Uganda: Christians burn mosque in retaliation to attacks by suspected Muslim terrorists

From The Africa Report:

A group of Christians in Uganda set fire to a mosque which they suspected was being used by Islamist extremist as a base to attack their church, leading to clashes that have seen more than 200 people fleeing their homes.

Two worshipers attending a night church service at a Pentecostal church in Kyegegwa district, 250km west of the capital Kampala, were killed on Friday in what police say is a suspected terrorist attack.

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8 Replies to “Uganda: Christians burn mosque in retaliation to attacks by suspected Muslim terrorists”

  1. Those Afghan Air Force prospects dont look too good, do they…

    Bomber kills four Afghan air force officers in suicide attack (telegraph, July 2, 2014)

    “A suicide bomber killed eight people and wounded 13 on Wednesday in an attack on a bus carrying military personnel in the Afghan capital, Kabul, officials said. The explosion happened in the heavily secured downtown area near Kabul University at a time of increasing attacks by the Taliban and other insurgents around Afghanistan, where the outcome of a presidential election is still not known. At least five of the dead were air force personnel, said Hashmat Stanekzai, a spokesman for Kabul’s police chief. Stanekzai said the bus had been the bomber’s target….”

  2. Is this Shiite on Shiite crime? Certainly counts as bombathon…

    3 killed as Iraqi forces raid cleric’s office, clash with supporters (CNN, July 2, 2014)

    “At least three people were killed Tuesday night when Iraqi security forces clashed with supporters of a radical Shiite cleric, police and health officials said. Officials said Iraqi forces raided the offices of cleric Mahmoud al-Hassani al-Sarkhi in Karbala and clashed with his supporters. Nine people were wounded, and one military Humvee was set on fire, police said….”

      • Good v Evil.
        King Saul couldn’t finish off the enemy kings he was supposed to kill. The prophet Eli took up the King’s sword and did it for him. Shameful, really. And King Saul ended up falling on that sword.

        (Though my dad said King Saul probably needed lithium; he was clearly manic-depressive.)

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