Ideas of March links 3-2014

1. Somali terrorist suffers fatal case of premature eblastication

Capt. Mohamed Hussein said the bomber appeared to have prematurely detonated his explosives-laden car Saturday as he tried to park near a hotel. No others were hurt or killed in the blast.

2. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The Malaysian jetliner missing for more than a week was deliberately diverted and continued flying for more than six hours after severing contact with the ground, meaning it could have gone as far northwest as Kazakhstan or into the Indian Ocean’s southern reaches, Malaysia’s leader said Saturday.


Pilots’ homes raided as officials say disappearance ‘no accident’
Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, seen over Poland on Feb. 5. Photo: Reuters

3. Denmark: Islam-critical, EU-critical by far the biggest party in latest EU-poll

(The above article is in Danish. Below, a translated segment by Nicoli Sennels)

“Accoding to the latest poll, Danish People’s Party will get twice as many votes as it did at the latest elections for the European election in June 2009. Meanwhile the Social Democrats, Conservatives and SF are facing catastrophic election. Combined, the two Eurosceptic parties DF and the People’s Movement against the EU will get up to half of the votes. According to a poll by Sentio Research has made Dispatch International.

According to a poll of 1000 randomly selected Danes during week 11, Danish People’s Party will double its turnout in the European elections on 25 May to 30.7 per cent. against 15.3 per cent. at the European elections in June 2009.”

4. Why do muslims build mosques with those tall towers with the speakers on top?

5. Is this proof Russia is about to invade? Snatched amateur pictures reveal tanks and troops on Ukrainian border as Kremlin is accused of fixing vote

Russian tanks and paratroopers took up positions on the Ukrainian border last night as Vladimir Putin rejected pleas from the West to pull back his forces.

The build-up of Russian military hardware and troops heightened fears that a full-scale invasion of Ukraine is imminent.

Exclusive amateur pictures obtained by The Mail on Sunday show tanks, armoured vehicles and multiple rocket-launchers rolling into the Belgorod region in advance of today’s referendum in Crimea which is expected to hand control of the strategically-important Black Sea peninsula to Moscow.

6. An interesting article about the missing Malaysian plane and some details about one of the flight crew. The pilot seemed to be upset about the jailing of a gay political candidate in Malaysia. No Islamic angle immediately evident.


Thank you Bains, M, Fjordman, Don L and all who sent in material. Tomorrow could be a rough day for Ukraine. Let us hope that no major mobilizations and deployments take place and doubly so for maneuvers that might create opportunities for states like North Korea and Iran, now that it appears the US has given up its job of protecting technical civilization.

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  1. #2 “Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, seen over Poland on Feb. 5. Photo: Reuters”

    Feb 5th? The damn thing is traveling back in time now?

  2. Spain deports Madrid train bombing convict to Morocco

    Spain on Sunday deported a Moroccan man after he completed a 10-year jail sentence for obtaining the explosives used in the 2004 Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people, the government said.

    […] Spanish courts sentenced 18 people for the shrapnel-filled bomb attacks that killed 191 people and injured about 2,000 on four commuter trains heading for Madrid’s Atocha station.

    The coordinated attack was claimed by militants who said they had acted on Al-Qaeda’s behalf over Spain’s role in the US-led invasion of Iraq.

    The seven chief suspects committed suicide on April 3, 2004, by blowing themselves up in an apartment near Madrid, also killing a policeman.

  3. #6 Of course Russia is going to invade, the question is when.

    I find the red coats on the troops interesting since the Cassocks use to wear red uniforms, they did it for the same reason the Brits did, it hid the blood of those who were wounded but could still stand in the line of fire, or in the case of the Cassocks set your saddle in the battle line.

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