Leaders debate in the UK seems to be a hands down win for Farage of UKIP

1. Poll results: 

2. Leaflet warfare in the debate. Clegg and Farage are both wrong though. The Muslims will never let the indigenous people live on a reservation let alone run casinos and enjoy billions in Government largesse. For an example of what muslims to do indigenous people who are not muslim in lands they conquer, just look at Israel, the Copts in Egypt, the Christians in Syria, Iraq and the buddhists in Afghanistan (none left by the way) or the Hindus in Pakistan etc.

3. Some more video of the debate at BBC:



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  1. The only answer is for the ordinary Brit to get scared and elect politicians that will fight to protect their nation and their culture, what is worrying me is will the powers that be allow the UKIP to win or will they count the votes to show they won?

  2. This is the Full Farage/Clegg second debate strangely unavailable in it’s entirety at the pro EU BBC news site.Only selected clips are available.This also seems to be the case with other media sources.

    Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage, Europe debate 2 (02Apr14)

  3. Only if they vote out of the EU — allowed (a) to vote + (b) observe the vote-count] — they’re capable of redemption.
    Remember Sweden. They’re doomed. UK still has a chance, I believe. (I’m partial to Limeys!)

  4. Most of the world is destined to become a battle ground, the left in their goal to create utopia has destroy all of the protections from major long term war. One of the things they have done is create the current economic mess, this mess is driving the entire world bankrupt,once the EU is bankrupt it is gone. This collapse will allow the ordinary people to start taking their countries back, it will be a long hard struggle but it can be done.

  5. Another movie, the true story of the most decorated soldier in the US military in WWII, Audi Murphy. After the war Hollywood started giving him parts in movies to give him money to live on, he turned into a fairly decent actor and most people remember him as the B movie western star. Here is his true story with Audi playing himself.

  6. Thanks again, Richard. “They” [?] are blocking it, but I have an alternate link.

    I love big, fat old Hollywood. Vaguely historical – war, cowboys, cast-of- 1000s. Never had a TV so couldn’t catch them there. Those old movies are important pieces of Americana. Great fun bits.

    My closest friends these days happen to be Russkis. They were taught an entirely different history. It’s not anything like versions taught in Europe, Japan, the “Lands-Down-Under. Partly because Russkis didn’t do Hollywood.

    I lived and worked abroad, but I never encountered this blank patch where reference points of the 20th century are missing.

  7. Always remember the Murph was way tougher in real life then what they showed in the movies, the Army credits him with killing 400 Germans during WWII.

  8. Yucki here is another one from the 50s, Go For Broke, the true story of the 442 Regimental Combat Team. The Japanese American unit that fought in Italy and France, the took more land, more prisoners and more causalities then any other Regiment in the US Army. They were also awarded more medals of valor, and when the US military was integrated they were allowed to vote if they wanted to let whites into their Regiment. It was the crack unit in the US Infantry at the time. They voted to integrate.

  9. Thanks, Richard!
    I saw “Cast A Giant Shadow”. Very interesting period piece, even better war story.

    I knew Marcus would die from the very beginning. [Unlike Taras Bulba’s poor son!] Pillow-talking wife — smokes like a fiend, drinks too much — suggests divorce. Yikes!
    Magda, the heroic beauty from Hungary, is kinda loose. That won’t wash in the Hollywood of those days. Nor will a hero who finds happiness via divorce.

    The Battle for Jerusalem is truly inspiring. I have pictures of the few miserable tanks – tin cans – they had. The sacrifice of those wretched survivors from the death camps who were rotting in Cypress, how they wandered ashore, then built the road up to Jerusalem. Awesome.

    Battle for Jerusalem: http://www.JewishVirtualLibrary.org/jsource/History/battle47.html

  10. If I could find the movie Exodus i would give you the url, even though the book is way better. If you don’t have the book find it, as well as his books Mila 18 and Battlecry. Mila 18 is about the Warsaw ghetto upraising and Battlecry is about his experiences in the Marines during WWII.

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