Michael Coren on mosque and state, and Huron college

This is from Feb 11. I missed this somehow.

Mr. Coren reminds us of some facts concerning Canada and the US, the relationship of church and state in each, and the hypocrisy of media as well as the particular case of Huron and the muslim-only course there.

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  1. Tourist bus explosion in Egypt kills 3, wounds 14 (CNN, Feb 16, 2014)
    “At least three people died and 14 were wounded Sunday by an explosion on a tourist bus in the Egyptian resort town of Taba, an official with the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said. Brig. Gen. Alaa Mahmoud said 33 tourists from South Korea were on the bus and had visited the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. Catherine’s, in the Sinai Peninsula. The bus was headed to Israel and was in line near a border crossing, he said. Israeli police dispatched ambulances and patrol cars to the border with Egypt to help if needed, Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told CNN. Taba is in the northeastern Sinai Peninsula, just a few miles from Israel…”

  2. What you sow is what you reap? One day someone will have to put all those enabling traitors on trial. All those Phonies and their associates.

    Hundreds of British jihadis returning from fight in Syria spark terror alert after police and MI5 thwart Mumbai-style attack on London (dailymail, Feb 16, 2014)
    “Hundreds of British jihadis have returned from fighting in Syria, sparking a terror alert in Britain.
    Senior security officials have said that around 250 British based ‘extremist tourists’ have returned home, and are now suspected of wanting to carry out attacks here. The figure is five times higher than previously thought and includes several ‘veterans’ who have fought in Afghanistan and Pakistan. MI5 and police have already intercepted an alleged serious plot by jihadis returning from the war torn region last Autumn. They were said to be planning a Mumbai-style gun attack on civilians in a crowded place, possibly London. The returnees are now being monitored by the security services, The Sunday Times reports. A senior Whitehall security official told paper: ‘Well over half of those who travelled out have come back.’ Last week it was announced that extremist videos which help to radicalise impressionable young men are to be blocked from the internet in the UK. The Home Office is in talks with web companies to refuse access to violent films hosted overseas ‘at a network level’, MailOnline can reveal….”

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