Paras guard Jewish neighbourhood in Antwerp

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Armed Belgian paratroopers on Saturday started to guard strategic locations across the Jewish district of the northern port city of Antwerp. The troops are among 300 members of the Belgian armed forces mobilised to ensure security as Belgium faces a level three alert in response to the threat of Islamic fundamentalist terrorist violence.

VRT News’s Liesbeth Indeherberge: “On our way to the Jewish neighbourhood we suddenly found ourselves bang in the middle of a column of military vehicles. Purely by chance I was able to witness the briefing of 3 Para. It took place at the local police station and the police were in charge.”

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(Does anyone think this is a sustainable strategy for defending Europe’s target population from the muslims that Europe is importing by the millions?)

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  1. This is how “they roll” in Karachi, Pakistan…

    Five policemen gunned down in Karachi violence (geo, Jan 19, 2015)

    “Five more policemen including two traffic wardens were shot dead during the last 24 hours in different parts of the city. At least 16 policemen have been killed since the beginning of new year. According to details, two policemen were killed when unknown motorcyclists opened fire outside a mosque in Nazimabad. The deceased were identified as Abdul Ghaffoor and Farooq. Three other policemen were killed in the night between Saturday and Sunday in Lyari and Malir areas of the city.”

  2. Irish jihadis at ‘mosque’ under Garda surveillance (independent, Jan 18, 2015)

    “Gardai are monitoring the activities of a group of radical young Muslims in Dublin, the Sunday Independent has learned.

    The group has no official links to any of the mainstream mosques or the main Muslim sects in Ireland.

    They have been monitored gathering at an address in Dublin, which they have used as an informal mosque.

    Members of the Muslim community in Dublin last night said they are concerned that young men have come under the influence of the same kind of extreme Wahhabi Islamism associated with the jihadists behind the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris.

    The young Irish Muslim radicals have eschewed ‘Western’ practices including listening to any music, according to sources in the Muslim community.

    The revelation comes amid fears that Islamic extremists have started using Ireland as a base and transit zone after tough new European laws have limited their movements in the EU, and that the country is seen as being soft on jihadism….”

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