CBC interviews Mark Steyn and a sharia enforcer on the Charlie Hebdo images

The only surprise here is that the CBC actually hosted Mark Steyn. The CBC typically finds people to represent the side they don’t like, who are the worst drooling idiots they can find. More to say about this once I have watched it all. I hope Steyn manages to guilt the CBC into showing some of the images, because CBC is, like the BBC, among the world’s worst offenders when it comes to deconstructing the Enlightenment and reversing the gains of modern man.

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  1. Mohammed al Rashidy is very good at what he does: Playing the victim card for the Mohammedan community. But it’s easy when he gets help.

    His presence on the CBC is one of a tired but patient, reasonable defender of Mohammedans who are now suffering unjustly from backlash from brutal Western society. His insinuations and non sequiturs pour forth with nary an interruption or challenge from the interviewer. When the question of Mohammedan demography is raised, al Rashidy asks “What would you propose? A sterilization program?” to which no effective response was made by the interviewer. As well, al Rashidy had the chutzpah to compare the “Muslim problem” to the “Jewish problem” as promoted by the Nazis. How many Jews were committing murderous attacks in the Weimar Republic? I don’t remember.

    Mark Steyn’s anger at his colleagues in the media is well-placed. They are cowards of the worst sort. That “Charlie Hebdo” is a rag that I wouldn’t have the time of day for is beside the point. Steyn was right to say that the staff there had balls the size of the Eiffel Tower but unfortunately he was also right to say that what was needed to end this Mohammedan problem was a broad front publication of the cartoons, which became the news when Mohammedans murdered in their name. But that act of solidarity, that act of honest journalism didn’t happen.

    MSM: Vous n’etes pas Charlie.

    • That describes al Rashidy to a tee, and that Evan whoever is every bit as sickening as the tard. There is so much wrong with that half hour you would have to pause the video every ten seconds to write a paragraph just to catch half of it. Do Canadians actually watch this crap?

  2. Zbig Brzezinski: ‘So-Called Satire’ Was ‘Appalling and Directed at the Prophet Himself’

    Former President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbingniew Brzezinski said the United States should reexamine free speech after terrorists murdered 12 people in France for publishing cartoons.

    “We have to take a look more closely at the nature of the so-called satire,” Brzezinski said. “I’ve not seen what I’m about to say, but I’ve been told by some people that some of the cartoons are absolutely appalling and directed at the prophet himself. Is that really humor?”

  3. Evan Whoever: ‘You said we know they’re quote intellectually less curious. Now first of all I don’t know how you’d say that. Second of all, 5 out of the last 13 Nobel Prize winners were Muslim… This is the kind of generalization that becomes very dangerous…. Generalizations like this about a billion people are difficult to justify.’


    As of 2014, 11 Nobel Prize winners have been Muslims. More than half of the eleven Muslim Nobel laureates were awarded the prize in the 21st century. 7 of the 11 winners have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    835 individuals and 21 organizations have received Nobel Prizes since 1901.

    Muslims make up over 23% of the world’s population.

    Am I missing something here? Perhaps someone can fill me in. Does he mean in the last two years? I see one Muslim Nobel Prize winner in the last two years, that Malala.

    • Those are mostly Nobel Prizes for Peace for Literature. Those don’t count for much, as far as I’m concerned.
      Peace rxample: Yassar Arafat.

      Literature: I don’t know the names of Muslims, but Nobel Prizes for lit are determined for politically. Example: Pablo Neruda.

      There’s a Muslim in Medicine, I think.

  4. That CBC news report was a satire right?
    Never watch CBC anymore and if this report is real,
    It is a good example of the root of the problems we face today
    In the basic world view taken by the Islamic lawyer and the
    CBC news reporter..

  5. A day after a savage Islamic attack on free Speech and the topic under discussion is Islamaphobia?

    Incredible, just incredible.

  6. Listen Back: Joyce Kaufman talks with Bestselling Author Mark Steyn

    Mark weighs in with Joyce following the slaughter of French journalists at the hands of Muslim terrorists.


    Steyn is great on inbred, intellectually-deficient Arab Muslim culture (around 9:00) and the consequences for the West of unbridled Muslim immigration.

    ‘we’re not dealing with moderate Muslims so much as quiescent Muslims’

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