Sharia always escalates till it burns itself out. But it does incalculable damage on the way: Links 2 on Jan. 17 – 2015

1. Thrown from a roof, stoned to death and crucified: While the world reacts with horror to terror in Europe, new ISIS executions show the medieval brutality jihadists would bring to the West

(May I take this opportunity to give thanks to the Daily Mail. The only paper to even come close to telling the truth about events outside our windows and come very close they do indeed)

Two men were hurled from the top of a tower block, two more were crucified in front of a baying crowd and a woman was stoned to death in the latest series of horrific executions by ISIS.

The men were thrown from the roof down to the crowd below in the brutal punishment for being gay.

Charges found against the accused were announced by a masked Islamic State fighter, using a small handheld radio. Reading from a list, he declares the men are guilty of engaging in homosexual activities and should be punished by death, in accordance with Islamic State’s radical interpretation of Sharia law.

2. French President: Muslims are ‘Main Victims’

(On an entirely unrelated issue, I was wondering if anyone knew what this is, or what it might have been used for and why)

Even as the bodies of two dead cartoonists from satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were committed to the ground after a terrorist attack last week which killed twelve, French President Francois Hollande has insisted Muslims remain the “main victims”.

Speaking at the Arab Institute in Paris, the president reminded listeners that Muslims have “the same rights and the same duties as all citizens” and deserved “protection”.

Visiting the conference, which was focussing on the ‘Renewal of the Arab World’, president Hollande said: “It is the Muslims who are the first victims of fanaticism, fundamentalism, and intolerance. We should also remind people, and I do it every time wherever I find myself in the Arab world, that Islam is compatible with democracy”.

Despite his comments, which follow the murder of four Jewish shoppers in a Kosher delicatessen in Paris last week in an attack linked to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, France has now deployed thousands of police and troops to defend Jewish property.

Synagogues, shops, and schools across France and other European countries have experienced reduced opening times over the past week, as fears of copycat attacks permeate.

(If Hollande is executing a clever plan to unite the Muslims, Jews and Christians and agnostics, Chinese, Hindus  and people of all backgrounds in France together in loathing of him, then it may be working)

3. RT does piece on the US bus ads comparing Islam to Nazism. (They don’t seem to like them)

4. Charlie Hebdo: Niger protesters set churches on fire

(I am going to do a full post on this later today)

5. Attack on UN camp in Mali kills peacekeeper

Gunmen have launched an attack on a UN camp in Mali, killing a UN peacekeeper, residents and eyewitnesses say.

The attack took place at about 06:00 in the northern town of Kidal. Residents said at least two suicide bombers were involved and a car bomb was detonated. A soldier from Chad was killed and at least one other was injured.

6. Bill Whittle on multiculturalism:


Thank you Chris C. M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Yucki, and many more.

I may start a petition asking news media to never translate Allah as God. It may be the one thing everyone can agree on.

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  1. DAILY MAIL – ISIS fighters fake death in Syria to slip back to UK and Europe without being detected and plot terror attacks

    One of the two terrorists shot dead by Belgian police faked own death
    – ISIS fighters claimed on social media Tarik Jadaoun, 24, was ‘martyred’
    – But weeks later he returned to Belgium and attempted terror attack
    – He was shot dead with Redouane Hagaoui, 22, on Thursday in Verviers

    One of the two terrorists shot dead by Belgian police last week had apparently faked his own death in Syria, so he could return to his home country undetected and attempt a terror attack.

    In a sign terrorists are using disinformation to confuse and distract security forces, Islamic State fighters claimed on social media that Tarik Jadaoun, 24, was ‘martyred’ just weeks before he returned to Belgium.

    He was shot dead with Redouane Hagaoui, 22, on Thursday by a commando squad in Verviers, near the German border.

  2. Afghan cabinet nominee on Interpol’s most-wanted list (BBC, Jan 17, 2015)

    “The Afghan president’s office has launched an investigation after it emerged that President Ashraf Ghani’s nominee for agriculture minister is on Interpol’s most-wanted list. Interpol’s website says Mohammad Yaqub Haidari is wanted in Estonia for large-scale tax evasion dating back to 2003. The president’s office was unaware Mr Haidari had legal problems but was investigating, a spokesman said. Mr Haidari said he was on the list but was victim of a political conspiracy…”

  3. Islamic Bloc Raises UN ‘Anti-Religious Intolerance’ Measure Backed by Obama Administration

    In contrast to the widespread support for freedom of expression following the Charlie Hebdo terror attack, there are fresh calls for a United Nations measure, which critics say seeks to limit speech considered “blasphemous.”

    A senior diplomat with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – the bloc of Islamic nations – tweeted Monday that the attack in Paris underlined the importance of “renewed commitment to resolution 16/18.”

    The innocuous-sounding “resolution 16/18” was […]

    on this page :

  4. About item 3. It is typical of the media that they would take the position of being ‘shocked’ by the posters rather than doing their job and investigating whether there’s any truth in the claim.

    • The average “journalist” is a very nice looking, very athletic, very well-dressed “team player” with a few months of community college under their belts and a distinctly incurious nature. They’re content to obediently repeat whatever they are told by whomever sets what passes for news these days. They are considerably less than useless…

  5. I think this is what you are alluding to.
    Upper-class criminals could buy their way into a less painful death by hanging or beheading….Doctor Joseph Ignace Guillotin belonged to a small political reform movement that wanted to banish the death penalty completely. Guillotin argued for a painless and private capital punishment method equal for all the classes, as an interim step towards completely banning the death penalty.

  6. Exécution_de_Marie_Antoinette_le_16_octobre_1793.
    Museum Carnavalet
    Painter: Anonymous
    Date: around 1793
    Materials: canvas oil paiting
    Acquisition: From monsieur Follfus (1912)
    La décapitation du roi et de la reine de France aura lieu place de la Révolution, actuelle place de la Concorde. Ce tableau et son pendant, l’exécution de Louis XVI, seront peints d’après des estampes danoises.

  7. #2
    Why are so many world leaders so incredibly crappy at their jobs? For the last time: When Jihadis kill other Muslims it is because they consider them to be apostates and therefore no longer Muslims and therefore alright to kill. Mohammad said, “The death of an infidel is of no more consequence than the sound of two goats butting heads.” When they kill infidels, to them, they may as well be killing Christians or Jews or chickens. Why can’t Mr. Hollande get that through his unintelligent little pinhead?

  8. Siaans:

    Thanks for straightening me out!

    Can you also tell me why they made it and on whom did they use it?

    Thanks again! I hope you come back often and explain to me what I get wrong.

  9. Mr. Hollande ever the Socialist, still groveling and pandering to the Muslims, a poor excuse for a national ‘leader’ if there ever was one.

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