Blasphemy laws, and leftist totalitarianism wearing liberal clothing: Links 3 on Jan. 17 – 2015

1. Islamic Bloc Raises UN ‘Anti-Religious Intolerance’ Measure Backed by Obama Administration – In contrast to the widespread support for freedom of expression following the Charlie Hebdo terror attack, there are fresh calls for a United Nations measure, which critics say seeks to limit speech considered “blasphemous.”

A senior diplomat with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – the bloc of Islamic nations – tweeted Monday that the attack in Paris underlined the importance of “renewed commitment to resolution 16/18.”

The innocuous-sounding “resolution 16/18” was first passed by the U.N. Human Rights Council in April 2011 and by the U.N. General Assembly eight months later. The Obama administration sponsored it together with OIC member Egypt, and the Hillary Clinton State Department championed it as a triumph of diplomacy

(Obama’s response to the dead Jews and French journalists? To step up the anti-blasphemy laws)

2. Indonesia: “Behead those who insult the colostomy bag Mohamed”

3. From 2 to 14 minutes on this VICE video, the case is made that the Kurds may be the people to back, as they actually seem to want a Western style secular democracy as opposed to the US backed islamic jihadis.

4. ISIS fighters fake death in Syria to slip back to UK and Europe without being detected and plot terror attacks

(This is my exact suspicion about the Canadian John MacGuire who went to the Islamic State, made a video about how they want to kill us all, then suddenly there was an announcement of his death. I think he is on his way back here, or is back here to do an A team attack like France.)

One of the two terrorists shot dead by Belgian police last week had apparently faked his own death in Syria, so he could return to his home country undetected and attempt a terror attack.

In a sign terrorists are using disinformation to confuse and distract security forces, Islamic State fighters claimed on social media that Tarik Jadaoun, 24, was ‘martyred’ just weeks before he returned to Belgium.

He was shot dead with Redouane Hagaoui, 22, on Thursday by a commando squad in Verviers, near the German border.

5. Paul Weston on the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

6. Here is the video from the BBC on reaction to the Hebdo cartoons with my added commentary at the end.

7. Iranian paper shut over Clooney ‘Je Suis Charlie’ photo

(And this is why you do not give in to even the most ‘reasonable’ sounding anti-blasphemy laws. Because it will, not might, not may, but will become Iran or North Korea where you are shut down, jailed or killed for publishing a picture of a real even that a cleric doesn’t approve of)

The Mardom e-Emruz (Today’s People) newspaper ran a picture of the actor headlined “I’m Charlie too”.

But conservative elements in Teheran were incensed by a catchphrase they regard as “anti-Islamic”, BBC Middle East analyst Alan Johnston says.

Judges said the headline was “obscene”.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Richard, so many more who sent in links and posted important stories and interesting analysis to the comments.

Screw your courage to the sticking place peoples. The fight hasn’t started yet, but it does appear there will be one after all. Watch PEGIDA and the attempts by governments to crush it.

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4 Replies to “Blasphemy laws, and leftist totalitarianism wearing liberal clothing: Links 3 on Jan. 17 – 2015”

  1. In the UK it became the norm for governments, since NuLabour under Tony Blair st the low standard for politics, to bury bad news whenever there was a crisis. Islam therefore has been very useful, with the Americans funding and training fundamental (n othing ‘radical’ about what the ultra conservative do), Muslims who then are allowed to enter the West.
    Before Socialism was Masculinism, the path of manhood; now it is Feminizm and the fixation on women for strength. This is Communism and Islam, the Left and Far Left, which get unlimited sex from her in two different ways: force her to believe putting out is freedom or else godly. The Dark Side seeking life where there is no life, a fear-worship of the Black Stone of Mecca, of the dominatrix and the female infant, and the Mother Mary Pope punching those in the face who disagree.

    • Who needs self control, when you can control the world. Muhammad didn’t have the nature of the portrayed Jesus but came from exactly the opposite kingdom and therefore defended by The Left. The life of wisdom passed to free your children becomes one of pride and vanity, collectivism and submission. Their golden rule: ” It ok to lie, cheat and steal if it is sanctioned. And the second is just like it: Go it alone, but never get caught. By this you honor your fathers and the devil they submitted to.”

  2. RE; # 1 Screw the useless UN, it is just a club and
    propaganda pulpit for dictators,despots, and haters of the Western democracies and republics. It is a burden on the finances of those who pay their dues, and a boon to the leeches who whine and moan for more ‘aid’ much of which is stolen and ends up in Swiss banks, or financing war, terror, and destruction. It would serve us better if the UN were tossed out of NYC and the building converted to something useful, a storage facility perhaps.

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