Bully family in Western Canadian town may well be Jewish

Frankly the principle is the same. The problem isn’t that it is Muslims per se, the problem is intimidating a community with its own culture and values in order to enforce your own. It is so often muslims that do this, and so often as part of an orchestrated effort to make Islamic values the dominant ones, that the assumption that it is muslims is nearly always correct.

In this instance it may not be.

It is highly unusual for Jewish people to object to pork or pigs etc. as while orthodox Jews may not eat porcine products as part of a kosher meal plan, they rarely if ever object to anyone else doing so. The diet, as I understand it in Jewish culture, is a personal thing. So it was a perfectly reasonable assumption that this family doing all the bullying was a Muslim family.

If I were to list the number of incidents in the past few days alone of muslims attempting to influence or reorganize the meal plan of public institutions in non-muslim countries it would take some time. But just an hour ago, I did post that muslim thugs had forced German butchers to remove cardboard pigs from inside their shops because the tard-thugs said it upset their delicate Islamic sensitivities to see an image of a pig even out of paper and within someone else’s private property. So once again, to assume that people acting this maliciously towards a community, and especially against a music teacher (as music is forbidden in islam) are muslim is not even slightly unreasonable.

But the solution should be the same. The problem, as I have already stated, is the actions, and the actions of this family are every bit as repugnant as had they been done by a Muslim family. The one saving grace is that it is an isolated incident and there is no overarching plan by the ‘Jewish Brotherhood’ to try and turn the whole world kosher. Thankfully. (Protocols of Zion conspiracy crazies not withstanding)

Thank you Al S for sending in this link: (December 13 2007)

Too much Christmas in kindergarten class, says Jewish mom

A Shawnigan Lake mother has pulled her five-year-old boy from his kindergarten class at École Mill Bay because she says Christmas has gone beyond the annual concert and is saturating his lessons.

Mary Anne Watson’s family is Jewish and doesn’t celebrate Christmas. She had asked the Cowichan Valley school district to have the Jewish faith receive equal treatment at the French-immersion elementary school. Her request was refused.

“Nobody’s listening to us,” Watson said yesterday.

The good news is, at least then, that no one was listening to them. I only wish that Canadian institutions had the courage to also not listen to muslim thugs and bullies who are transforming Canada from a multilateral and tolerant place to one where sharia norms will take precedence as we see in the UK and elsewhere.

Eeyore for Vlad.


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  1. Yup a huge pile of news about this isolated incident. And what about the hundreds of incidents of islamics doing the same thing? Nothing in the press. Swept under the carpet, so to speak. The Islamic carpet of hell.
    Very unusual for this Jewish complaint. And further. It is likely she is a convert or just a very secular Jew who wants to raise some shit along with her leftist pals out at cowicjan bay. That whole area is mushroom high and the kids are third and forth generation stoners,

  2. Egypt detainees ‘routinely tortured’ (BBC, March 28, 2014)

    “Egyptian security forces routinely torture detainees as young as 15 years of age, according to testimony given to the BBC.

    Former detainees – often held for being near a protest – have described being electrocuted, beaten and sexually abused by security personnel.

    The army-backed interim government has detained some 20,000 people since it came to power last July.

    A government official “categorically denied” torture had taken place.

    “There might be some mistakes or transgressions in police stations however they don’t reach the level of torture,” said Gen Abu Bakr Abdel Karim from the interior ministry .

    The accounts cannot be independently verified, but rights groups say torture and brutality in detention is common, says the BBC’s Orla Guerin in Cairo….”

  3. Central African Republic: Bangui grenade attack kills 11 (BBC, March 28, 2014)

    “A grenade attack on a funeral in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, has killed 11 people, the Red Cross says.

    A government minister earlier said 20 people were killed, but several sources told the BBC the number was lower.

    Local residents blame the attack on former fighters from the Seleka militia.

    The country has been hit by civil conflict since Seleka rebels ousted the president in March 2013…”

  4. Egypt: Journalist killed in Cairo clashes (CNN, March 28, 2014)

    “A journalist was among three people killed Friday during clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and Egyptian security forces in eastern Cairo, Egypt’s Interior Ministry said.

    Mayada Ashraf was fatally shot, according to her employer, the private Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustour. She was covering the fighting when she was killed, the state-run Middle East News Agency reported.

    The clashes involved people who were protesting this week’s decision by Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to resign from the military and run for president, semiofficial news outlet Ahram Online reported. The demonstrators were supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy, a former Muslim Brotherhood leader, Ahram Online said….”

  5. 5 militants dead, ending Kabul hostage situation that targeted U.S.-based group (CNN, March 28, 2014)

    “Five militants set off a deadly car bomb and then stormed a guest house used by foreigners in Afghanistan’s capital Friday, holding a number of people hostage during a standoff with police before one of them was shot dead and the four others blew themselves up, the country’s deputy interior minister said.

    A girl was killed and a security guard was wounded in the explosion at the beginning of the attack, said Deputy Interior Minister Gen. Mohammad Ayoub Salangi. Everyone who had been held inside the building escaped unharmed, he said.

    The girl’s name and information on her nationality weren’t immediately available. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry, Sediq Sediqqi, said 20 foreign nationals were moved to a safe place during the attack….”

  6. Why is this freaky peculiar?

    This is a Diaspora-only, drive-thru, qwiki-convert to cultural Judaism. According to Talmudic laws that have held the people together for millennia, neither she – nor by extension her offspring – are Jews at all. They’re entitled to eat bagels, light candles, and dance in circles like Zorba-the-Greek.

    She’s a kook. Which is without doubt why the customarily supine school system shut her out. It’s also highly likely that her neighbors have been warned she’s nuts, don’t identify the religion she is asserting. She’s unstable and will end up filing suit for emotional breakdown.

    Whatever her pathology, she’s a danger to Jews everywhere, whether they know it or not.


  7. Send me the link by email and Ill post it for you. I have no idea why it is doing this, other than we have implemented hard core new security features, which is why the site is mostly up all the time now. Maybe it won’t allow links in comments anymore, I’m not certain. But email me the link, or, put the link in but make a break in it so it doesn’t appear to be a link and it should get through and people can paste and fix it.

  8. Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird……

    In the event of this trouble making family being Jewish the case is made all the more for the absolute favoritism, deference, and solicitude that must be shown, at all times, to Islam, the religion of peace.

    This, if true, is a win-win.

    As being a Jew, a Christian, a Catholic, or any of the other religions, holds a position that utterly powerless in nature in the face of one political ideology, Islam, that has a position of unparallelled power and influence, in whatever cause it chooses to apply that power or influence.


    Finally, a win-win for us.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  9. Assumptions, assumptions, ass-sumptions.

    Socialists have embolded the weak-minded who wear their identities on their sleeves. Starts with the loathiest of creatures, and then rises up the ranks to try to temp into the most moral, their willing submission; just like the HIV virus started to spread from the dirtiest, vilest egotists.

    So a Jew got infected; it still is spread proportionally the highest by Mohammadanism.

  10. On the other hand, if, as Yucki says, this family are “ersatz” Jews, and they are ignored and kicked to the curb then one has to question the acceptance of Muslims as a “bonafide faith” and, as above, all of the rights, privileges, powers and influence they are granted with fawning deference by virtually every segment of Western bureaucracy, tribunals, quasi-judicial panels and the judiciary.

    Now I realize that this argument, considering there are 1.5 billion Muslims, give or take a few hundred million and give or take the actually orthodoxy of the remainder, can be considered a stretch…..the point below remains valid.

    Think about the point Yucki makes……

    Now, for me to enjoy all of the above all I am required to do in order to become “Muslimified”, as if a prospective member to some ridiculous neighborhood adolescent youth gang, is give the secret sign and repeat the secret club oath and PRESTO!!!….BLAMO!!!!……I am a club member, or in this case, a Club Muslim, and entitled to all of the aforementioned power and influence and certainly entitled and if not forthcoming, entitled to loudly demand, solicitous deference to and the immediate granting of my every wish. Irregardless of my sincerity nor the validity of my new Muslimified status.

    Now think about it.

    Not in the isolated context of the potentially “Jewish” woman in British Columbia, but throughout Islam

    What other “religion” has its members becoming members through threat, coercion, intimidation, or, in order to hold sway over a grossly disproportionate number of Non-Muslims, to hold power, influence over those non-Muslims and to, as a ruling class, place those non-Muslims in positions in relation to the Muslim, of complete servitude and deference.

    Food for thought…….Club Muslim, Convenient Faithless Global Political Ideology.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  11. On Keeping Kosher:
    “The diet, as I understand it in Jewish culture, is a personal thing.”

    Kosher laws are part of the Jewish religion.
    From the Orthodox perspective, all Jewish laws must be kept.
    In many communities, straying from this is (at least) frowned upon!
    Peer and community pressure eliminates the personal thing.

    Those Jews who consume a more, shall we say, liberal diet, usually feel quite comfortable,
    and indeed, it is a personal thing!

  12. Is it not personal in the sense that Jews who keep kosher do so because they decide to do so and to varying degrees, but typically do not demand that all others accommodate them?

  13. Eeyore:

    In a given Orthodox community(sect), generally there is one way to do most things.

    Perhaps I generalized too much since there are plenty of ‘independent’ Orthodox Jews who do exactly as you stated.

  14. It’s simple really, Jews are only forbidden from eating pig, songs about pigs are 100% kosher.
    this women obviously has absolute no idea about this Jewish understanding of the porcine, now there may be a few Jewish sects that disagree with the majority view, but their women always have their hair covered and wouldn’t be wearing jeans as Ms. Mary Watson (not a very Yiddish name is it?), I’d suggest that she’s what we call a meshugana, likely shes not accepted by any Jewish community, lacking any credentials as a Jew, and trying to be more Jewish than what she wrongly believes Jews are, and getting it horribly wrong.

    cutest piglet ever

  15. She may get rid of Christmas and pork meat soon. She only has to wait for the muslims to do the dirty work..As long as it goes she has to preach diversity and tolerance. not to hurt the community.

  16. “…credentials as a Jew…”

    Suffer the little children that they should ever find these “credentials”, and ingest from the hand of the blind mother. For her kingdom of the loins, she feels, is racially assured in her sad compromise. It is why Islamophobia is seen as a racist issue. A female world-view of reproductive beings. (Socialism makes them non- reproductive beings- easy to switch of and on that receptor), But it it what is behind her, the beast, I see.

    “credentials as a jew”

    Mohammad would be vindicated on every level by those that carried this meme.

  17. Trex,

    You found my little Aisha! Mohammad was that huge porker that was sniffing around. Was she with her dolls and the pink floral blanket when you found her?
    If so, please will you get the bride-price back, six months is too young. I’m not interested in credentials.

  18. Just quickly a few little points of varying relevancy:

    1. How balsamic this blog is !!! On any other blog – the mere hint of a Jew requesting even the tiniest special treatment would cause an avalanche of comments that would have warmed the cockles of Hitlers Whatsit. I like it here ! 🙂

    2. Eeyore, you mention German butchers submitting (is laming ?) to Sharia. I dont know if people are aware that Germany’s meat culture is as much based on Pork as for example Australia’s is on the sheep. I dont have the numbers, but would dare an educated guess: 80 % of our sausages, a main German fare, are or contain pork. So, ‘real’ German butchers removing any allusion to the little porker is a big deal.

    3. As yucki puts it:

    “Whatever her pathology, she’s a danger to Jews everywhere, whether they know it or not.”

    Let me indulge in a cynical theory: she sleeps with a muslim who, faithful to his koranic commandments has to seek out every last Jew under the stone and do him harm (apologies to people who are more erudite in the “books” than I am, I probably got the wording wrong) sent her out to set the pork among the pigeons. She will be “rewarded” for her jihad, by him chosing her tonight above the other 3 “wives”. *hands out copious amounts of salt to VladTepes readers* 😉

    And lastly a little food for thought: compare the degree of “ease” between a conversion to Judaism and a “re”version to islam. Jews are very discerning, to say the least, whereas (as I understand it ) islamists rape you into their religion of peace and love…at least if you are young and attractive enough.

  19. Rita: “…islamists rape you into their religion of peace and love…at least if you are young and attractive enough…” and if they’ve run out of goats and sheep.

  20. yucki: “…and if they’ve run out of goats and sheep”… that’s not far fetched at all, yet it is terminally hilarious !!! hehehehehehe

    Re little piggy profit mohamed: there is a picture of “Miss Piggy” in a burka somewhere on the net..can’t find it atm.

  21. Wow and so to keep your hatred and ignorance ignited you remove the comment showing how ridiculous the ASSumtion was. This family are radicals and not supported by their religious community. That is not it. The former school board and district have allowed this family to bully and harass regardless of religious affiliation and that my racist friends is the crux of the matter. I find it stunning that you all seem to preach the word of Christianity yet follow non of the principles. If you read your bible God has told us we cannot consume animals that have a cloven hoof and does not chew its cud…. Um hello reference to not eating pork- FOR ALL CHRITIANS

  22. 1. No comments have been removed except for two technical errors which had no content

    2. Despising an ideology is not racist. But it may be well informed. People who hate Jews usually know nothing and care nothing about Judaism so typically it is ‘racist’ whether Jews are a race or not. But hating Islam is like hating communism or the principles for which the Republican party stands (Whatever they may be these days) and is not only not-racist, but people who just like everything have no value to their affections.

    3. Peter, the ‘rock of the church’ made it clear that people could follow Jesus and not stop eating porcine products and would not have to be circumcised. In fact that is probably what made Jesus popular with the Romans and other non-Jews at the time. No real sacrifice needed to become a follower of Jesus. So the hoof and cud rule remains only for Jews. And this women in BC is likely not one by any rational definition of being Jewish.

  23. This article is alluding to something completely theoretical, and a little due diligence would help everyone to understand that we are talking about two different situations – one in 2014 at one school and another in 2007 at another school. The Jewish family were not using bully tactics at all and were quite reasonable in their requests.

    Let’s stick to reality, please.

  24. @ Dallas… Are you from the community as you infer that these are two seperation and isolated instances when in fact this is a gross misrepresentation of the truth. I do not consider yelling at a teacher infront of students a form of being reasonable. That was not an isolate incident either. The list goes on and on and families, teachers and grandparents are speaking out from BOTH schools. This is FACT. When a grade 5 student is reduced to tears and refusing to attend school because of the emotional trauma witnessing these outbursts has caused her, I see no reasonable action. The family has not attended the school since a PAC meeting before spring break where some form of resolution was sought after. If this woman acting in this manner in a bank, she would be charged no questions asked. The school boards inaction has perpetuated this behavior. That ship has sailed.

  25. Hello there…….its me again…….Don Laird…….

    I wonder what sort of mitigation Darcie Williams, our culturally enriched friend from British Columbia can make of the links below.

    I had asked about video footage of the Muslim killing rooms being used to butcher Christians and others like livestock.

    Apparently Christian men, women and children are dragged into these rooms, dozens and dozens at a time, tortured and then butchered and bled like animals. The victims are hung by chains on the ends of hooks and then, after torture, slaughtered, dismembered and beheaded with the heads neatly lined in the corners.

    I found them.

    Even with all I have seen from the Middle East, this is really tipping the scales.

    I found the video link, its on WND and there are about 5 video links.

    The videos show the bodies hung and ready for butchering, heads all lined along the wall and in one video a table is piled high with the dismembered bodies as if in a butcher shop……apparently there are now fatwas allowing the consumption of the bodies by the killer themselves.

    I have yet to locate the video that shows the children and women being hung on the hook, having their throats cut and then convulsing as they bleed out and die. I am not sure I want to find this but yet I need to smear this madness in the faces of those cowards who apologize for the madness of Islam and Muslims.


    This is Islam, the religion of peace…..and these are Muslims doing this mass murder.





    These are crimes being committed around the world in the name of Islam that make the blood run cold, crimes of such psychopathic ferocity, crimes of such base and pure malevolent evil that even Lucifer, in all his rage, in all his hatred of Man, would shudder and turn away.

    I am reminded of the words of Gen. Romeo Dallaire from his book “Shake Hands With The Devil”, an account of his involvement in the massacres and genocide in Rwanda.

    He was asked how he knew, with such certainty, of the existence of God. His reply, referring to Rwanda, “Because I have met the Devil”

    Interesting times, these times we live in.

    Food for thought, as we teeter on the edge of an abyss of madness and universal death.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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