German news piece on two young converts to islam who go to Syria to die for imaginary virgins

This is quite a surprising article from the left wing, Spiegel news station out of Germany.

It details how a couple of nice young German boys from a relatively tard-free town converted to Islam and went to Syria to get laid ‘apres-vis’ so to speak.

My favorite part is the interview with the bearded clam in the car who is asked:

“Did you notice his radicalization?”  The answer is very revealing. Politicians and apologists, please take note.

Thank you Oz-Rita for the translation. I know this was a difficult one

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  1. @ Runner7500: you are correct the lady from der Spiegel says “Jungfrauen”. To tell you the truth, I dont even know what the masculine word for Virgin is in German, or if there is one.

  2. More fun soon. Guaranteed…

    Afghanistan to release detainees despite US objections (BBC, Feb 13, 2014)
    “Afghanistan is preparing to release 65 detainees from Bagram detention centre despite the US condemning the decision and insisting they are “dangerous”. US officials say they have evidence the men were responsible for carrying out attacks on Nato and Afghan troops. But the Afghan authorities say there is not enough evidence against them and that their release will go ahead. Hundreds of prisoners at Bagram jail have been freed since it was put under Afghan control in March last year. The issue of the detention centre, now renamed the Afghan National Detention Facility at Parwan, has put Afghan-US ties under further strain, as US-led international troops prepare to withdraw fully from the country. The facility, which housed mainly Taliban and other insurgents captured by Western military forces, was also at the centre of a number of prisoner abuse allegations. Afghan government officials suggest the prisoners could be released in a few days, but the US says it expects the release to take place on Thursday…”

  3. Actually, I did not come up with the idea. Achmed the dead terrorist (youtube)
    asked himself the question while discussing with Jeff Dunham.

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