The new Charlie Hebdo cover.

1. Charlie Hebdo’s new caricature ‘unjustifiably provocative’: Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta

(it is stupefying to try and grasp that muslims believe that any drawing is a greater offense than the murder of some 16 people over them. But that is Islam in a nutshell. Where it belongs.   *~@:^{)>   <—– An atypical moment of a happy mohamed in ASCI art)

Charlie Hebdo’s decision to renew the publication of caricatures of Prophet Mohamed is “an act unjustifiably provocative to the feelings of a billion and a half Muslims worldwide who love and respect the Prophet,” Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta warned in a statement on Tuesday.

The new issue of Charlie Hebdo will cause a “new wave of anger” in France and the West in general, the statement said, adding that it “will not serve the dialogue between civilisations which Muslims seek.”

The cover of the first edition of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo since 12 of its staff members were killed by Islamist gunmen last week showed a cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed crying and holding up a “Je suis Charlie” sign under the words “All is forgiven.”

Note from Eeyore:

The thing about this graphic I like, is it is even funnier upside down:

Post killing Charlie hebdo Cover 180 degrees.1

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  1. On NY’s AM 880 radio program the newscasters mentioned the new Hebdo cover but- BUT interpreted the script as “All is forgiven”, actually in those unbelievable words! Also mentioned were several funerals taking place today both in France and Israel for the victims of these two jihadists. Only one victim was lionized on the air – the “Muslim Policeman” – who will receive the highest honor for service. The perpe-traitors were “just terrorists” – no affiliation to the religion of peace given, using the words “just terrorists” for emphasis.
    Forget integrity, facts & credibility. These traits are totally lost on contemporary media ‘professionals’.

    • Excellent observation WTD. And I suspect this will be the theme of the whole reportage of the aftermath of this particular attack.

        • One interpretation it’s sort of possible to make out from things the cartoonist himself has said is that it’s a reference to an earlier cover on which Mhd is depicted warning readers to find Mhd cartoons funny or get 100 lashes. So now Mhd is forgiving the terrorists for not finding Mhd cartoons funny.

        • Well, remember it is supposed to be mohamed saying “I am charlie” and forgiving the cartoonists. This of course would be outrageously offensive to the tards. That and when you turn the picture upside down mohamed looks like a penis.

        • Right, but then there is also this being said at Charlie Hebdo, that it’s the cartoonists forgiving the terrorists:

          ‘Zineb El Rhazoui, who works for Charlie Hebdo, has revealed the meaning behind the controversial front cover.

          Ms Rhazoui – who was on holiday at the time of the attack – said staff “cannot feel any hate towards” the two gunmen.

          Explaining the choice of headline, she added: “It is addressed to us because we feel we have to forgive what happened.

          “We feel as the Charlie Hebdo team the need to forgive the two terrorists who killed our colleagues.

          “We cannot feel any hate towards them. We know that the struggle is not with them as people but the struggle is with an ideology.

          “This mobilisation here in France after this horrible crime is something that must open the door to forgiveness and everyone must think about this forgiveness.”‘

  2. UK – Beheading threat puts troops on high alert

    Britain is on high alert for a beheading attack after jihadists were detected discussing plans to murder members of the armed forces, police officers and people working in the intelligence services.

    Monitoring by counterterrorism agencies has picked up “chatter” about copying Islamic State by abducting a target, filming their murder and posting the footage on the internet.

    • People like us keep thinking that something is finally going to happen, each time the Muslims outdo themselves with another grisly act, but the mainstream media always just buries the thing and everything remains the same, while the relentless march toward Muslim domination continues, unnoticed and unchecked…

      • Eventually the backlash will occur, The American Revolution took 10 years to start and then for the first year it was combat action without any clear leaders. The US Civil War took 10 years to start but there were clear leaders on both sides when it did.

        The coming war will probably be like the Revolution, it will start without clear leaders and people will start rushing to the front trying to become the leader. Everything I am seeing says that it will happen within several months but I have been wrong before.

        • In cowboy movies it’s interesting how long the Civil War lasted after the official end. [up to today, according to some.]

          Many are set 10-20 years after the war. People roaming, family structure shattered, poverty. Many continued the fight in Indian country, but the shadow the Civil War seems to cast over the character & plot development is striking.

        • Not just in the movies. it occured a whole lot in real life, part of the trouble in Tombstone that lead to the famous gunfight was because the cattlemen and outlaws were southerners with a large percentage of confederate vets while the townies were northerners with a large percentage of union vets. This aspect is usually over looked in the movies since the politics were very complicated.

        • I’ll bet!
          It’s so markedly clear when you watch a lot of well-done cowboy movies. Now that you mention it, there’s always a distance, a suspicion between town and country folk.

  3. Jerusalem mufti condemns Charlie Hebdo cartoon as ‘insult’

    YAHOO NEWS – Jerusalem (AFP) – Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Hussein condemned as an “insult” a new cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed published on Wednesday by French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

    “This insult has hurt the feelings of nearly two billion Muslims all over the world. The cartoons and other slander damage relations between the followers of the (Abrahamic) faiths,” he said in a statement.

    The mufti, who oversees Jerusalem’s Muslim sites including Islam’s third holiest, the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, slammed the “publishing of cartoons ridiculing the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, and the disregard for the feelings of Muslims.”

    The first issue of Charlie Hebdo after jihadists killed most of its journalists in Paris on January 7 was sold out within hours across France on Wednesday.

    But many have taken a nuanced stance and tried to calm tensions.

    Mufti Hussein also condemned “attacks against innocent people, and terrorism in all its forms.

    “Islam renounces the practice of violence against innocents, whether they are Muslim or anything else,” he said.

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