News links for March 28 2014 – 2

1. School in England, to teach English as a foreign language.

(Well that was faster than we thought it would be)

City of Leeds School will be the first to teach English as a Second Language City of Leeds School will be the first to teach English as a Second Language [ROSS PARRY]

City of Leeds School in Yorkshire is taking the drastic step of introducing classes teaching English as a second language to each of its 350 pupils – including all its British-born pupils.

The school says it has been forced to include British-born English speaking pupils in the programme, because their standard of English is so bad.

Head teacher Georgiana Sale said the school was having to “rethink the way we do things” in a radical bid to improve standards.

2. Sweden: Police humiliated and beaten up in Muslim area

Swedish PoliceRadical imams, patrolling Muslim father groups and Sharia courts are safe in Europe’s Muslim-ruled areas, while non-Islamic authorities are regularly attacked. Bergsjön is one of Sweden’s many infamous, out-of-control Muslim-dominated districts. Via, translated from Avpixlat by Nicolai Sennels:

3. German butchers remove showcase cardboard pigs after Muslim threats

What had happened? Young Muslims came by the butcher shops and cursed the owners regularly. “They always came in a larger group. They cursed and said that they as Muslims felt provoked by the pigs. They came into the shop and offended us viciously. In the end, we had to give up,” says one of the affected butchers, who wants to remain anonymous out of fear.

4. Burma: Arakanese Mob Attacks Aid Group Offices, Forces Staff to Flee

(From what I gather, there is a clear perception of pro-islamic bias in UN sponsored aid groups. I would like to know if the reporter in the video is saying that the muslims are getting water from the UN in the refugee camps while the Buddhists are not, or the other way around)

The crowd was angry at a foreign aid worker after she supposedly took down a Buddhist flag from the office building in a way that the Arakanese nationalists perceived as disrespectful to their religion.

“As there were many people, the riot police force had to fire to disperse the crowd, but no one was hurt as they shot in the sky,” Win Myaing, an Arakan State spokesman, told The Irrawaddy on Thursday. “The crowd was dispersed at about 11:50 pm last night.”

He said the foreign aid worker and her husband were provided with security and accommodation at the local police force’s reception hall last night. They were later joined by all of the organization’s staff.

Malteser International staff at the organization’s Rangoon office said they could not provide an immediate comment on the incident.

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  1. #2 The ordinary Europeans are going to have to take matters into their own hands.

    #4 I don’t know what it is about the availability of water, but given that the entire report was about mistreatment of the Buddhists I would bet they are complaining about being shorted on the water.

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