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5 Replies to “Marc Lebuis of Point De Bascule on Michael Coren: Home Grown Jihadis”

  1. Another great guest on Michael Coren’s show.

    The problem is ‘mainstream’ and ‘Muslim leaders.’ In other words, the problem is Islam. That’s not going to be fixed by more outreach and inclusivity.

  2. Radicalization? Where does it com from? Its like searching for the moderate Muslim. Hundreds of expeditions have been funded to find the long lost tribe of moderate Muslims. No success so far.

    Now I have an idea. I know its really freakish, but could it be the koran that is the source of radicalization?

    Before you start screaming Islamophobia, just think about it. Ideas take form in words, and words written down are like seeds planted in a garden. If the seeds are from a poisonous tree, they give rise to poisonous fruit and harm people. Mein Kamph is one such book.

  3. Norway

    Jewish museums close after terror alert

    A terror group has left Syria and is heading for Norway as their next target, says Norwegian security intelligence group PST on Friday.

    Statoil, Norway’s biggest energy company, has ‘increased’ security after this week’s terror warning announcement, said the firm’s CEO on Friday.

    Day 2: Norway terror warnings
    Norway’s nuclear facilities and a Jewish Museum in Oslo are the latest security closures amid the imminent terror threat to Norway announced on Thursday.

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