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10 Replies to “Tim Burton acquitted om all charges, concept of ‘taqiyya’ now official in UK courts”

  1. Well done guys hopefully …a legal precedent has been set.

    I wonder why the Crown Prosecution Service would have taken on such action in the first place ……………….

    01 Nov 2009……..Controversial Islamist advises Crown Prosecution Service

    A civil servant who has praised the mentor of Osama bin Laden is advising the Crown Prosecution Service on Islamic extremism…….


    Oh that’s why!

  2. Excellent news, now let’s hope that the concept of taqiyya becomes known, not to just to the judiciary but to politicians too and we might be able to start fighting Islam without having our hands tied by lies.

  3. That’s great…it really is…but the Islamists still win. Until judges in the West learn how to identify and reject Muslim lawfare, the Islamists will always have the advantage. To a company or a politician or an organization, the simple threat of being taken to court and exposed to negative publicity as well as great cost is generally enough to cause them to self-censor. Doesn’t it strike you as a bit strange that not one movie has been made on the subject of Islam or Mohammed or Aisha or anything, considering the buggers flew planes into the World Trade Center? Even Fox News treads lightly around Islam. They’re extremely good at intimidating people, aren’t they…

  4. Chris:

    The muslims started somewhere. Objecting to this, a threat here and there, a law suit or bribes or intimidation of a judge or politician. We also will have to win this in increments for the fight to regain what we so took for granted just a few years ago.

  5. This was a great victory, even though it was small, it was monumental in my eyes. I was so worried that it would be another nail in the coffin of Britain so I was incredibly relieved when the judge ruled for common sense, freedom of speech, and the British people in general. I saw on other blogs from British people who attended the trial that Tim Burton was gracious, eloquent, and really got his point across in a firm but sophisticated manner. That’s exactly the kind of attitude we need to win the “PR war” as well as the war in general.

    If anyone is curious, the young man in the video is running for LibertyGB in the upcoming elections. He also has a Tumblr, which is the best way to make inroads with the youth, and from what I’ve seen he’s doing a good job at raising awareness on Islam and Europe for the next generation: he seems quite popular. Check him out if you want.


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