Missing vials of SARS and potential use for it?

Several people have sent in multiple links about the 3300 odd missing vials of SARS virus from the Lois Pasteur research facility in France.

The Daily Mail:

And the IBTimes.

I haven’t posted them till now because a keen observer of events who reads Vlad from time to time reminded me of an interesting event that took place nearly a year ago to the week.

Now I am not saying that these events are connected in anyway. I am just wondering if people who had the kind of training that the people at the formerly-Ottawa research facility, now moved to the UK, would be able to take the fragments of SARS in those vials and make them an actual contagion again or otherwise a threat to the public. Just, you know, as a matter of interest.

Thank you C for the emails. I hope to post more on this later as more questions arise.



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8 Replies to “Missing vials of SARS and potential use for it?”

  1. Revealed: the radical clerics using social media to back British jihadists in Syria (guardian, Apr 15, 2014)

    “Two radical Muslim clerics have been identified as influential online cheerleaders for fighters seeking to topple the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, in a pioneering academic study published on Wednesday.

    Researchers based at King’s College London reveal how social media is being harnessed by a network of radical preachers to inspire and guide British and other western Muslims waging jihad in Syria.

    By examining tweets and Facebook postings used by certain rebels, people who follow the conflict from abroad and the two clerics, the academics say they have been able to provide a “unique and unfiltered window into the minds” of western and European foreign fighters in Syria.

    The information allowed the analysts to identify a “set of new spiritual authorities” who have the largest followings. The report says they are the American-based cleric Ahmad Musa Jibril and the Australian preacher Musa Cerantonio. Both speak English and are based in the west.

    Although there is no evidence to suggest these individuals are physically involved in facilitating the flow of foreign fighters to Syria, or that they are co-ordinating their activity with jihadist organisations, they are playing the role of cheerleaders. “It is clear that they are important figures whose political, moral and spiritual messages are considered attractive to a number of foreign fighters,” the researchers conclude……”

  2. I emailed an ex-boyfriend who teaches pediatric infectious diseases.
    He said, “Why SARS, of all things?”

    Then he told me how foolish it is to speculate; that hypotheticals in environments over which I have neither knowledge nor responsibility suggest to him that I need a hobby.

  3. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird……

    You do have a hobby Yucki…….its called Islam and it keeps many of us including you very very very very busy……so there…….and that goes double for your ex-boyfriend.

    As for the connections, this needs to be sent to CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

    Don’t bother with the RCMP, that group of ham-fisted bumbling buffoons is too busy gaining law enforcement experience by breaking every law in the Canadian Criminal Code.

    Keep up the good work Vlad…….

    Now….here’s a little eye candy that will leave you a little stiff or moist, as the case may be, in all the right places……..enjoy a little unabashed idol worship…….as I grovel at the feet of the Queen Bitch Detroit……


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  4. There are connections between these various labs, specific people and backers. The pathogens are not limited to SARS but there is an open source connection to these guys and Anthrax. I don’t know when i will have the time and energy to put together all the data I have, but fortunately others do. So there may well be a more definitive post connecting some rather worrying dots in the near future.

  5. I did a simple search, but if the CDC or the WHO are on to something, they’re not making noise.
    Could be one of the diseases you mentioned. Or a trial run.
    Or something.

  6. Eeyore I hadn’t made the connection to the previous report but I was wonderinaltg if the thieves have the knowledge and tech to recombine the virus.

    Yucki the idea of a trial run is a good one, although bio weapons don’t have to be fatal, they can be non fatal but used to incapacitate a large number of people for a specific time, or simply used in economic war since an pandemic will cause a major downturn to the nations economy.

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