtain a modicum of pleasure from France’s current troubles? How would the French like it if the mainstream media now started a campaign of lies about their country, consistently painting them as racist butchers each time they defend themselves, while always depicting the Muslim terrorists as poor, sympathetic, oppressed underdogs? How would they like it if the self-righteous Swedes were to make a point of recognizing at the UN a new Muslim Nation carved out of the heart of France? How would they like it if the UN started a special commission to look into allegations of crimes against humanity on the part of the French for each oppressed freedom-fighter they’ve killed or imprisoned, with only the terrible Stephen Harper standing up for them? There may indeed be some schadenfreude in Israel today…

    • I am not in Israel, I am not Jewish, I have dear French fries (<—lol typo that reveals something about me I mean FRENCH FRIENDS) , I live part of the year in France – and yet and yet….your post, Chris Jones, articulates so well what I feel, angrily and with not a small touch of Schadenfreude !

      Except the real French, like my friends from Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine already get this treatment from the press…..BUT from the FRENCH press and from the FRENCH Left, and from that enemy within who is a Hydra with many more than only 8 arms.

      There is a very witty article somewhere (I came across it yesterday or so, but cannot find it now) which suggested very cleverly a "2 State solution" for France.

    • Chris the stain of antisemitism that runs through out all of Europe and Britain is not a result of the Moslem influence, it existed before they had the power to influence Europe. It increases and decreases according changes in public opinion but it never goes away and you can predict major wars by how open the antisemitism is in Europe.

  2. Hollande is the classic appeaser, hoping the islamic crocodiles will eat him last of the 30 million Frenchmen. Alas for him they are already sniffing round his front door…

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