Islam always manages to amaze.

After years of chronicling the horrors that Islam as an ideology drives people to do, and no matter how numb I get to the inhumanity of countless muslim snuff videos, the retrograde forces it applies to otherwise exemplary societies, the degradation of human dignity they aspire to (not that they have the monopoly on that you understand) and take pride in that aspiration, it still amazes me that they can still amaze me.”

Thank you Oz-Rita for taking time yet again on your vacation to do not just the hard work of translating these videos, but having to subject yourself to the horror and the viscous evil that oozes out of them in order that those of us in still-civilized nations who do not yet understand the threat might get yet another glimpse of what it means not to oppose this ideology, and the people who spread it as rats carry plague.

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  1. “…the retrograde forces it applies to otherwise exemplary societies, the degradation of human dignity they aspire to (not that they have the monopoly on that you understand) and take pride in that aspiration,…”

    Two of the most relevant points about the muslim issue expressed so succinctly.

  2. “the retrograde forces it applies to otherwise exemplary societies,”

    The British Empire was an exemplary society, yet I did not read islam had a retrograde force whatsoever, in fact the opposite, the British were emulated wherever they exported their finest literature and science, Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” captured what every Englishman knew in their heart. Now its Rewdyardi Kipping’s “Stiff”

    And when Toxic Islam was met, it was crushed as the female-herders they were. It is only the slow-poison of socialism that has paralysed the institutions from noble into decadent, insightful into book-memorized intellectuals, the innocent made proud by indecent exposure, that Islam has the only dick left within this culture, (albeit trained on children) – the species has to reproduce somehow. They had sex as the definition of marriage way before anyone thought of it as an entitlement to a harem. Husband, wife, spouse replaced on the marriage-licence by dom, sub and whore 2,3 and 4 ( a word mutually held with honor within the sharia-socialist coalition).

    Weak societies succumb to Islam. Follow its trickle across the globe.

  3. Thank You Vlad 🙂

    Please note, these vermin might be “French” on paper, e.g. have a French passport (often double nationality with a Maghreb country – like the speaker for the French Government and potential future prime minister of France, Belcacem, who has the double nationality Marocan and French), they may even be 2nd, 3rd generation to live in France but they are not the “real” French.

    Yes, their demographic is dangerously increasing in France to a point where I sign my post cards from Paris as “love from Africa on the Seine”, and yes they are the favorite “disadvantaged youth” of the French Minister for Justice, Christine Taubira who protects them because as she says “they carry the stigma of colonisation on their shoulders” – but they will never be French – not even “European”.

    Yet, naive little American tourists will think their love thrusts were with a “real Frenchie”, cynical French politicians with a agenda and the dangerously dhimmified French Media, will label as “raaaaaaaaaaaacist” anyone daring to make the connection between islam and what they do, and the fully (extremely left) politicised Judiciary will persecute anyone who dares pointing out the truth.

    My loathing for their unspeakable savagery is followed by my contempt for their “cuuuuultural background” – and as much as they want to be seen as “French”, they will never be.

    For those who read German, Goethe put this last idea in a beautiful nutshell in his Faust I, like so:


    Du bist am Ende – was du bist.?
    Setz dir Perücken auf von Millionen Locken,?
    Setz deinen Fuß auf ellenhohe Socken,?
    Du bleibst doch immer, was du bist.

  4. Dammit, the question marks that invaded the Goethe quote at the end are illegal migrants of the subversive kind. I dont know how they got there...(yea I know, sounds a bit like the text book explanation from some mass immigration ministers).

  5. “You always are what you are”

    To a Muslim: a Muslim
    A Socialist: A preferential identity.

    But Goethe clearly specifies the blindness from above and below:
    “Put you on wigs of million curls Put your foot on elle high socks”

    Your headship of many Allahs, your Communism of many Identities.
    When you put your enslavements aside, then you will know what he meant.

    Consciousness belongs to none. It has no form. It can be infantilized or enlightened to become free.

  6. Rita,
    Mystery question marks appear in my posts when transitional character sets on their way to unicode go astray. I can’t stop them, they’re culture-bound. Let them be, I say.

    Thank-you for this yeoman service. Did you flush caches, cookies, wipe screen & keyboard? Let your poor little machine sleep a bit after such trauma?

    Dettol hands, scrub nails. Shower, wash hair, and bathe?

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