Egypt clamps down on mosques to control the message

Once again, Egypt seems to have a better grasp of islam and its potential danger than Western nations do. It is not incompatible with freedom of speech to not allow religions to break conspiracy laws and advocation to genocide etc. in mosques. The problem isn’t accommodating Islam and free speech. The problem has been allowing islam to have exceptions to laws the rest of us are subject to.

Imagine if the same standards were applied to muslims that are applied to the created of Java and former chairman of the board of Mozilla. There wouldn’t be a muslim so much as delivering pizza.

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  1. It’s do-or-die for the Egyptian Army at this point. It makes sense at this point to have a government monitor in every single mosque in the country, just waiting for the Imam to start talking about waging war in the cause of Allah so he can ‘talk’ to him after the sermon. They have to begin a new generation of children who don’t consider suicide bombers and Jihad to be normal. Remember, a huge majority of Egyptians hit the streets a little while ago and made their thoughts on a Muslim Brotherhood-led Islamic dictatorship known. The army should be able to win this.

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