News links for Feb 12 2014 – 2

1. Seventy charged from mosque meeting in Kenya with terrorism and conspiracy etc.

2. Egyptian army chief in Russia for arms talks

Egyptian army chief and defence minister Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi is on an official visit to Russia, army spokesperson Ahmed Ali has stated.

El-Sisi is accompanied by Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy in a visit that is a “response to the historic visit of their Russian counterparts to Egypt last November. “They will discuss cooperation between the two countries with Russian ministers, Ali said on his official Facebook page.

(Think maybe the Egyptian Govt. is fed up with US support of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?)

3. US Embassy confirms one of its local employees detained

A security source reported National Security arrested Ahmed A., a U.S embassy employee in charge of the political Islam file. The source added that the employee was in constant contact with Khairat el-Shater, First Deputy of the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, when the group ruled the country.

4. Yucki sent in a link which very closely analogizes the black flag of Islam.

5. Last moments of defenceless man with the mental age of a nine-year-old who was brutally stabbed to death for no apparent reason captured on CCTV

(There are rumors being floated about the motives and group membership of the perp from good sources. Keep your eye on this story)

6. Australian Mom Barred from Pool for Wearing a Dress Says There’s a Way Around Rule: Be a Muslim

(As everyone should know by now. If you want to skirt any rules on personal hygiene in public, be a muslim. The rule on swimsuits at pools is entirely about bacteria and hygiene for other swimmers)

7. Anjem Choudary plans protest in the UK against the Christians defending themselves from Islamic slaughter in the Central African Republic. Their promo page is here. (Not a hotlink)

8. Here is an interesting Canadian fact from the Education Act:

Section 51(1) of the Education Act reads as follows:

Religious instruction-

51(1) Subject to the regulations, a pupil shall be allowed to receive such religious instruction as the pupil’s parent or guardian desires or, where the pupil is an adult, as the pupil desires. R.S.O. 1990, c.E.2,s. 51(1).

Anyone else think that Huron College might be in violation of that?


Thank you Yucki, EDL Buck, M, GoV, Grace, and all who sent material in. I am sorry to say that there will be more to come. What is that old and entirely unrelated expression? Keep your boots laced and your powder dry? Something like that.

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  1. Looks like the Muslim expansion in CAR is about to get severely suppressed, perhaps even reversed.

    Rights groups warn of ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Central African Republic (CNN, Feb 12, 2014)
    “Attempts to purge Muslims from parts of the war-torn Central African Republic have prompted “a Muslim exodus of historic proportions,” rights group Amnesty International warned Wednesday.
    International peacekeepers have “failed to prevent the ethnic cleansing of Muslim civilians in the western part of the Central African Republic,” the group said. Another rights group, Human Rights Watch, also warned Wednesday that the country’s minority Muslim population is “being targeted in a relentless wave of coordinated violence that is forcing entire communities to leave the country.” The Central African Republic, a former French colony, was plunged into chaos last year after a coalition of mostly Muslim rebels dubbed Seleka ousted President Francois Bozize. They have since been forced out of power, but Christian militias, known as the anti-balaka, which translates as “anti-machete,” have been allowed to fill the power vacuum, Amnesty International said, with dire consequences for Muslim civilians…”

  2. Report: Private TV station in Libya attacked (CNN, Feb 12, 2014)
    “Armed men attacked the Tripoli headquarters of a privately owned Libyan television channel early Wednesday, causing extensive damage to the building, al-Asema TV reported. At least seven masked men attacked the station just after midnight with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, causing heavy damage to the building and broadcasting equipment and setting part of it on fire, the station reported. The gunmen made the staff leave the building first, the station said. Al-Asema TV is a privately owned channel affiliated with Mahmoud Jibril, the country’s interim Prime Minister during the 2011 revolution, and his National Front Alliance (NFA), the liberal political bloc in the General National Congress, Libya’s parliament. The channel is viewed as critical of Islamist parties in Libya especially now, during a time of heightened political polarization in the country…”

  3. 2 wearing Afghan security uniforms kill 2 coalition soldiers (CNN, Feb 12, 2014)
    “Two coalition service members died when two people wearing Afghan National Security Forces’ uniforms shot them on Wednesday, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Forces said. ISAF and Afghan authorities are investigating the incident, which occurred in eastern Afghanistan. Such insider attacks by Afghan troops or infiltrators on U.S. and allied troops — also called “green on blue” attacks — have killed dozens of coalition troops.”

  4. Police: Boys among 9 family members killed by militants in Pakistan (CNN, Feb 12, 2014)
    “Militants in northwestern Pakistan have killed nine family members of a slain leader of a pro-government militia, including at least two children, police said Wednesday. About 20 to 25 militants attacked the family’s house on the outskirts of the city of Peshawar early Wednesday, said Najeeb ur Rehman, a senior police official. The attackers took the male members of the family outside and locked the female members inside, said Rahim Shah, another senior police official. They then proceeded to killed all the male family members, including two boys aged 8 and 10, he said. Those killed were relatives of Zafar Khan, the chief of a local peace committee and member of a special police force, who was killed last week in a clash with militants. The skirmish last week left one militant dead. Local peace committees are volunteer pro-government militias that fight to drive militants out of their areas…”

  5. @ wrath of khan: “…Rights groups warn of ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Central African Republic …”

    Where are those rrrrrrrrrrrrrights groups about the genocide that muslims inflict on Christians and Jews and all other non-muslims? Sorry to say it, but I won’t cry one tear for these butchers who had it coming to them. But the hand-wringing by the dhimmy media is already starting: poooooor poooooor muslims ….baaaad baaaaad Christians .

    As nauseating as it is predictable !

  6. There is an article at TheBlaze: Man goes on wild rampage, demolishes cop car in broad daylight… stating the man :

    “A photographer for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles was on assignment on Hollywood Boulevard’s “Walk of Fame” when he witnessed an unusual crime that could have been straight from a movie set.

    But what Victor Vargas saw Tuesday afternoon was all too real.

    Vargas let video roll as he watched a man, whom Vargas said yelled “I love Jesus Christ,” smash the windows of a Los Angeles Police Department cruiser parked at the curb about 1 p.m. near the intersection of Highland Avenue as pedestrians calmly walked by.

    And none other than Superman and Darth Vader saw the whole thing, KTLA reported, adding that costumed actors regularly pose for tourist photos on the street.

    The two caped bystanders did nothing to stop the attack.


    This may be a stretch….moral relativists persistently suggest all faiths have their nuts, even violent nuts. It’s been difficult for these same apologists of violent jihad to cite any examples of Christians shouting religious accolades when committing violence against non believers. This report sounds like a ruse, conveniently videotaped in broad daylight for just that purpose.

  7. 4/ The company notes:
    “Black Flag has killed more insects for more years than any other insecticide brand. In fact, the first Black Flag product was sold in 1833. Since then, the brand has always stood for extremely effective insect control but the technology behind the brand has continuously evolved.”

    Probably their best-known product is the “Roach Motel”. One version fed them contraceptives, that they, in turn, fed to their families. It worked more slowly but it did the job.

  8. FEB 12 2014 – VENEZUELA – Two people killed in Caracas during anti-government protests

    Violence at anti-government protests in Venezuela has claimed at least two lives. Demonstrators have been calling for President Maduro’s resignation amid skyrocketing inflation and a shortage of common goods.

    Violence broke out at demonstrations in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, on Wednesday, leaving at least two people dead. Both victims died of gun shot wounds.

    The first victim was 24-year-old student Bazil D’Acosta, according to Venezuelan officials. A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, Luisa Ortega Diaz, said the second victim was a member of a pro-government group, which had been holding a counter demonstration in support of President Nicolas Maduro. His identity could not be immediately confirmed.

    National Assembly President Diosdad Cabello called the violence “a provocation from the right” and called for “calm and sanity.”

    Initial reports provided few details about the circumstances surrounding the deaths on Wednesday. Gunmen on motorcycles had reportedly shot into a crowd gathered outside the attorney general’s office in Caracas. The incident coincided with clashes between security forces and anti-government demonstrators.

  9. 8/ I see that provision 51 is followed by three provisions dealing with Roman Catholic school boards. Catholics get an entire Part later, and an extension of that Part, and then Protestants get a Part. A search of the Act turns up no mention of Islam or Muslims. I don’t know anything about Ontario’s Education Act, but it seems like Islam wasn’t really on the framers’ radar in 1990. So religion-in-general gets a glance in that little 2-part provision and that’s all. Of course Islam should not be dealt with under Religious Instruction but should have its own carefully-worded Part labeled Islamic Sociopolitical Indoctrination or something, at least as a stopgap measure before dealing with Islam as it needs to be dealt with. In the meantime, though, it seems clear that U of Western Ontario is in violation of section 51(1).

  10. #2 Putin is working to rebuild the Russian Empire with himself as Czar, to help this goal along he is positioning himself as the protector of Christianity and of freedom around the world. Read the biography of Ivan the Terrible and see where he is getting his ideas.

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