Does terrorism work?

1. Canada: Threat of Violence Forces Cancellation of Pro-Israel Event

The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR) and the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) were forced to cancel a pro-Israel event after conversations with police indicated a legitimate threat of violent protests. 

CIJR and CAMERA were schedule to host Canadian MP Marc Garneau for a talk about Canada-Israel relations. When Montreal police alerted CIJR that there was an organized protest scheduled for outside of the event, CIJR moved to postpone the lecture indefinitely.

According to the Concordian, those who intended to attend the lecture were informed that it was canceled via Facebook.

Bradley Martin, CAMERA Fellow and Representative for Montreal and a student at Concordia, wrote on the event’s Facebook page at around noon on Jan. 12 announcing the talk had been cancelled because the Montreal Police had notified them of a violent protest was set to take place because of this event. At around 7 p.m., Martin posted to clarify what had happened, writing the following: “This morning, the Montreal Police informed CIJR that their cyber division detected a planned protest of the event. This protest was estimated to consist of about sixty demonstrators and considered to be hostile and violent. Under the circumstances, it was determined that the venue could not be secured properly and the safety of attendants would be at risk. It was therefore decided that the event would not take place as planned and be postponed indefinitely.”

2. Moscow warns media against religious-themed cartoons

by Nina Achmatova
Russian authorities warn that offending religious feelings may violate the country’s anti-extremism laws. Meanwhile in Chechnya, Kadyrov plans a mass rally against the cartoons, warning that Russian Muslims will not be patient forever.

Moscow (AsiaNews) – Russia’s communications watchdog Roskomnadzor issued a warning to the country’s media on Friday against publishing religious-themed cartoons. Its statement, which does not contain a ban, comes after regional branches began issuing statements about coming bans.

Whilst Russian authorities expressed solidarity with the opponents of extremism and terrorism, it said that the media of the Federation Russian should not publish cartoons that may violate the law.

In its statement, Roskomnadzor warned that offensive cartoons in the media could be qualified as violation of existing media and anti-extremism laws.


3. German anti-Islam PEGIDA cancels rally over ‘IS death threat’

© AFP/File | Sympathizers of German right-wing populist movement PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident) attend their twelfth march in Dresden, eastern Germany on January 12, 2015

DRESDEN (GERMANY) (AFP) – Germany’s anti-Islamic PEGIDA movement said it has cancelled a planned march on Monday, citing a death threat against organisers from the Islamic State jihadist group.

“Cancelled! Dear friends, unfortunately we must cancel our 13th meeting due to security concerns,” the group “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident” said on its Facebook page on Sunday.

“What in police jargon is called an ‘abstract threat’ has changed to a ‘concrete death threat’ against a member of the organising team. IS terrorists have ordered his assassination.”

I would have to say that given the governments we have, who’s immigration and other policies grow the power and influence of islam in our nations as feces  encourages mushrooms, the answer to my headline question would be a resounding yes. One vague foreign threat from the Islamic state cancels a demo for over 30,000 Germans in Germany. Ok then.

This makes the next item as insulting as it is ineffective:

Theresa May UK: Work harder to end anti-Semitism

The UK must redouble its efforts to “wipe out anti-Semitism”, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

Mrs May said she “never thought I’d see the day when members of the Jewish community” would be “fearful” of staying in the UK.

She was speaking at a service in London to commemorate those killed in the terror attacks in France this month, including four in a kosher supermarket.

Police say there is “heightened concern” about risks to Jewish people.

Thank you LCC, Buck, Tundra T. Carpe Diem (Translation of cancelation of PEGIDA march)


Here is the actual cancelation notice translated from German by Carpe Diem:


Dear friends, 

Unfortunately we have to cancel our 13th meeting for security reasons. The “abstract threat”, according to police technical jargon, has changed into a concrete “death threat” against a member of our organization team. His execution has been ordered by IS terrorists. As “collateral damage” had to be expected in such an assault, and we regard it as our special responsibility to guarantee the safety of our protestors, on consultation with State Protection and State Police Headquarters, we are compelled to take this step. It is a serious setback for Freedom of Speech when it is possible for terrorist forces to erode our guaranteed confessional right, but your safety has priority. We will announce more background information in a press conference on Monday. Organization team

(remark: according to DPA, there have been death threats against PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachman. They say that there have been warnings by foreign intelligence agencies. All demonstrations are prohibited for next Monday in Dresden by the police because of possible terrorist attacks.)


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  1. CHECHNYA – More than one million people may come out for protest in Chechnya against cartoons

    More than one million people may come out for a demonstration in Grozny on January 19 to express protest against cartoons of the prophet Mohammad, the Chechen Republic’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov said on his website.

    He urged all to come for the protest. He said up to 500,000 were originally expected to gather, but according to the latest information, the number may exceed one million. People from other Russian regions will also participate in the demonstration.

    Kadyrov said he considered as his personal enemies all those who supported the right of the French weekly Charlie Hebdo and other publications to offend religious feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims.

    “But we must not yield to provocations. Violence is not a way out. It is not our method of struggle against immoral people. We must show our unity and love for the prophet. It is the best response.” Kadyrov wrote.

    The demonstration Love for the prophet Mohammad and protest against cartoons will be held in Grozny on Monday, January 19. The protesters will march from Minutka Square to the central mosque “Heart of Chechnya” named in honour of Akhmat-Hadji Kadyrov, where the faithful will pray. The republic’s clerics have called for the protest.

    In the past few days, new cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad were published by media of France and some other countries. Islamists attacked the editorial staff of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris after the newspaper published such cartoons. The attackers killed 12 people, ten editorial staff members and two policemen, and wounded eleven.

    Protests against publications of cartoons of the Prophet took place in some African countries on Friday.

    On Saturday, protesters gathered in the capital of Niger and set fire to seven Christian churches.

  2. Look at this Islamic fear reality, and see if it can help understand the fear inside a nearly 100% Muslim society.

    Keep in mind that Muslims make up less than 10% of Western European population. Yet, even when Muslims only represent this small percentage of the general population, the potential presence of Islamic killers has had the effect, according to, Flemming Rose, of creating “self-imposed limits on expression that seemed to be closing in tighter.”

    Think of this reality. Western Europeans, who have grown up believing in free speech, living in their own free and open societies, are afraid to talk critically about Islam when Muslims make up less than 10% of the Western European population.

    So now think of what it must be like inside a Muslim society where essentially 100% of the population is Muslim. The fear factor must be at least 10 times greater.

    Imagine a nearly 100% Muslim society, a Muslim society where unseen religious killers, like Bouyeri, roam literally everywhere. Free expression and critical discussion of Islam within Muslim society is essentially shut off. Shut off by Islam’s dark force of fear. Shut off by the fear of the unseen religious killers.

    This inability to talk critically about Islam inside Islamic society is one of the main reasons why Islam is stuck in its endless cycle of violence. Muslims can clearly see the violence surrounding them. But they know all too well, any critical discussion on the issue might draw the attention of a killer like Mohammed Bouyeri. As a result most Muslims live in fear of a system that keeps them quiet. Inside a system they have no control of.

    Read it all at:

    • Political Correctness and thought crimes came from the Socialists. Look how close we are to Russia’s hate speech laws and can’t criticise false idols.

    • I don’t think the fear of being killed by other Muslims is the determining reason why Muslims in most 100% Muslim societies won’t criticize Islam and so can’t get themselves out of their intellectual dead zone. It’s there but more like a last resort. The first line of defense of Islam (and offense against the individual) is the lifelong conditioning of the individual himself. This is profound and must operate in a number of ways. Then there is the family, including the aversion to bringing shame on it, then the wider society and then the legal system. Then the fear of being killed by another Muslim. But that fear isn’t what’s mostly making the system work.

  3. #2
    I’ve been waiting for this shoe to drop ever since I heard Obama say they were at war with “violent extremism” instead of coming out and saying, “Islamic terrorism”. I was afraid they might start labelling opposition to Islam as “violent extremism” and start arresting people and closing down sites for the crime of opposing Islam. It sounds like Vladimir Putin has been reading my mind. How long before Obama starts calling “”, and “, and, “violent extremism”?

  4. GAZA – the Al Qassam Brigades, held an open registration in Gaza City Sunday were they invited any Palestinians who wanted to join and participate in military training camps to sign up.

  5. A little balance to Martins rain of relevance……

    A little distraction in the guise of talent and tresses……..”Lorde”

    Don Laird

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