Two articles on Israel

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1. Fire bomb hits cop in The Temple mount, Israel

Fire bomb hits a cop in The Temple mount, Israel; Dozens of Palestinians barricaded themselves in the Temple Mount and attacked the cops with everything they could get their hands on..

2. Iran general: ‘Our hands are on the trigger’ to destroy Israel

Iranian leaders regularly issue threats against Israel and the United States, but the wording ascribed to Salami on Tuesday was particularly aggressive.

“Islam has given us this wish, capacity and power to destroy the Zionist regime so that our hands will remain on the trigger from 1,400 kilometers away for the day when such an incident (confrontation with Israel) takes place,” he was also quoted saying in the speech.

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  1. “US General Warns America Must Take Out Iran”
    Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense calls Iran existential threat, says US should lead attack or at least aid Israeli strike.

    […] Under the current interim agreement, which is criticized as giving Iran a free pass to continue its nuclear program, Boykin argues the US must either accept a nuclear Iran, or else lead a military effort to “take it out.”

    Boykin, who is currently executive vice president of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian lobbying group, warned that the Iranian nuclear threat is global, posing an existential threat to America as well as Israel.

    The military man argued “Western logic” mistakenly reasons that Israeli nuclear capabilities would provide a deterrent against an Iranian nuclear strike.

    However, under the logic of Iran’s Islamic regime, even in a case of mutual destruction “they still win, because the Jews are all killed and go straight to hell, but every Iranian, every Shi’a Muslim killed in retaliation is a martyr with a guaranteed place in heaven, and they destroy their most hated enemy,” assessed the general. […]

  2. It must have been hard for Mohammad sub-jewing the Jew. To sub a Christian is easy, Emperor Constantine wrote the gold-standard text-book on it to bow down and kiss the feet for a seat in heaven, and later used to subdue African slaves in America with the hope of a better afterlife if they only bore the pride of suffering unfair toil in return for housing, welfare and a wretched pensionless in the hereafter. No more different than the wage-slave receiving dependency hand-outs and subsidies. But not the Jew. Slaves no more they declare, though admittedly they allowed the German Socialist Police, who once were impartial but became a political service to send them to concentration camps, so incredulous that such intelligent civilized people could be made to dissociate any human regard for a shaved-headed, prison-clothed Jewess. The Germans were told what the hard working family-centred Jewish mind had in for them, was their demise. Those advocating socialist collectivism and Muslim calls to Sharia could only snarl at the harmonious, equitable man-woman relationship of marriage, the kind that Adam and Eve represented. These rainbow-dysfunctional, all to a female-identified mind, raged against the House of Israel. “Bring out your guests who have sought refuge in you, because we want to have sex with them!” They received a reply, taking the piss: “We have daughters you may have” (knowing full well they could not have natural sex). And they became blinded with the need for new shiny baubles for a sense of life. Whereas once the judeo-christian world had emulated the Jews, and they had become highly successful too. Now they emulate the ways of the communists and their creche-ntration camps.

    Today the human family is in tatters due to deliberate policies of rewarding selfishness, and the brute-sex of the four-wife harem is called as much a family as same-sex parking.

    That is the kingdom Iran want’s to destroy. The West is dying and can be eaten from the inside.

  3. Why is this ‘judeo-christian’ way better than simply the Judeo or the Christian ways followed separately?

    The evidence is the fruit of the nation. Jesus said of the Pharasees ‘do what they say and not what they do’ and of those who made him God he would have noted’do as they do but not as they say for I am not Hara Krishna’.

    It means be a both-brained person. Everyone who is employed has a judge, even if that is only their customer. It is to pursue excellence. This is your ‘mind of god’ the projection of the Most Perfect Excellence which is your standard. Then there is the living, the chaotic real-world and to repeal with love and forgiveness. A child must witness both minds to find their own measure of the Narrow Way. They grown into understanding that they, and only they, control themselves and live by every word of conscience. They bow the knee to no one. Be it the rage of Allah or the light of an Angel – they do not submit and become blind to find peace.

    Socialism has divorced Christians from their manhood and Islam their adherents from womanhood.

    A judeo-christian roof was the best protection until you discovered yourself. Now the wolves are free to roam as preferential agents of destruction. Communism and Islam with their roots in sexual repression, divide the spoils of innocence and ignorance and bark at the Jewish Nation as an evil to be eradicated.

  4. So why is Israel so successful if they are not judeo-christian? Oh but they are, they are Christian-judeo. They are a secular nation. If they became the religious-orthodox of G_d they’d be driving around in old cars. The orthodox play a charade, they pretend an outward form of god-ness and pimp off the moderate unsure, a sort of barrier of extreme of the Right, whereas the kibutz formed the other extreme at the far Left, of leaving half your brain at home and your gonads taking center-praise. Father or Mother wannabees without a father or mother in them, looking and claiming to receive something they do not have. All escapist trappings that pay the organizers handsomely.

    The poor will always be with us. An economy driven to protect and support them, will bankrupt the nation of morals and finance. Guilty for giving in. There is only enough oil left and time to remove your guns before it all collapses.

    Anyway, lecture over. Have a nice day that makes a mark, no matter how small, for we have a billion neurones for a billion stars.

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