News links March 12 2014 – 1

1. Boston bomb squad destroys unattended pressure cooker: report

(Video removed due to highly annoying auto-start in some browsers but available at link)

2. Protest in Kolkata over nude photos of women with ‘Allah and Muhammad’ texts

Photos here

3. “Massive explosion in East Harlem:

(I recommend gathering and saving all the news you all can find on this. On the chance that it is terrorism, you can bet the DHS will destroy all evidence and make sure there is no way we can ever know it was)

4. Report: U.S. Electric Grid ‘Inherently Vulnerable’ to Sabotage


Electric grid compounds across the country have faced an uptick in unauthorized intrusions by unknown individuals, causing concern that the U.S. grid is “inherently vulnerable” to widespread sabotage, according to a recent oversight report issued by New Jersey’s Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC), which monitors the threat level.

Following at least eight “reports of intrusions at electrical grid facilities in New Jersey” from October 2013 until January 2014, the ROIC’s Intelligence & Analysis Threat Unit issued a report warning that the U.S. electrical grid is “inherently vulnerable” to attacks that could wipe out power across large swaths of the country.

5. Was missing flight MH370 jet brought down by a shoe bomber? British terrorist convicted of plotting similar attack says he gave explosive to Malaysian terror cell which included a pilot

Tard shoe bomber accomplice Malaysia flight

Saajid Badat, who was sentenced in 2005 to 13 years in jail as a co-conspirator in a notorious December 2001 plot to bomb US airliners, has testified about the Malaysian plan before


Thank you M, Richard, Fjordman, UK Pete, and all who sent materials. More to come. The Harlem fire looks like a gas explosion but its well worth keeping an eye on it as we  now know what happens when it isn’t one.

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  1. #4 the vast majority of these attacks were trial runs. Attacks like these are why we can’t just ignore them when Iran starts making threats against Israel and the US.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about the explosion in Harlem, just like in Minneapolis they’ll come with the bulldozers in an hour or so.

  3. Fox & Friends mentioned an update to this incident this morning suggesting an oil rig worker may have witnessed the plane on fire at a high altitude.

    The story is covered here

    An early facebook post also included a photo posted by a passenger on another plane who witnessed what resembled several windows in sequence with fire blazing through each taken while traveling on Flight AK5122 Arasia from KL to KK at 6:45pm

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