News links for March 29 2014 – 1

1. YouTube ban: How Turkish officials conspired to stage Syria attack to provoke war

“I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey.” This leaked conversation is coming back to haunt the highest echelons of the Turkish government as it plans a provocation in Syria, while scrambling to contain social media internally.

The leaked audiotapes that reveal Turkey’s highest ministers staging an anti-Assad military intervention in Syria, have already caused YouTube to be shut down in the country, as well as leading to fevered accusations of treachery and betrayal of Turkey’s political interests – “a declaration of war,” as Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu put it. […] (transcript of conversation at link)

2. Anti-Israel academic boycott turns ugly at Vassar

What transpired was anti-Israel vitriol directed at Professors and students taking a course that involved travel to Israel and the West Bank, an intimidating protest outside a classroom, and a campus forum in which the Professors and Jewish students were belittled, heckled and mocked in such crude ways that it left even critics of Israel shaken.  Yet the Vassar administration has done little in response, and would not comment for this report.

The bigger story is that these events at Vassar reflect how the American Studies Association academic boycott of Israel has emboldened anti-Israel students to cross previous lines of academic respect and freedom.  The “anti-colonial” and other rhetoric focusing on Israel’s supposed European roots, inaccurately used by the boycott movement to demonize Israel, has injected a racial context to the protests (as at U. Michigan) which is boiling over but only in one direction — towards supporters of Israel.

3. The Return Of Ethnic Nationalism— Is Europe Cracking Up?

By Patrick J. Buchanan on March 24, 2014 at 8:45pm

Though the FN of Marine Le Pen, daughter of party founder Jean Marie Le Pen, did not field candidates in many cities, it won the mayoral race outright in Henin-Beaumont and ran first or second in a dozen medium-sized cities, qualifying for run-off elections on March 30.

“The National Front has arrived as a major independent force—a political force both at the national and local levels,” declared Le Pen.

No one is arguing the point. Indeed, a measure of panic has set in for the socialist party of Francois Hollande, which is calling on all parties to unite against FN candidates.

4. FBI: Syria Is ‘Metastasizing’ Terrorist Threats Against U.S.

The FBI warned Congress on Wednesday that Syria is quickly becoming a haven for terrorists looking to do harm to the U.S. and its allies.

A recent flood of militants into the country poses a “serious challenge” for counterterrorism officials, who are increasingly concerned that Westerners in the country could be trained to plan and carry out attacks around the world, FBI Director James Comey said.

“It’s one of the things that I meant by the metastasizing threat,” said Comey, appearing before a House Appropriations subcommittee. “We’re very worried about people who [travel] there, who travel out to the E.U. and then can come to the U.S. without a visa, or our citizens who travel back and forth directly.”

5. Brampton courthouse locked down after Peel police officer shot, shooter dead

(This is a highly enriched area of Toronto)

Peel Region Paramedics rush a Peel Region police officer to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto on Friday, March 28, 2014 after he was shot at a Brampton courthouse

Victor Biro / The Canadian PressPeel Region Paramedics rush a Peel Region police officer to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto on Friday, March 28, 2014 after he was shot at a Brampton courthouse

BRAMPTON — One of Canada’s busiest court houses erupted in pandemonium Friday morning as a man armed with a gun shot a police officer at the security screening area and forced his way to nearby elevators before police shot the man dead.


The wounded officer, Const. Mike Klarenbeek, a 29-year veteran of the force, was rushed to Sunnybrook hospital, where he was listed in stable condition.

Hamza Khan, a defendant on the way to his trial, had just boarded the elevator when shots rang out behind him.

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8 Replies to “News links for March 29 2014 – 1”

  1. Honour? Killing?

    In Belgium,

    Dimanche matin, rue des Usines à Athus (Aubange), le corps sans vie de Vanessa Hopp est découvert dans son appartement. La jeune femme de 21 ans a été tuée d’une douzaine de coups de couteau. Son compagnon -Larbi Azzedine- a été placé sous mandat d’arrêt.

    Her father tried to warn her, you will get nowhere in life with someone who doesn’t do anything.

    Slowly she had wanted to end the relationship, in the last week, “dad I want to come back, I can’t stand him anymore. Vanessa didn’t have time. Last weekend, her body was found with 12 stab wounds.

  2. EGYPT – Two Islamists sentenced to death for throwing children off roof last July

    […] The convicts were arrested last July after a video showing them throwing children from the rooftop of a building in Alexandria’s district of Sidi Gaber went viral.

    The footage showed one of the defendants, with a long beard holding a black flag associated with Al-Qaeda, stabbing a child and throwing him off the rooftop of the building.

    […]The defendants papers have been transferred to the Office of the Grand Mufti, the country’s official authority for issuing religious edicts, as Egyptian law stipulates that all death sentences must be reviewed by the grand mufti for ratification.

    Also standing trial are another 60 defendants — allegedly Muslim Brotherhood members — accused of violent behaviour and thuggery in Sidi Gaber on 5 July 2013.

  3. Hello there……its me again…….Don Laird…..

    Its a good thing Darcie Williams from BC hasn’t seen this video, she’d chastise us for our condemnation of the killing of children as being culturally insensitive and shockingly “racist”

    Here is a good link to a debate between Hitchens and Ramadan.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. One woman was screaming “Haraam” as a young person was thrown down. It is a sign that there is some good in one person anyway.

  5. Sorry, Martin, I couldn’t get past 1:10.

    This is an evil man. Before he got the benefit of the doubt => ‘just an empty suit’. Nope, our little Moh-Bros. is up to his grotesque ears in evil.

    If I had voodoo talent, I’d use it.

    There, it’s out. Come get me suckers!!

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