Eric Brazau, 9 months in Jail, Ezra Levant and freedom of speech.

I watched Ezra’s video again and added subtitles to it for a few reasons, not the least of which is there is a lot of fast talking and talking over each other, as well as it created a text file that people who speak other languages may want to use should they feel this is important enough to translate and title in other languages.

The Baron over at Gates has done some research, and Steve V was kind enough to send in this video and additional material as well. The video below seems to be the thing that got Mr. Brazau in trouble.

Steve suggests that it could have been the woman at 7 minutes in who took Mr. Brazau out of context, quite possibly deliberately, in order to get him arrested. I wouldn’t doubt it only because if there is one thing Canada sells at a steep discount, its surplus sanctimony.

However, in all fairness, Mr. Brazau seems to have a fairly colorful history

This does not however, nor should it have any bearing on his trial and consequences for this event. But one cannot but help to wonder if it did anyway.

Thanks GoV, and Steve V


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  1. Further to my other post.

    I have read the link Vlad posted to the Sun article.

    In essence what Eric is saying in relation to his police protest is that the massive show of support or force as reflected in the police officers funeral is grossly disproportionate to the occasion itself.

    In many ways I agree with this and certainly considering the state of law enforcement in Canada.

    I think Eric may have hit a nerve with the police and they took him as yet another of the Phelps clan which he is not.

    In relation to the RCMP I wrote an essay called “Of Mounties and Murder” and it spoke to the corruption and decay found now rife within Canadian law enforcement.

    You can read it here.

    Again, the melodramatics and the manufactured ersatz emotion that ran in rivers following the RCMP Mayerthorpe shooting was self serving, grossly disproportionate and certainly inappropriate to the occasion itself

    With respect to the offended Muslims, they are always offended and always offensive are they not?

    Yes, I agree Eric Brazau may be unorthodox and needs to refine his message, but I want to ask every one of us this question….


    I rest my case.

    Yes, Eric Brazau needs to clean up the distracting and melodramatic foolishness in his personal life and he needs to sharpen the the cutting edge of the message he brings to Canadians regarding the clear and present threat of Islam and the Muslim, but that aside, he is an asset to the Pushback and should be given credit for having the intestinal fortitude many of us lack. Eric picked up the fight and walked up to the Muslim and shoved it in his face.

    Its about time, maybe with less volume and more sophistication, but its long overdue.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    PS, Vlad should ask Eric to send in the PDF’s of the flyers he was handing out and let us make the judgement call, personally I think a couple may be a little rough around the edges, certainly straight forward and may not be fit for young eyes but on the whole, not all that offensive.

  2. At seven-minutes the police and public discuss what was socially offensive within the spoken-word – for the expressed ideological thought-crime against a protected characterists of a preferential group.

    What if he had defamed their physical characteristics. To grind, like a feminist on the failings of all men? Would his angst be arrestable? Imprisoned? To be called a “Cracker” and then flag down a passing police officer who was arresting a young girl for holding a coke in one hand while at the wheel of her stationary car?

    In a society where reason and rationale are held as the ultimate arbitor, then no. The population is immune. No president until Obama was considered a messiah. However, when unreason is a defence – an edict from Socialist Governments prescribing preferential identities… then yes other people’s memes are in direct conflict with theirs, (because many will suddenly switch an allegience into a new submission through intimidation, and then start hearing other voices in their heads with further devine destructive instructions if not inserted previously that theirs was “The Last Instruction”). Once governments in the 1900s crossed the divide between matters of religion and state, to care for souls, all hell broke loose.

    I can recall of group of pedophiles protesting outside a Catholic church calling out their priests as pederasts. Not one was arrested. Yet Eric Brazau tells it like it is – and is imprisoned. He obviously cannot be controlled.

    Free speech is not negotiable… yet it has become so, on the streets of cameras.

  3. Free speech is the right that allows us to remain free, the private ownership of firearms is the right that enforces and protects the other rights.

    Only Oligarchs an Tyrants fear an armed citizenary. Niccolò Machiavelli

    I am having trouble finding the exact wording of the quote and finding a good quote of his on free speech. The library only having copies of the Prince doesn’t help.

  4. For that I will give you one more, this one Backlash is a much under rated movie based on one of Frank Grubers books, he also wrote the screen play. It stars Richard Widmark and Donna Reed.

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