Christians in Denmark facing persecution from Muslims

This is one of those really important stories that fly under the radar but have much larger implications to us all than the tiny bit of attention they get. This is a clear part of a process. Yes, they are going after an ‘ethnic’ community so that they don’t draw as much attention from the wider society. But its a prelude to the destruction of exactly that wider society.

Often leftists speak about protecting the vulnerable in society. They clearly didn’t mean the Jews as the Jews are pretty much packing up and leaving Europe for fear of Islamic attacks. They clearly didn’t mean the children as they are being turned into sexual slaves, no, not prostitutes, prostitutes get a percentage of their take and choose that line of work, the children are forced into being part of a harem of slaves for hire. So exactly who do the leftists mean when they talk about zero tolerance for harm and forcing tolerance for everything they do like.

This community, the Arab Christian one who typically are excellent citizens of every nation they have moved to, moved usually because muslims destroyed the civilization in their nations of origin, are both deserving and in need of our support and protection.

Lets start by protecting them since we failed with everyone else.

H/T Nicolai Sennels. Thank you Henrik for the translation and GoV for the copy edit.

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  1. It is our moral duty to protect the refuge Christians and the Jews that are fleeing Moslem persecution, of course with the left in power moral duty means nothing.

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