MEMRI clip on Iranian thinking behind the recent Geneva deal with the USA

I recommend sitting back and watching this with the greatest clarity of mind one can summon at this time on a Saturday night. Also, it is worth looking up the treaty of Hudabaya. Allen West gives a good description of its meaning

H/T Andrew Bostom

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  1. The Afghan madrassa accused of radicalising women (BBC, March 16, 2014)

    “An unregistered religious school in northern Afghanistan has been accused of radicalising thousands of women.

    A BBC investigation has found that the Ashraf-ul Madares madrassa in Kunduz province preaches that listening to radio, watching television and taking photos are un-Islamic activities and that women should not work outside their homes.

    Activists say the school undermines women’s rights, but the founders say they are providing badly needed religious education.

    About 6,000 women and young girls are studying at the madrassa which was established by two influential mullahs in Kunduz four years ago.

    Students from the madrassa are instantly recognisable because of their strict Islamic clothing….”

  2. Lena you’re right, the Australian could just as easily be an American soldier.

    He says it as it should be: “[…] fighting people who are motivated by religious belief…you need to have soldiers equally motivated to oppose them.” Anything else is counter-intuitive.

    And how many soldiers want to see an obscene parody of homosexuals in military uniform prancing in a rainbow Mardi Gras?

    I am reassured that the Muslim participation rate is ridiculously low. Who’s fighting for what against whom? Besides, who wants a snoot-full of Tard backside five times a day?

  3. The clip of Alan West is very good, I am more impressed with him every time I hear him speak, back when he first came on the political scene people talked about him for President but he wasn’t ready then, he is now and will be a force to be reckoned with if he decides to run in 2016.

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