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17 Replies to “Ben Shapiro crashes BDS meeting at UCLA university and straightens them out with facts.”

  1. Sincere liberals ought to know that they are expected to accept immigration, secular government, deracination, affirmative action, refugee swamping, unlimited EBT, multicult multirace vibrancy, section 8, bleeding yourself white to go to private schools for your kids, accepting demographic extinction without a whimper, the equality BS and Histry Mumf…

    But god forbid Israel is ever subjected to the same standard.

  2. Why I am not surprised at all…

    Gold market breaches ‘covered up’ (BBC, Feb 25, 2014)
    “Dubai’s biggest gold refiner committed serious breaches of the rules designed to stop gold mined in conflict zones from entering the global supply chain, a whistleblower has revealed. Amjad Rihan led an Ernst & Young team that audited Kaloti and found it was failing to carry out the proper checks. But after he told the Dubai regulator, it changed its audit procedures. He said that allowed details of the most serious findings to be covered up, with Ernst & Young turning a blind eye. The regulator, Ernst & Young and Kaloti all say they acted properly. Mr Rihan told BBC Newsnight: “The risk of conflict gold entering Dubai and entering the global supply chain is extremely high.” ….”

  3. Director.
    1. Israel accepts jewish immigrants from all parts of the world. (I’m one of them – a culturally “eurocentric”, quad-lingual, irreligious, liberty-minded democratic “rightwinger”, a repatriant from the former USSR.) Of course new immigrants bring their cultural baggage to Israel, so our society is in effect quite “muticultural”. But Israel is one of the very few countries where this sort of “vibrant diversity” is not socially destructive.
    2. Israeli government IS secular. (This is hardly a problem for anyone, except for fringe groups of theocratic crackpots.)
    3. Idiotic “affirmative action” policies for existing minorities aren’t rare at all in Israel.
    4. Some Israeli cities (including Tel-Aviv) are swamped with African “refugees”.
    5. Demagoguery about “equality” and “racism” is just as popular in the Israeli mass-media, as in the West in general.
    6. Israeli academia is full of US/EU-sponsored nihilistic leftist “progressive” lunacy.

    So, no, the BDS “liberal” idiots in the West do not really “subject Israel to the same standard”. They don’t even have a “standard” of any kind. Just schizophrenia and obsessive judenhass.

  4. Exclusive: Mole Who Met Bin Laden Killed by Al Qaeda in Bosnia (nbcnews, Feb 27, 2014)
    “An FBI mole who provided valuable intelligence on al Qaeda and met with Osama bin Laden was lured away from the FBI to work for the CIA, but was killed by al Qaeda operatives in Bosnia who suspected he was an informant, NBC News has learned exclusively. The informant, a Sudan-born driver and confidante to “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman, the radical Muslim cleric who allegedly masterminded the first attempt to take down the World Trade Center, had been the sole human asset providing first-person information about al Qaeda in the mid-1990s as the terror group gained strength around the globe. According to sources familiar with the management of the mole, the FBI recruited him in 1993 because he was a known associate of the Blind Sheikh….”

  5. Militants Set Down Strict Laws for Christians in Syrian City (nbcnews, Feb 27, 2014)
    “An extremist Islamist group disowned by al Qaeda has brought back seventh-century laws to govern Christians living in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which it took over last year.

    According to a document obtained by NBC News (http://justpaste.it/ejur), a 12-point decree issued by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) commands Christians to pay a levy in gold and curb displays of their faith in return for protection from the group, widely considered to be the most radical among rebels fighting Syrian president Bashar Assad.

    “Christians should commit to pay Jizya on every adult male, the equivalent of 4 dinars of gold, (equivalent to 4.25 grams of gold) on rich families, and half on middle class and half of that on poor families,” according to the document. “They should not hide their income level and should pay in two installments per year.”

    Ringing church bells, praying in public and displaying religious insignia has also been banned. The directive also prohibits Christians from renovating churches or other buildings, even if they have been destroyed during the three-year civil war…”

  6. Richard. I understand what you mean, but the obvious leftist sentiments can’t really explain why they focus on Israel so much. (As if the entire Western culture somehow depends on existence of Israel and the jewish nation.)

    If we seriously want to defeat the regressive “progressives”, we also have to understand their mindset. The fundamental philosophical motives of modern “progressives” are exactly what Ayn Rand criticized in her polemical book “Return Of The Primitive” (New expanded edition of “The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution”, published in the 70’s). It is really a must-read for everyone, even for those who disagree with Rand on some issues.
    The latest edition of “Return Of The Primitive” also includes additional articles by Peter Schwarz (“Gender Tribalism”, “The Philosophy of Privation” and “Multicultural Nihilism”).


    from elderofzion:

    The bad news: The epic UCLA meltdown video WAS REMOVED from public viewing.
    The good news: I made a COPY:

  8. LEO the left has several reasons for attacking Israel, 1) historical antisemitism, the strain of antisemitism runs deep in all European cultures and no matter how much we work to stamp it out it resurfaces. 2) They hate Israel for the same reason they hate Christianity, it places the deity above the state, to the left the state is the supreme power. 3) It allows them a door into the middle east and seizing power in the Moslem nations, so far they haven’t had much luck in building a lasting leftist government anywhere in the world but they keep trying.

    Look at there actions and figure out what the benefit to the left is, this gives you at least part of their motives, the more motives you discover the closer you are to understanding their thought processes.

  9. Jew-Hate.
    Talk it to death, you’ll never explain it. So understanding +/- appeasement may keep a lid on it for a while. That’s all you hope for.

  10. Yucki you got that right, we think we have defeated and destroyed it and it springs full grown from the mouths of supposedly intelligent people.

  11. Sarah Bloomfield said something to the effect of:

    Anti-Semitism has existed with?and?without Christianity.
    With and without the right wing.
    With?and?without the left wing and democracy.
    With?and?without economic problems.
    With?and?without globalization.
    With?and without a Jewish homeland.

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