News links for April 2 2014 – 2

1. There seems to be interesting hearings taking place on the Benghazi debacle. The scandal that should bring the Obama admin down, but is drowned out by ludicrous accusations and distractions about Obama’s legitimacy, thereby scrubbing much real horror by that administration.

Video streaming by Ustream

2. California’s Brownshirt Anti-Semitism Comes to Vassar

(An interesting analysis of growing antisemitism on US campuses from public to ivy league)

3. Cleric Omar Bakri ‘on the run’ in Lebanon
Omar Bakri Muhammad at his home in Tripoli (12 November 2010) Omar Bakri is banned from entering the UK after living there for 20 years

Omar Bakri Mohammad is on the run in Lebanon, officials say, after his house was raided as part of an operation to end the sectarian violence in Tripoli.

The Sunni Muslim cleric is among 200 individuals wanted in connection with their alleged role in clashes that have left 30 people dead in recent weeks.

4. Nigeria suicide attack ‘kills 21’ near Maiduguri
File photo of soldiers in Maiduguri (6 June 2013) The army presence in Maiduguri has been strengthened since a state of emergency was declared last year

Nigeria under attack

At least 15 civilians have been killed in a suicide bombing by suspected Islamist militants in north-east Nigeria, officials say.

Six of the attackers also died in the explosion, which took place on the outskirts of the city of Maiduguri, a defence ministry spokesman said.

5. CDC report on Ebola 

6. Nigel Farage answers question about international influence and the ‘importance’ of the EU (Farage rocks the podium)

7. Jordanian Court: Women Without Hijab are ‘Sluts’ Unfit to Testify

An Amman appellate court announced last week that a woman who does not cover up or wear a hijab is considered a “slut” and shouldn’t be allowed to testify in court, reportsAlbawada.

The Amman Sharia Court of Appeals accepted a lawyer’s objection to a female witness testifying because she was not wearing a hijab, which the court said would affect the fairness and honesty in her testimony. The court is the highest in Jordan’s religious judiciary.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M, Fjordman, Yucki, Richard and all. The leaders debate in the UK has taken a turn for the sinister. It seems that UKIP won it hands down and it almost appears that as a consequence, the entire debate, which BBC made available immediately afterwards last week, is strangely appearing slowly and piecemeal. Curiouser and curiouser. More in the next post about that.


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4 Replies to “News links for April 2 2014 – 2”

  1. Mr. Morell is lying. I watched twice, took notes.

    He’s deliberately complicating chain-of-command, analyst/operator, muddling the 12 reports to obscure the lies. This guy has been very well rehearsed, plus he’s a sociopath who can pull it off.

    How come we’re not hearing from the analyst who allegedly changed “attack” to “demonstration”? This is why hearsay has to be excluded in testimony. Too hard to pin down. That’s why they’ve got this liar creating plausible deniability.

    They’re all lawyers; they know this stuff a whole lot better than I do.

    And they’re going to get away with it.

  2. #1 The coverup is in full cover mode, the MSM are busy pulling up anything they can to keep from reporting on this scandal.

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