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4 Replies to “Marine Le Pen holds news conference on how to deal with French mosques and jihad recruitment”

  1. Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird…….

    This, Ladies and Gentlemen……is EXACTLY the sort of clear and unswerving language that needs to be used by politicians when describing the virulence and exponential growth of Islamic malignance and what they intend to do about it.

    This Ladies and Gentlemen is one, just one progressive and badly needed step toward deportation of the Muslim.

    In addition, this sort of bold leadership will be noticed and emulated by other national leaders around the world.

    Count on it.

    I could not be happier.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Don I agree, and there are more and more people coming to that conclusion, eventually some politician will decide that if they want to remain in politics they will have to get out in front and lead the resistance.

  3. @Richard et al…..


    Of course its “you know who”……

    Marine Le Pen speaks to the reality of what we now face at the hands of the Muslim and at the hands of those who lick the ass of the Muslim.

    The reality of our situation is that we are now almost without a choice with respect to the use of military and law enforcement to remove the Muslim.

    We are now at this crossroads and will remain here for only a short while.

    The Muslim is becoming entrenched almost to the point of complete permanence and the only thing that our actions will change now is not the removal of the Muslim, that will, broadly speaking, always be achievable, but the blood required be split to effect that removal.

    There are those who are reading my words and are somewhat uncomfortable with my assertions and to those I say this; it was, is now and always will be your cowardice and Chamberlainesque stupidity that has us in our current predicament and will should we continue to dither, will be the very same that forges the shackles to be worn by generation a thousand years hence.

    You all know this to be true and yet you walk around the truth and the reality of what must be done, holding your noses and averting your eyes like the truth were some steaming pile of dogshit in your paths. This lunacy is suicidal.

    I defy one or all of you to submit an essay which lays out a reasonable plan to solve the Muslim/Islam issue in the West. One that is effective, expeditious and realistic in its goal and the path it will travel to achieve that goal.

    Each and every one of you knows that Islam must be, in its every form, be outlawed and criminalized. MacArthur knew the threat Shinto posed in post-war Japan and acted decisively. Yes, the Japanese were a beaten people but he recognized the role Shinto played in inspiring fanaticism and wiped it from every facet of public life and put into place severe penalties for infractions of his orders.

    In our case we too must outlaw Islam, that which inspires fanaticism and violence, But in our case we are not dealing with a beaten people we are dealing with a defiant, and openly murderous people who are calling for our subjugation, or enslavement or our murder and as to which these Muslims are not particular.

    Considering this open hostility and defiance the only course of action is the criminalization of Islam, the deconstruction of all mosques and Islamic association/friendship centers and the commencement of a program of selective deportation.

    This considered you and I and every sane, rational, thinking and intellectual person, man or woman, knows that this will require blood. This considered, you know that Muslims across the western world are aware of our only alternative and have been arming themselves and stockpiling ammunition. They and the realists among us know that we will have to spill blood, lots of blood to rid ourselves of the problem our cowardice created in the first place. I defy anyone, absolutely anyone to argue otherwise.

    I am currently working on an essay that lays out our current issues in dealing with the Muslim and its Islam.

    I am advocating a program of M.A.I.D


    In preparation for that I advocate complete and detailed identification of all Muslims in North America and this identification to be supplemented with details regarding businesses, government posts held and to include but not limited to a list of those in the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the business world, the academia, the military/law enforcement agencies, the legal industry and among private citizens who support or who are sympathetic to the Muslim.

    Once again. There are those who dither, who gaze at the toes of their shoes, who are indecisive, who are cowards and all of those same who are bloody silent when asked for a solution to the Muslim problem. Yet when removal and criminalization are put forth as a viable and effective solution, these same people, bereft of any other solution, start crying and coughing blood in protest.

    So, either they put up or shut up and join those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do what must be done.

    You can start to do this individually or you can begin to organize small groups. But whatever you do you must do it with the intention of removing the Muslim and every single shred, every single vestige of its Islam from Europe and North America.

    There is no other solution.

    Get busy.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown bastard
    Alberta, Canada.

  4. Don’t forget that the Moslems cotrolled the Iberian peninsula for centuries but was forced out, history will repeat itself when the ordinary European has had enough.

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