News links for Feb. 15 2014 – 1

1. Anyone remember how the original Twin Towers bombers where caught? At least some of them? They tried to get their deposit back on the van they rented, then filled with explosives, then detonated in the parking lot of one of the towers. Then you have this guy.

2. Yesterday, several videos of a protest in Bulgaria against a mosque was posted.

In one of the videos was a sign. Thanks to GoV and RR I have a translation:


The sign reads “The land of Botev and Levski (two most prominnt revolutionaries against the Turkish rule) is a land of slaves again, Bulgarians get to struggle with the corrupt politicians” – wide meaning of this message: the “ruling coalition now is dependent ot the Turkish ethnic party”, but the slogan is not very specific.

GoV has this report here

3. Dane-o-tard charged with terrorism related charges for the second time.


Said Mansour, a Danish/Moroccan citizen whowas previously convicted on terror charges has once again been charged by Copenhagen Police with inciting terrorism. Mansour is often known as the ‘Bookseller from Brønshøj’ for his work in publishing terrorist tracts.

4.  Danish PM declines offer to be part of official opening of new mosque

(Clever woman. She must get it)


Thank you UK Pete, M, Fjordman and all who sent these in. More to come.

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12 Replies to “News links for Feb. 15 2014 – 1”

  1. The danish PM is a WOman! 🙂 And she dont understand a thing. Her party has turned up the volume on massimmigration into Denmark, thereby speeding up the destruction of the nation. As far as I know its a brotherhood mosque and it should never have been built. But it has because of the usual treason of the western political class and the client-status of the muslim brotherhood in the geopolitics of the insane Western regimes.

  2. We have been talking about Islam for a long time. We have theories on why the elites want new immigrants to replace our shrinking numbers. Which is scary in itself.

    I believe they didn’t recognize what Islam is or if the belief can be tamed. At this point they should be able to recognize their mistakes and starting to correct them. Do we see any corrections being made in policy with Islamic imaginations? if not why not?

    This puzzles me.

  3. Well it seems to me that at least the european powerelites have gone fully insane. In that they are building an empire with its foundations firmly placed in the air. The EU is the “empire of humanity” in the sense that the entire world seems to be welcome to become part of it. A sort of liberal wet dream dressing up as Augustus. Its anti-democratic, anti-european and anti-reality in that deadly old jacobin sense.

  4. 2/ Bulgaria.

    In the dhimmi pc West, people are being accused of attacking mosques when they aren’t. In Bulgaria they are doing it for real.
    The West has a naive view of Islam, but in Eastern Europe, they know damn well the consequences of it. While Western Europe flourished and took its culture of Judeo-Christian honesty and freedom to the New World, the Balkans succumbed to the horrors of Islamisation and they haven’t forgotten it.
    The Bulgarians, Serbs, Romanians and even the Greeks are not stupid. Nor are the Poles or the Ukrainians who remember the experiences of Communist tyranny first hand. I have a feeling that soon there will be more freedom of speech in former Eastern-bloc countries than there will be in Britain, France and Germany.
    Also in the Balkan countries and such, people are not afraid to take to the streets and start kicking ass. Try that in Britain and you’d have the police, the media and the pc brigade all turning against you. The Eastern European peoples within living memory, have seen the collapse of the Berlin wall and the horrors of the Yugoslav war, and within their fathers and grandfathers’ memories the horrors of Hitler and Stalin. These people have only just fought to obtain their freedom and they don’t want to lose it! We in the West have become too soft.

  5. Softly,
    Maybe there’s a star in the east — East Europe — to show us the way. We sure need a better example than those EUnuchs. Watching that odious flag flutter down was inspirational.

  6. Yes, in that they are so arrogant they think they can remain in control no matter how many muslims they import, no matter that the global jihad-movement is gaining strenght and ground. I do not doubt they know what islam is and what it means for a society, but again they are fooling themselves thinking they can master it.

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