Links post 4 on Jan. 18 – 2015

1. More anti-Hebdo riots in Niger and elsewhere.

2. Five policemen gunned down in Karachi violence 

(It is impossible to determine why in the article but the word ‘mosque’ was mentioned at least once)

3. Irish jihadis at ‘mosque’ under Garda surveillance

The group has no official links to any of the mainstream mosques or the main Muslim sects in Ireland.

They have been monitored gathering at an address in Dublin, which they have used as an informal mosque.

Members of the Muslim community in Dublin last night said they are concerned that young men have come under the influence of the same kind of extreme Wahhabi Islamism associated with the jihadists behind the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris.

The young Irish Muslim radicals have eschewed ‘Western’ practices including listening to any music, according to sources in the Muslim community.

4. Twitter complies with Turkey’s ‘national security’ blackout demand – BLOCKS newspaper’s tweets

5. This Brian Lilley interview with a guest expert on the attacks thwarted in Belgium and being planned against us all around the world actually delivers a moment of pure honesty.

6. Belgium Asks Greece to Extradite Terror Suspect it Arrested

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M, CB Sashenka and all.

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  1. Prosecutor in Argentina Jewish center bombing found shot dead

    Alberto Nisman had accused government of covering up Iranian involvement in 1994 attack, was set to testify before lawmakers

    Argentine prosecutor who accused Fernandez of Iran plot found dead

    Alberto Nisman, the state prosecutor investigating the 1994 blast at a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people, said last Wednesday that Fernandez had opened a secret back channel to a group of Iranians suspected of planting the bomb.

  2. Victor Davis Hanson: Untrue Truisms in the War on Terror

    In the current tensions with the Islamic World, pundits bandy about received wisdom that in fact is often ignorance. Here are a few examples.

    1) The solution of radical Islam must come from within Islam.
    2) The vast majority of Muslims renounce terror.
    3) There is no military solution to radical Islam.
    4) Reaching out to Islam reduces terrorism.
    5) We need to listen to Muslim complaints.

  3. Hindu-Muslim Clashes In Muzaffarpur District In India’s Bihar State Kill 3, Police Arrest 14 People

    The clashes were reportedly triggered by a relationship between a 19-year-old Hindu youth from Bahilwara Mali Tola, a village in Muzaffarpur district, and a Muslim girl from Azizpur, a neighboring village. The boy, Bhartendu Sahni, went missing on Jan. 9, and his body was found on Sunday near the house of a person accused of kidnapping him, following which a mob gathered and burned down houses in the girl’s village, according to NDTV, a local news network. Sahni’s relatives have alleged that he was kidnapped by the girl’s family.

    Mob Attacks Bihar Village Over Boy’s Death, 3 Burnt Alive, 14 Arrested

    The clashes at the predominantly Muslim village, around 55 km from state capital Patna, involve a love affair between a girl and a 19-year-old Hindu boy from a neighbouring village, the police said.

    The boy went missing on January 9. His body was found on Sunday morning, from a field near the home of a person accused of kidnapping him. A mob then attacked the girl’s village and set fire to houses and vehicles.

  4. 1/ The country of Niger has a very politically incorrect name. Perhaps all the anti-Israel libtards should stage a protest and put pressure on the government of this nation to change it.

    • I love listening to Western anchor men try and say it. The most recent one was

      ‘Ni Jer’ with a French accent. More typical is ‘Naidjer’. I have no idea about the ‘right’ way to say it but its always a laugh listening to the Ted Baxters of the world sweat over it.

  5. Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird

    You were warned Britain…….you were warned Europe…….you were warned as you turned your backs on your countries and sold the same to the communist dictators in Brussels who rule and destroy your nations with iron fists. And now, defenseless and impotent, you watch as the Muslim, a sickening group of pedophiles and fanatical lunatics smears the filth and vulgarity of Islam on your beloved countries…….

    Britain and many European countries; you have been abandoned by your monarchy, but could you expect any less as it was you who abandoned your monarchy?

    You have been abandoned by virtually every one of your law enforcement agencies…agencies whose members tongues now provide, at the Muslim beck and call, cleaning services for every Muslim ass and boot tip……as if that were not enough whilst they clean the arses of Muslims in your ears rings the screams of your defenseless women and daughters as they are gang raped, molested and pimped by your grunting drooling Muhammadan masters…..oh how they must wet their pants with peals of laughter, laughing and giggling as, at their disposal for their violent and grotesque sexual pleasures are your wives, your sisters, your daughters and your children……..a virtual Islamic meat-market

    You have been abandoned by your intelligence agencies who can now do nothing but tell you of your impending fate…..a dirty little secret, that you and your families are about to be butchered at the leisure and pleasure of Islamic animals. How rich.

    You have been abandoned by your Judiciary who, on wings of black from the very pinnacle of sneering arrogance, render treasonous Judicial lunacy and ignore mountains of evidence and your criminal code in favor of the madness of leftist political correctness, turning mass murderers and mad dog loose amongst you…….and you do nothing…….still you do nothing.

    You have been abandoned by legions of professors and school masters who carve up and destroy the minds of your children…..and then with the little that is left over of your precious gifts, they poison that with liberal leftist Islamic rhetoric turning your children into traitors with a seething hatred of themselves, their country and their magnificent heritage.

    You have been abandoned by your clergy as the the grasping little clerics, Archbishop’s Welby and Williams hike their robes and offer England’s collective soul to be sodomized by the filthy hoards of those dusky hued animals, illiterate, base, savage and barbaric Muslims, animals who seek the sexual favours of toddlers and domestic livestock………How utterly pleased the Christ must be to watch such a mocking scene from on high……..alas, were there any two little worms who were more deserving of the fate more than Beckett… is these two clowns……but still you allow them the destruction of your nations soul.

    And to all of this what will you do? What will you do as the laughter of the Muslim rings off the rooftops of mosques from Melilla to Madrid to Medina to Mecca to Montreal and every place in between?

    What will you do as Western civilized democratic societies, the greatest success story in the history of Mankind, are turned into catch basins for waves upon waves of human garbage, Humanity’s lowest common denominator, a precious gift from the Middle East and Africa, as the Third-World flushes its emigration toilet.?…what will you do?

    Will you arm yourselves?, will you find the courage God gave you?…..will you find your spines and your Manhood?

    Will you arm yourselves and walk over those aforementioned cowards who have abandoned you?…….will you appeal to the decency of military men to rally among themselves and form battalions loyal to England and not to those bootlickers in Parliaments who call themselves your political representatives, your political masters?

    Will you arm yourselves and arrest and put to trial those law enforcement officers and officials who ignore the boundless criminality of the Muslim?……and then will you have the courage to execute the sentences you have passed on those treasonous officers who have done your nations such harm?

    Will you arm yourselves and arrest the Judiciary and the cancerous legal industry whose actions, the very manifest definition of treason and sedition, seek to protect the Muslim, seek to turn loose the Muslim mass murderers among your women and children, seek to turn predators loose on your streets?

    Will you arm yourselves and take back your streets, your schools, your businesses, your places of worship, your law courts and your Parliaments from the Muslim……will you have the courage to remove every single vestige, every last shred of Islam, every last Muslim from the shores of England, from every corner of Europe?

    Will you have the courage to remove every single mosque, the virtual monuments to filth and lunacy, virtual monuments to your humiliation, from your cities and towns……..and resolve that never again will you allow animals to build their dens of treason murderous ideology on British soil, on the fertile soil of Europe?

    Will you, brick by vulgar brick, dismantle every minaret, minarets from which blares the sound of your present and future, which blares the requiem mass of Western civilization?

    What will you do England……?

    What will you do Europe…..?

    What will you do?

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    • Socialism has made the population defenseless by destroying excellence in every institution. Country-a regional area. Nation-a salad bowl of equal religions/culture. Law-some are more equal than others. Marriage-covenience.
      Education-dumbed down.
      When did the Muslims do all this to destroy the idea of the individual?

      Only the most infantile are given the top place in each house. Muslims appear have permission to act to lose us our freedoms.

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