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18 Replies to “Leading imam in Denmark tips his hand. Praises suicide bombers”

  1. How empty those nauseating clichés sound, expelled hypocritailly by politicians who are actually THE CAUSE for this.

    One should indict them for crimes against the Danish (French/German/Norvegian/etc.) people, every bloody single one of them.

  2. Note the taqiyya from the imam – ‘we don’t want young people to go to war’! Did he stop them? Did he advise idealistic native Danes not to???? He’s a liar and prevaricator as 99% of them are.

    What a terrible way for Danes to be aroused from their complacency about islam. Hopefully many more will begin to understand what sort of an evil murderous, brainwashing cult islam really is.

  3. If we don’t stop this thing now the day is going to come when it’s not just one blonde-haired Danish boy becoming a brainwashed Muslim zombie, but millions of them. Western teenagers love to hurt their parents, and what could be more hurtful than to convert to Islam and start seeing your own family as “unclean” and your own country as the enemy? It’s going to happen, sure as shootin’, and when it does it’s going to mark the beginning of the end. When converting to Islam becomes the latest teen craze, we are finished.

    Think about it. We’ve taught the kids that they’re living on stolen land on a doomed world, and that the very breath they exhale is planet-killing poison and that the very footprints they leave are like big black oil stains of pure carbon – like soot mixed with old motor oil. Nice… It’s a wonder the kids don’t all commit suicide, because that is basically what we have been telling them would be the most positive and altruistic thing they could do. We shouldn’t be too surprised when they start coming out a little messed up and angry…

  4. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird…..

    @Chris Jones…..

    As for the poison filling our children’s heads its called politically correct leftist/liberalism and it permeates every level of our law enforcement agencies, our government, our judiciary and our academia and it is killing us as certainly as cancer kills.


    As for the “tipping of a hand”, there is no surprise here, no tipping of their grasping hands, this lunacy is being taught in Mosques across the world, tens of thousands of them

    Nice translation though, thanks,

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  5. Eeyore why should they any respect for us? Their culture says the only time you show mercy to non family members is when you are afraid of the reaction of the other person, ever since the Islamic conquest of the west restarted we have bent over backwards to show mercy and be accommodating to the Moslems. Their culture says the only reason we are doing this is because we are afraid of them.

  6. You’d think their parents would be screaming, tearing down every mosque, ripping niqabs off their children. You’d think they’d form the biggest constituency for the abolition of incitement. That they’d shut down jihadi websites, monitor suspect imams, deport those who endanger their children.

  7. They are like the mothers of Sparta, come back on your shield or bearing it. There culture is very different from ours and way too many people refuse to believe that fact.

  8. Richard: My comment was directed at people still behind the curve on the nature of Islam. Now and again I remind myself why I started this site. Its very easy to get comfortable, knowing that the readers that I interact with, typically are somewhere close to where I am in understanding the nature of Islam. This results in my writing up things for the choir, so to speak.

    There is still an overwhelming majority that would dismiss the truth of islam if explained to them directly, as racist xenophobic dangerous nonsense. I initially started this site to assist reasonable people who have been brainwashed by Frankfurt school nonsense to apply their reason to facts that are indeed in evidence but suppressed and even criminalized as hate speech, despite the fact that these items, Islamic scripture, speeches by leaders, history of Islamic actions, both contemporary and ancient, as well as what is frequently exposed as teachings within islamic institutions from mosques to schools, are conspicuous and visible to all who would care to look.

    So yes, now and again I will understate a thing because for those reasonable people who have not yet managed to direct their intellect at the facts, a softer approach is needed.

    Remember, the people who initially began to sound the alarm were most certainly not the average guy. They were people who would be thought of as eccentrics I would guess 90% of the time. Just because they/we are correct doesn’t mean it is a win for us. Just read Churchill’s memoirs on how hard it was to convince the British public about the Nazi threat. Hell Richard you and I can remember how hard it was to convince the youth of America about communism and most people still think Sen. Joe McCarthy was the villain.

  9. Richard, this is exactly *on target* – on the other thread where I question the legitimacy of international law.

    The Showdown in Nevada challenges the legitimacy of the BLM. Its rules & procedures. Jurisdiction & means of enforcement. Are there nefarious lobbyists behind the scenes representing either (1) the wee turtle; or (2) Chinese speculators. Who called out the Feds to enforce this dubious law?

    Elsewhere I question the legitimacy of human rights commissions that go after “hate speech”. Was there a referendum? who wrote these laws? who elected the judges? Laws made without our input, then enforced selectively have to be challenged. Think Ezra Levant.

    If the UN decides to make Israel an outcast, am I supposed to respect their authority? On anything?

    Mideast Christians have no voice among the powers that be, only Muslim refugees are counted. Why are Christians not at very center of UNCHR activities? Because their constituency deems Muslims uniquely deserving. Palestinians claim refugee status for 70 years, what about the Armenians?

  10. Eeyore sorry if I upset you, and my comments could be taken as being for the uninformed about Islam. Yeah I remember how hard it was and is to get people to believe the dangers of communism, I also have trouble getting people to believe that China’s economy is in much worse shape then the US economy. I sent you a url link to a gatestone institute analysis of China and their threat. Now that I am talking about that I will post the link so Yucki can read it, she needs to be brought up to speed about that threat.

    Yucki I agree with everything you said, you mentioned Chinese speculators, here is a link to a very good analysis on China and the threat they are to peace and stability, it says the same things I have but with more facts backing up their conclusions.


    Pay special attention to how the Chinese debt crisis is much worse then ours and the facts about how they have been lying about how strong their economy is.

  11. Richard I was not the least bit upset. I just felt the statement deserved a decent answer. I was thinking about the same things when I wrote the thing I wrote in the article actually.

  12. Thank-you for the article, Richard. Chang really breaks the situation down, reads like an executive summary. I’ll look for him in the future.

    I’ve strenuously avoided China, its new leader, and its recent muscle-flexing. What with the threat of Islam, an enemy in the White House, and the collapse of the West, I just flip through Far East news with my brain on hold.

    So has everyone else, it seems.
    Their economy: China will run out of slaves soon. Their demographics alone spell trouble. They lost a replacement cohort by murdering unborn Chinese babies.

    They’ve been so aggressive in chastising us for reckless spending, we haven’t turned the spotlight back on them. I want to know more about why Chang says, “every province in China is a Greece”.

    China is “salami slicing” her neighbors. We have absolute responsibility there. We can’t let Japan or the Philippines down. The East China Sea is not China’s inland lake. Can you imagine them taking over Guam? Okinawa?!

  13. Eeyore I was being distracted by a conversation next to me when I read what you wrote, sorry I missed it.

    Yucki it is worse then you think, the total plan calls for them taking over the entire Pacific including Hawaii.

    Yes we are responsible for the safety of South Korea, Japan and the Philippines, we have promised them we would protect them and not the left is letting China try and conquer them. In many ways this is a worse flash point the Ukraine since we have a moral responsibility to protect our allies and passions in the far east.

  14. Richard, absolutely serious stuff.
    As our State Dept. representative said: F the EU.
    We don’t owe them zip. They’ve been Soviet hacks for years, they hate Jews, they sleep with the enemy.

    Every male in my father’s cohort spilled blood in the South Pacific. We relieved their people from heinous slavery, plowed Japan over. My uncle was stationed with General MacArthur in Japan after the war. Real friendships developed.

    All the New Zealand kin depend on the U.S. Japan is their top trading partner. ANZAC didn’t spit in our face, never has done. And Korea? Think of Korean War vets watching TV, seeing ChinCom spilling all over the place. Sickening.

    We have a history, we honor each other – and have done – for 70-odd years. That’s one place we must defend.

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