News links for Feb. 15 2014 – 2

1. Best video yet of attack on Bulgarian mosque.

(remember, this is likely a Muslim Brotherhood mosque. Bulgaria has a history of being subject to Islamic oppression and frankly, if our various governments had the guts to enforce long standing laws we already have pretty much all mosques would be destroyed for a variety of crimes, not the least of which, sedition, hate speech, espionage, conspiracy to destroy the legal government or however that is normally worded etc.)

2. moment of death of Islamist commander Saifullah al Shishani in Syria

(The original video had some of the members’ faces blocked out. At the end of this version some of them have been restored to the extent possible)

3. Valentine’s day Vs. modesty day. Result? Bloody violent day.

PESHAWAR: While one group of students of Peshawar University celebrated Valentine’s Day, another celebrated Haya Day (modesty day) leading to a clash that turned violent, Express News reported on Friday.

Students threw rocks at fellow students, forcing the police to intervene. Violence escalated as the students pulled out weapons and started firing at police officers as well.

The police also fired back and thirteen students were taken into custody.

4. Tard march in Toronto. Or possibly Wee Willie Winkie convention.

5. Propagating religion other than Islam a crime under Syariah law

Brunai: feb 14 2014

PRIVATE education institutions have been cautioned against propagating religions other than Islam as it is a crime under the Syariah Penal Code Order.

During a briefing in Tutong on the law yesterday, legal experts from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office told 300 representatives of private education institutions it was an offence to propagate religions other than Islam to a Muslim or atheist.

6. Greece on high alert after declaration of war by Greek leftist groups on “German capitalist machine”

Greek authorities have stepped up security after a leftist extremist group declared war on the “German capitalist machine.” The group has claimed responsibility for attacks on a Mercedes-Benz branch and on the German ambassador’s residence in Athens.

An anarchist group calling itself the Popular Fighters has come forward, claiming to be behind a botched rocket attack on the offices of German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz in the Greek capital.

Thank you M, Wrath of Khan, Fjordman, and all who sent in material. I apologize if I lost track of anyone, it’s been a busy one. More to come sadly.

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  1. #4

    I wonder how many people involved in that march would call the Canadian authorities if they had knowledge of a terrorist attack. My guess would be that none of them would pick up the phone, because every single one of them is a Muslim supremacist and a supporter of armed Jihad.
    They all belong in a special, extra-secure detention facility on the northern tip of Baffin Island, to be released when the Imams decide to call off their holy war against the rest of the world. Sound fair?

  2. Personally I think the Canadian Government should set aside a Boeing 727 to make regular trips to Syria and all these guys should be given 4 boxes of ammunition, a Chinese Norinko AK47 and various Al-Qeada T shirts and dropped off in Damascus.

    I think they should put up, and then be made to shut up.

  3. Why the blacked out faces on the al qeada leader death video ? From the glimpses we get they seem to be of european appearance. Are these people British and American special forces ?

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