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10 Replies to “Pat Condell: Laughing at the new Inquisition”

  1. Jordan court clears Abu Qatada of bomb plot charges, orders his release (CNN, Sept 24, 2014)

    “A court in Jordan acquitted radical preacher Abu Qatada of charges of plotting to bomb millennium celebrations in Jordan in 2000, semi-state owned newspaper Addustour reported Wednesday.

    The court ordered his immediate release if no other cases are raised against him.

    Qatada, whose real name is Omar Othman, was cleared in July of charges of conspiracy to bomb a US school in Jordan in the late 1990s, state media reported.

    The cleric was deported from the United Kingdom last year, ending a years-long legal battle to force him to leave the country.

    A Jordanian national, he was wanted in his home country, where he had been convicted in absentia on two charges of conspiracy to cause explosions.

    Britain had been trying to deport him since 2001, but his legal appeals kept him there until last year.”

  2. Here comes Pat once more with a statement of clear common sense !
    The idiots that he speaks about are hegemenous arseholes who are identical to the characters in George Orwell’s 1984(Ministry of Truth????)
    The irony being of course,that Progressives are in reality Regressives!

    • The left started the anti-white racism to damage all patriotic people who weren’t willing to go along with their agenda, it has taken decades to build to the mainstream movement that now exists, the irony is that the leftist are the ones who truly hate the minorities and who work constantly to see that they remain in poverty have little to no education.

    • The “anti-racists” are really just anti-white racists…
      That’s the way it plays out.

      A bizarre inversion: Skin color remains a big issue in communities of color – whether southeast Asian, African, even within the Afro-American community itself. The lighter, the better. Look at the world market for skin lighteners and hair straighteners for a rough index.

      But it’s tricky territory for white commentators. There are always those who have nothing but skin color to offer, combined with a psychological imperative to feel superior to some designated “other”. The lowest denominator gets just too low for my comfort.

      The focus has to be on behavior and performance, with neither excuses nor distinctions. Just don’t expect to win popular elections.

    • That is one highly accurate and insightful statement. “Anti-racists”, hide behind their rhetoric about the proletariat and equality and the means of production, but they are, in fact, nothing more than mentally ill white idiots who hate their own kind. Good call!

      Churchill actually quipped that when the Nazis inevitably returned, they might well be calling themselves, “anti-fascists”. No kidding!

    • Noel ignatiev is an invert.

      Typical of Jews and Muslims is to feel guilt with God, a self-criticism for thinking God is nothing, even though this is true, and so spend their lives making up to and servicing God.

      Therefore, with this engram, to look at Blacks as inferior, even though in their own case it is true, the truth for them is unfaceable, and so is to induce a self loathing and serving all non-whites.

      It is a split-brain, where the right brain hemisphere holds back the left. A pyschological conditioning.

      Look up “alien hand syndrome” as watch the videos of the effect of the right brain holding back the left as retribution.

  3. How did the same old tired Marxist agenda manage to highjack the word “progressive”?
    They think they are buying into the future, when they’re only buying into the past.

    But I do think charging them with hypocrisy is missing the point. They are promoting some form of pseudo Left Wing world view: Marxism, and in striving for this nirvana, this utopia on earth, they believe that the end justifies the means.
    The Left has always done this, tried something, and then lied about the disasterous outcome.
    The closing down of debate by finger wagging and name calling is only because they haven’t got the levers of power. Once they did they’d pass laws to curtail free speech, in the name of community harmony or something (Like the Labour Party did).
    Then they can stop people pointing out the results of their disasterous immigration policies.
    But they don’t care about the disasters, the rapes, the deaths, they care about the vision.
    “The love of theory is the root of all evil”, look it up.

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