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6 Replies to “Benghazi. At least someone is taking this egregious abuse of the American people and the highest office seriously”

  1. And still the mainstream media refuses to even mention the Benghazi story. You’d think at least a few of these left wing MSM “journalists” would be starting to have some guilt pangs over the fact that they are a party to concealing proof of treason from the American People.

    At the risk of sounding hysterical, unless Obama reveals some hitherto unknown and very good reasons for not sending a pack of F-16s to the rescue, I can’t see how he’s not guilty of some very serious criminal charges. Did he really let the four Americans die because he didn’t want to dent his carefully constructed, “I-killed-bin-Laden-and- al-Qaeda’s-on-the-run” narrative, six weeks before the 2012 election? I think you go to jail for that, no matter who you are…

  2. 4 Americans died, one American scapegoat was incarcerated, and Obama apologised to the Terrorists…err…the muslims.

    4 Americans died, one American scapegoat was incarcerated, and Clinton (the future POTUS ?????????????? ) covered it up.

    PS: I was tempted to emulate Obama in asking (rhetorically of course), what would have happened, had those Americans been black, but I decided against it. I leave playing the race card to the POTUS.

  3. FOX News – Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Benghazi Scandal Biggest Cover-up Since Watergate

  4. State Department: Kerry Will Not Appear Before Congress To Talk About Benghazi

    The State Department said Monday that Secretary of State John Kerry would not appear before the House Oversight Committee on May 21 to talk about Benghazi — as demanded in a subpoena from the panel’s chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

    Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said Kerry planned to travel to Mexico at that time and officials would discuss alternative options with the committee.


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