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6 Replies to “Islam attacking white people and non-muslims in France for literally conquest”

  1. The meme of self-loathing engineered by Socialism meets the anti-intelligence of Islam before anti-bourgeoise tax-the-rich took hold.

  2. That video seemed a little more direct than most of what I’ve seen in the past. Heck, they weren’t even calling them “youths” or “militants”. And it makes the point that what will happen as France gets more and more Muslim will not be a World War II type situation, but more like Lebanon, with constant fighting and unrest – kind of a permanent state of semi-civil war. You know, I think we’re going to be having ourselves a few “White People Springs” in the near future. I wonder how many French people actually saw the above video, because it would certainly wake them up if they did…

  3. Eeyore. I wondered why you would be blocking my comments for the crime of saying that Ayaan Hirsi Ali was beautiful – like maybe that was “objectification” or “sexual harassment”: 🙂

  4. The French government has failed their citizens miserably, to the point of treason. From the highest level in Paris to the local government officials. These feckless rogues and scoundrels have prostituted themselves to the ever ever growing Muslim population for cheap votes. The primary duty of a government is the security of the state and the safety of it’s citizens.If something is not done soon this vermin will be in for a shock , for the French have no place to go and will soon take matters into their own hands.

  5. This is the first of many civil wars in Europe, the Moslems are becoming more open in their move to conquer Europe. I am glad that the report and the book are out for thinking people to read.

    Lebanon is a very good example, in my lifetime it has gone from majority Christian to majority Moslem, this was mainly done by Jordan and others refusing to allow the so called Palestinian refugees a place to live.

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