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24 Replies to “Britain First confronts the Taliban in London”

  1. Hello there……its me again….Don Laird

    These British patriots need to deal with the Muslim in a manner that speaks of ________and __________ and further, any law enforcement agency that stands in their way needs to be individually identified and dealt with accordingly as persons who are using their law enforcement power to advance and suborn treason, sedition and subversion. Some of these police officers are no different from the Muslim.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. It seems there is still hope for Britain, then the real people have got enough. France is waking up too. But the police is a big problem everywhere, but don’t blame them. They are the first to be punished by the state, if they don’t defend the enemy of the countries.

  3. “And what is the matter with you that you fight not
    in the cause of God and for the oppressed
    among men, women, and children who say,
    “Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people
    and appoint for us from Yourself a protector
    and appoint for us from Yourself a helper”?”

    Qur’an 4:57 ds@fd.chttp://thefatalfeminist.com/2014/03/26/the-sixth-pillar/

    If I heard of such a people suffering and they said ‘appoint for us a protector and helper’ to correct them from haram and guide them into halal, I would say ‘In freeing you from oppression you would then prefer to live as my slaves? You are no more than the Communists who said “better red than dead” and all their cleverest and noble people, millions, were taken away and killed so their genes would never enrich the human consciousness ever again, of which the planet will never see the like, lost for eternity.
    Peace, when there was no peace.’

    ‘Is it because you resent; that you favor a world that is the opposite, that when they say black you can now say white, when they say high you can sink low? Is it a pride you want in return for abject submission, to stand between your mother’s legs and look boldly out at them with cries of their destruction?

    ‘Is this your deal, in return to submit to me? A freedom from responsibility? Equal to the lowest male, as all have lowered themselves, that remains for one heal-step to climb?’

    ‘I do not want your offering. I came to build bridges of understanding, but see all you want is their demise. Your hate has become your consumption and justification.’

    ‘And now I see it was Allah, in actuality, that you called out to, (some translations are so misleading) and so it is to his apostles you deservedly will be handed over and made to serve. Your culture and roots will be burned and the memory of your history forgotten’.

  4. Firstly I’d like to say “Bugger” my speakers are broken, so I can’t listen, no point watching a silent video, unless they have sub titles.
    Secondly, I agree 100 % with what Don Laird & Poul Berg have said.
    Thirdly, the passage that Perfectchild quoted as follows, I found to be the most repugnant
    (((((( THING )))))) I’ve read this year.
    Passage: ‘And now I see it was Allah, in actuality, that you called out to, (some translations are so misleading) and so it is to his apostles you deservedly will be handed over and made to serve. Your culture and roots will be burned and the memory of your history forgotten’.
    No offence mean’t .

  5. When I say no offence mean’t, I do mean no offence mean’t to us,
    US being non muslims, us non muslims of the world.
    You can stick your allah where the sun never shines.
    My Culture, History & Memory, when compared to yours
    are Righteous, We Will Never Surrender ~
    Simple As …..

  6. Hi sueOzz,

    I had posted a reply on a feminist musselma’s website (yes, they preach Muhammad was a feminist) and the post is awaiting moderation.
    So I have only quoted what a passing God would say when hearing the cries of the oppressed, because she would need to determine if they were perpetual victims or not, those who convert to avoid a beating; by cursing their wives, who kick their children, who stomp on the cat.

    Such people’s cowardice and taqyya must be riddiculed openly, as should every new-identity cult.

  7. Choudhary I truly loathe. Give him the Mafia Necktie: First cut his throat. Then pull his long flapping Tongue (+ Beard) thru his throat so tongue & beard serve as necktie.

    “You can stick your allah where the sun never shines.”
    I don’t even want it there!

    And yes, Softly, this is encouraging. Ditto your blessing.

  8. Nice to see ‘Slums get frog marched down the side walk. Still, no solution until “the streets run with blood” thingy happens as the prophesy made some time ago says. Britanistan is well past a mediated answer and government measures to turn things around.

  9. I agree with Don Laird. The action of some of the police seems to be more in keeping with their support of Islam and not the maintenance of peace. On a daily basis Britain is threatened in one way or another by Muslims who claim that Sharia law is the avowed intention of Muslim residents and this is simply not acceptable.

    If they want Sharia, go somewhere where they have it. Don´t crush this country so they can follow their perverse beliefs here. We have children for whom we needs to build a future. Sharia law is not what most of us envisage. We´re tired of the moaning and complaining by the Muslims over anything from a school serving pork to an easter flyer advertising an Easter egg hunt. It never stops. They need to be told they are a minority, well catered for and their conduct does not justify the benefits available to them in this country.

    At the moment Britain is reasonably peaceful. It won´t stay this way for long once people realise the only hope they have for the future of this country and their children is to fight for it.

    I send the odd tenner to Britain First because as I see it they are the only people trying to do anything about this dreadful situation which is far from perfect but more than we should be able to hope for from such a small dedicated band.

    I wish them luck and as long as Britain is in danger, will support them.

  10. The fact that this “confrontation” was edged with the threat of violence disturbs me. The “Muslim scum”, were obviously intimidates by a bunch of flag waving “National Front” type supporters.
    Wouldn’t it be better to actually argue the point. “Terrorist Scum”, could be anyone, some Asian or Black bloke, walking down the street minding his own business.
    In hopefully vanquishing Marxism and Islamism to the dustbin of history, we need to “to our own selves be true”, replacing one bigoted violent, arbitrary justice system, with another isn’t really the world I’d like to see.
    This way lies madness and horror.
    “To thine own self be true”.

  11. “Choudhary I truly loathe. Give him the Mafia Necktie: First cut his throat. Then pull his long flapping Tongue (+ Beard) thru his throat so tongue & beard serve as necktie.”

    Is this because he fervently believes Shia are the Enemies of Allah, that this rage and visualisation are so apparent?

  12. @PerfectChild
    Well loathing someone isn’t really a reasonable reason to have them killed.
    That’s why the Baron’s rebelled in the first place.
    We just need to insist that the law is enforced properly, and stop kow towing to Islam
    Justice is all.

  13. “The fact that this “confrontation” was edged with the threat of violence disturbs me. ”

    The battle is between the civilised man and the lesser. Fear for your children being sexually groomed, one gender oppressed over the other, a centralised political religious cult…. why didn’t they come out and deal with homosexual-eroticism flourishing in schools, legal and employment preferential treatment and destroying the institution of marriage to an in-and-out of love fest? Maybe they can only see what is external, so that among them there are police-agents or opposite idealists who from time to time incite racism and murderous threats to lull others into joining in… and then being arrested and the blog closed down. They keep chipping away.

  14. Yes Freedom of speech is a distant memory no matter what the actual intent of it was. A remark that could be interpreted as incitement to violence, or even could be interpreted as racism if its directed at a protected group even if it isn’t a race etc. could have me shut down. I have to be careful what comments I allow irrespective of truth or freedoms. Many websites have already discovered that if they mentioned a certain Canadian Human Rights employee or even linked to articles about him that he didn’t believe should be read.

  15. Blindguard,
    It’ll take a whole lot more than a “confrontation… edged with the threat of violence.”

    And no, Blindguard, the time for arguing is way past. You’re too cagey by half. You won’t even name the interlocutor who’s _wearing_ his flag of belligerence. That part’s easy: Muslims, terrorists and those who enable them.

    Don’t muddle them with amorphous sinister conspirators who greased the ideological skids for the invasion of the Horde. That just serves to up-end your “hopefully” into “hopelessly”.

    Your use of first person plural is confusing. Just exactly WHO is “intent on “replacing one bigoted violent, arbitrary justice system”?

    Not I, for one. This system – despite its flaws – is ‘Man’s best hope here on earth’. Why else do masses of people from all over the world risk their lives to come here?

    Make no mistake: this is no nation of surrender monkeys: the blood of my kin has been spilled repeatedly to save this land, this system, this way of life. Without doubt it will cost more to preserve it.

  16. It is very hard to fight for your country when many your own government have prostituted themselves to the ever growing Muslim community. These sycophants,lackeys,lapdogs, and groveling apologists of Islam are feckless and have no shame, they would sell out their own mothers.

  17. “Britain First make me feel that there is hope for this country. May they grow in numbers.”

    Sorry to rain on your hopes. Britain First never seem to have more than about 2 dozen people at any of their events. Their leader has been banned from entering an area of 20 miles round the centre of London (and none of the media see fit to report on this, nor on the black EDL leaders who were given 10 year banning orders preventing them from attending demonstrations).

    The EDL began 5 years ago this month. In that time they have achieved some significant things (they put the issue of FGM back on the news agenda – see here http://4freedoms.com/xn/detail/3766518:Comment:145209 )

    However, in those 5 years, the muslim population of the UK has increased by 50% (at least). The speed at which opposition to islam is growing is so slow, that in the next 20 years we will see no rolling back of concessions already made. And in 20 years, muslims will be numerous enough to vote in Hizb ut Tahrir as the government of the UK (if Scotland gets independence, a muslim government in westminster will be less than 20 years away).

    There is no evidence to suggest that anything other than the above outcome is to be expected. At some point, the country may descend into civil war; or it may be that the people will just drift into dhimmitude.

    Anyone who thinks any other outcome is likely is deluding themselves. You only need to read the (well-researched) books by Mark Steyn to see where the future lies. As Steyn says “demography is destiny”.

  18. Big Frank,
    It sure won’t be a tea-party.
    But that lot won’t define me or my country. The “groveling apologists” are cowards, we’ve got better stuff to fight beside me & mine.

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