Jihad and Ukraine related videos May 2 2014

1. This one from India is hard to follow but it involves a lot of killed people in what appears to be muslim Vs. everyone else.


INDIA – Twenty-two Muslims killed in sectarian attacks in Assam

Suspected tribal rebels have shot dead 22 Muslims in attacks in tea-growing state of Assam, where tension has run high during a drawn-out national election, officials said on Friday.

Police said they suspected militants from the Bodo tribe were behind the latest attacks late on Thursday into Friday in a region where tension between ethnic Bodo people and Muslim settlers spilled over two years ago into clashes in which dozens were killed and 400,000 fled their homes.

Bodo representatives argue that many of the Muslims are illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh encroaching on their ancestral lands,

In one of the incidents, eight people were killed by a group of suspected Bodo guerrillas, said officials.

In another, three members of one family including two women were shot dead, and a baby was wounded, said a senior police officer in the state’s main city, Guwahati.

2. Ukraine: Odessa on the edge of all-out street war   

3. This is alleged to be videos of 30 dead supporters of Russia in Ukraine. Something weird about it though


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