A few more data points. England, justice and islam

I posted an article yesterday with a story about a couple of people who baconated a mosque and got a year in jail for their efforts even though the only damage done was one offended janitor. And as he was a muslim, we can never know exactly how offended he really was as they just don’t make instruments that sensitive at the current state of technology. (Look for a new iPhone app and sensor coming out with the iPhone 9)

Since I wrote that article a few more data points have come in. I thought it would be a worthy public service to anyone who is considering visiting the newly minted sharia state of Anglostan to let them know what they can actually expect from the judicial system, rather than what they might fondly remember as the former basis of the British judicial system, clearly no longer in effect. It is my deep hope that the good folks at Liberty GB will actually embark on a proper study of comparative sentencing, as this is more than a matter of curiosity, it is a matter of central dogma of the state itself. But until they do, and until they publish their results, here are a few interesting cases from memory and with the help of Liberty GB’s Tim Burton.

1. Muslim girls kick the crap out of a white British girl calling her racist epithets such as “White slag” and worse, are let go scot free by a judge who determined that because in theory muslims aren’t supposed to drink, that these girls therefore must not be used to drinking, and therefore this behaviour was the consequence of drinking while muslim. Or or something very much to that effect.

2. This link is a kind of analysis of this issue as well, but details several very similar ‘crimes’ and punishments depending on the religion of the perpetrator. It is worth popping over and having a look. Below, the immediately relevant bit however:


3. Racist ex-soldier who stuck a pig’s head to mosque gates in ‘revenge’ for extremists burning poppies is jailed for four months

(Part of the trick to unfairly jailing those who are against Islamic manifest destiny appears to be labeling them as racist. Adding a thought crime to the actual victimless actions seems to be enough to allow this kind of skewed sentencing it seems)

4. Lord Ahmed jailed for sending texts while driving before fatal crash

This guy actually killed someone while driving, apparently while texting someone. He was sentenced to 12 WEEKS in jail and told he would serve 6 weeks of them in custody, the rest at home. Subsequent to that he railed that it was a Jewish conspiracy that he was sentenced to any time at all. I’m not sure how much remorse he felt for the kafir he killed though. But to be entirely fair, its quite possible that in this instance it is not favoring muslims so much as its a classic example of both British and Canadian political class elitism. Say what you want about the USA but at any given time they have over 100 elected representatives in jail for committing crimes while Canada, far more corrupt than the US is, never has any politicos been put in custody at all and as far as I know never even had to give back stolen money. So it could be just that at work in Lord Ahmed’s case.

But I doubt it. Lord Ahmed served only 16 days of his sentence behind bars. His victim as far as I have been able to determine, is still dead.

5. Man fined for East End anti-gay stickers


gayfreezoneAn 18-year-old Muslim man has been fined for posting homophobic stickers around London’s East End.

Mohammed Hasnath, 18, of Leamouth, Tower Hamlets, was arrested last month at his homeand represented himself in court today. He pleaded guilty to the offence and was fined £100 plus £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.


To be clear, a muslim who put up posters claiming that no homosexuals are allowed in this area, and which has a pretty open subtext, no actually direct text suggesting punishment for being homosexual, and if one reads the islamic punishment for homosexuality, its in fact death. This guy got a £200.00 fine. He was making a general threat to punish people, possibly with death, for being gay, which is something which is not only legal in England but more and more looks like its mandatory.

Meanwhile, 2 people, a teenager and a man in his 30s are going to do a year in jail for offending a muslim at a mosque with a couple of strips of bacon.

If you are planning to visit Europe may I suggest Bulgaria, The Czech republic or Denmark? As far as I can tell, those nations still have remnants of the enlightenment and may allow you to enjoy basic individual liberties and get home without a criminal record.

Thank you Tim Burton of Liberty GB for the help on this as well as James from the comments and ML on the original post.

Eeyore for Vlad

Post script: Fines for egg-throwing students who screamed ‘oi, Jews’

In the dock at Willesden Magistrates Court were Mohammed Khalfia and Mohammed Jawad, both from Wembley, Haider Al-Fardan from Kingsbury and Aimen Mohamed from Colindale.

[…] the court heard from two Jewish women and a 14-year-old boy who said they had been targeted and that the accused had shouted “Oi, Jews,” and “f***ing Jews” as they hurled the eggs.


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13 Replies to “A few more data points. England, justice and islam”

  1. London courts revealed as having the lowest rape conviction rates in the country

    Isn’t this the epicenter of Muhammedan grooming cases?

    Although this case doesn’t involve judicial sentences, it does reflect the dual standards of the legal system.

    Colchester murder of woman dressed in Islamic garb…

    “Detectives are investigating the possibility she was targeted because of her Muslim clothing”

    How the hell is it that this investigation can speculate about ‘why she was targetted’ when Lee Rigby’s murder in broad daylight with witnesses was downplayed despite his assassins clearly claiming their motives?

    How is it that there is no suspicion of an honor murder in this case? The woman was suspposedly a student from Saudi Arabia. She was clearly walking alone without a male guardian – no witnesses – the potential for dishonoring her family/clan is obvious.

    Also From the article:

    “Detective Superintendent Tracy Hawkings said officers are keeping an open mind about the motive for the attack, and are investigating the possibility that she was targeted because of her Muslim dress.”

    Keeping an open mind?! DS Tracy Hawkings concerns for social cohesion be damned! (S)He just let loose the dogs of war!

  2. Police in the UK have been placed on Terror Alert and all Leave has been cancelled.
    Home-grown Terrorists have been found to be producing Baconite, a highly concentrated form of the haram substance known as B’con.
    Inspector Hampton-Smyth said “the whole Community are in uproar and those making this illegal concentration, that gives users a sickening high of individuality and independence, will be caught and tried under the fullest extent of the Sharia compliant law”.
    A government spokesperson said that there was a danger of eating baconite because it has not been properly examined by food-experts and certified Halal, and so could not guarantee that the product on the streets was safe. Dry Cure could be 99% pure, he said.
    Forty sniffer-dogs had been trialled in non-Muslim zones, but had kept eating the evidence.
    If you are offended in any way by the smell from a British Citizen’s home, call the Scotland Yard Hotline and register at the Peace Charity website http://www.welovekufar.co.uk

  3. I’ve wondered how the homeless, could get into prison to receive three meals a day, an education, and a place to live on benefits when they get out with an army of Social Workers and parole officers … all they have to do is smear baconite (copyright) onto mosque door handles as the perfect a victimless crime, and you can get everyone off the streets.
    Come to Britain. They will take care of you.

  4. And let’s not forget the grooming gangs.

    As “Easy Meat” shows, the UK government knew about the scale and severity of the problem with the muslim grooming gangs in the town of Bradford in 1995. The government gave almost £700,00k ($1 million) to a single “child-care” charity to treat the victims in that one town alone. This was 1995. It was another 15 years before the rate of convictions for this crime increased beyond an average of 1 conviction per year.


    CROP (Coalition for the Removal Of Pimping) was a charity which grew up around the area of Bradford, to work exclusively with the victims of this kind of sex-crime. By 2012 CROP concluded that there had been 10,000 school girls who were lured into rape and prostitution by these gangs.

    Let’s summarise: 10,000 victims over a period of 25 years, with demonstrable evidence that by 1995 the UK government knew that these crimes on a massive scale. Around 1990, a group of consenting gay men in Manchester were sent to prison, for taking part in sado-masochistic sex. Yet for 25 years, thousands of muslim men were getting away with raping and prostituting schoolgirls (who could not legally consent at all).

    In the first 20 years of this grooming crime-wave, on average only 1 man per year was being prosecuted (and in 18/20 cases, that man was a muslim). Even now, the scale of these prosecutions is only about 1% of what it should be.

    That gay men would be imprisoned for (safely and willingly) taking part in sexual activities which involved some pain, yet muslims waiting outside schools to lure underage girls into a life of prostitution and drugs went unpunished.

    • James: ” That gay men would be imprisoned for (safely and willingly) taking part in sexual activities which involved some pain, yet muslims waiting outside schools to lure underage girls into a life of prostitution and drugs went unpunished.”

      You have expressed the bleeding liberal’s cry for justice and fairness in this matter: why should those who cause unwanted suffering, pain and humiliation outside the cup be protected; whereas those who cause wanted suffering , pain and suffering inside the cup aren’t?

      Inspector Hampton-Smythe who cuts himself daily to escape reality, to indulge his inadequacy of no soul, is not a fit person to deal with others who cut those who do not submit to their will. He has a secret ‘safe word’ while they have the utterance of the most stupid thing: that God has a Messenger. No living creature could mistake the dumbness that words could construct and feed life. Socialists and Muslims do.

      So the perverted invert, attracts the perverted extrovert; and shares their pain of being offended.

      Hence, the law will always be biased; and show-trials of elderly actors fill the newspapers to hide their shared evil. LGBT and Muslim. These Doms just made destruction from within a whole lot more exciting.

    • Interesting then, that these pain-cults have opposite flags to represent themselves: one is of all the colors of the rainbow, the other white on black. Yin and yang do exist in every kingdom. Terror is their method of impregnation and their reproduction.

  5. Allen West rails against the “bigotry of low expectations”. He calls out shiftless, black welfare addicts and speaks to their children, if he can get them to listen. He tells them to grow-up and shape-up, make the right choices and realize their dreams.

    Allen West is not a racist. Unlike social workers graduating from Brandeis, whose expensive education represents their own investment in the entitlement system. They’ll chase down any excuse for why generations of the same families remain broken and destitute.

    The same dynamic drives the response of the West to alien savagery. Out of the blue several adult women pounce on a white girl. Confronted with the video of such savagery, the judge won’t articulate the obvious.

    That a pack of jackals exhibited behavior normal for wild dogs straight out of Africa. They prowl together at night, hunting for the weak, the stragglers. So the judge reaches for diminished responsibility: Not guilty because Muslim.

    As the first shock of ISIS ebbs, talking heads debate which administration is responsible, Bush or Obama. What?

    Since the kidnapping of the three kids in Israel, some observers are beginning to sound like Allen West talking to ghetto-brats.

    ‘Palestine, if you aspire to nation status, do your own policing. That includes sorting out your own factions. Deal with them. Or else.’

    It’s time to stop infantilising the Palestinians

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