WTF just happened in Iraq exactly?

Below is a series of links to articles and opinions about a rather small band of primitives that managed to take control of a large area that was, according to local legend, being protected by entire trained army divisions. These have been sent in by a wide variety of people, Richard, M, ST, Don L, Oz-Rita and others who have in common that something is rather fishy in the state of Iraq.

1. Iraq army capitulates to Isis militants in four cities

The extent of the Iraqi army’s defeat at the hands of militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) became clear on Wednesday when officials in Baghdad conceded that insurgents had stripped the main army base in the northern city of Mosul of weapons, released hundreds of prisoners from the city’s jails and may have seized up to $480m in banknotes from the city’s banks.

2. Iraqi Army

3. Crowd Gathers to Show Support of ISIS Takeover of Mosul

4. Video: Muslim ISIS psychopath death squads killing innocent civilians in driveby shootings

5. This is apparently Iraqi soldiers getting ready to fight ISIS

6. Iraq June 2014

7.  New York Times: Iraq Militants, Pushing South, Aim at Capital

Families fleeing violence in Iraq’s Nineveh Province gathered at a checkpoint west of Erbil in the autonomous region of Kurdistan. Credit Safin Hamed/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

BAGHDAD — Sunni militants consolidated and extended their control over northern Iraq on Wednesday, seizing Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, threatening the strategic oil refining town of Baiji and pushing south toward Baghdad, their ultimate target, Iraqi sources said.

8. Iraq Isis Crisis: Medieval Sharia Law Imposed on Millions in Nineveh Province

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (Isis) has imposed a strict set of Sharia laws on the citizens of Nineveh province just days after capturing the provincial capital of Mosul.

In a document circulating on social media attributed to the group, Isis warned tribal leaders and sheikhs not to “work with [the Iraqi] government and be traitors” while proclaiming that women should only go outside if absolutely necessary.

9. Telegraph : Iraq crisis: al-Qaeda militants push towards Baghdad – live

US and UK speak of deep concern as al-Qaeda take swathes of northern Iraq, sparking exodus of civilians – follow latest developments

10. Daily Mail: The battle for Baghdad is nigh: Thousands of men answer Iraqi government’s call to arms as ISIS jihadists bear down on capital

(Great pictorial exam of the situation in Bagdad at above link)

(There is a great deal more material available that I need to go through before posting. But things appear to be moving fast. Makes one wonder if the media circus around the Bergdahl Swap wasn’t to distract from this rather tectonic level geopolitical event, doesn’t it? Grab yourselves a latte and some extra ammunition. Its gonna be a long summer for those who survive it.)

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16 Replies to “WTF just happened in Iraq exactly?”

  1. This is going to be a very long and hot summer, expect the violence to spread all across the Middle East and into Western Europe, once that happens we in North America will discover just how bad a job Obama has done.

    • One of the few things that Obama did right was get us out of Iraq. It sounds callous, but this isn’t America’s problem.

      And spreading to Western Europe? Give me a fucking break.

  2. This has been the story of militant Islam since the 600s. A small but fanatical army takes on those less motivated and gains ground city by city. Put yourself in the position of a Byzantine infantryman at Yarmouk standing on open ground against these insane bastards armed with by a shield and sword.

  3. Makeshift bomb explodes at Nogales Power Plant
    NOGALES, Ariz. — The FBI is investigating an explosion at a power plant in southern Arizona caused by a makeshift bomb. Nogales police say the explosion Wednesday morning at the UniSource Energy Services Valencia Plant ruptured a diesel storage tank and caused a small spill, but the fuel didn’t ignite.

    Read more:

  4. WTF just happened? US CiC released GITMO- 5, the most dangerous leaders of Al Qaeda…to our ally Qatar….where these five are supposedly vacationing. We all know how Muhammedans have been vacationing in places like Sudan, Nigeria or Syria.

    Here is another former guest of GITMO, released in 2009, under Hillary & Obama’s tenure who just happens to be leading ISIS/ISIL in Iraq now Iraq crisis: the jihadist behind the takeover of Mosul – and how America let him go

  5. Look on the bright side: Iran’s unhappy.

    Sunni Offensive in Iraq a Blow to Iran – Ron Ben-Yishai (Ynet News)

    The takeover of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, by Sunni global jihad fighters is a blow to Iran, which backs the Shiite government in Iraq.

    ISIS is the bitter enemy of Shiites wherever they are, meaning it is the enemy of Iran.

    At the moment, only Arab regimes are on the front line – Assad’s regime in Damascus, al-Maliki’s regime in Iraq. But later on, Israel might become a main target too.,7340,L-4529401,00.html

  6. Stephen:


    2. 911 and 7/7

    3. Imagine that all the people had managed to pull off the attacks they had planned but were caught and stopped instead. The attempts at blowing up aircraft in flight, buildings, water treatment plants and trains, bio and chem weapons attacks in Canada and elsewhere. Just because we stopped them does not mean they never were tried.

    Whack a mole is a game you have to lose over time and for some reason it is the game we are playing.

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