News links for Feb. 12 2014 – 1

1. CFB Trenton repatriation ceremony was possible terror target, Khurram Sher trial hears

CFB Trenton repatriation ceremony was possible terror target, Khurram Sher trial hears

Dr. Khurram Syed Sher formed a formal pro-jihad Jamaa, an Ottawa court was told Tuesday.

Photograph by: Mike Carroccetto , Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — In a secretly recorded conversation played publicly for the first time Tuesday, accused terrorism collaborator Khurram Sher discusses bomb making and appears to suggest a repatriation ceremony at Canadian Forces Base Trenton as a possible target.

(I suggest that for all those who think the problem of islamic activities is an issue only for far away and exotic places like England or Detroit, might think again.)

2. Lebanese Olympic skier who posed topless for racy calendar shoot becomes a hate-figure in her home country after footage appears online

The photos of Jackie Chamoun, which were taken for a calendar, show her holding strategically-placed ski equipment to protect her modesty as she poses in Lebanon’s Faraya mountains.

(If I were she, I would consider moving to a country where exposing adipose tissue is not a death penalty offense with no due process)


3. ‘Hope not hate’ offering money to dirty UKIP’s name

4. Ezra Levant interviews David Harris on the Huron college course which bans non-Muslims

5. UK: Schoolboy gang locked up for savage attack on a man for being GINGER after they confessed to their teachers

A gang of schoolboys dragged a cyclist from his bike before kicking him repeatedly as he cowered in the road – just because of his ginger hair. […] A witness said the boys were ‘almost dancing on him’, while a motorist who sounded his horn in a bid to stop the attack called it ‘relentless’.

6. Woolwich murder: Man pleads guilty to Rigby videos

A British Muslim has pleaded guilty to posting videos on YouTube glorifying the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Royal Barnes, 23, of Hackney, east London, recorded and uploaded three videos shortly after the murder in Woolwich, south-east London, last May.

In one of the videos, he hailed the murder as a “brilliant day” and in another he mocked the outpouring of public grief, the Old Bailey heard. His wife Rebekah Dawson, 22, also uploaded the videos online.

(The real news in this story, is that the BBC actually identified the perp as a muslim with no equivocation or additional mitigating adjectives)

Thank you Grace, M, UK Pete and all. More to come.

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  1. EGYPT – US Embassy confirms one of its local employees detained

    A security source reported National Security arrested Ahmed A., a U.S embassy employee in charge of the political Islam file. The source added that the employee was in constant contact with Khairat el-Shater, First Deputy of the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, when the group ruled the country.

    The suspect was arrested while participating with others in marches and riots in Giza Governorate. He is being investigated by the National Security Agency to determine the dimensions of his activity.

  2. EGYPT – El-Sisi and Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy are in Moscow for talks on military cooperation

    Military sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Al-Ahram Arabic news website on Wednesday that El-Sisi was visiting Moscow to finalise a deal on the purchase of weapons.

    Egypt sees Russia as a new potential ally after the US suspended part of its annual military aid to Egypt.

    In November, talks between El-Sisi and Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoygu resulted in a weapons deal.

  3. Kenya court charges 70 with being Shebab members

    Seventy men arrested during a raid on a mosque in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa were formally charged today with being members of Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels, officials said.

    Kenyan police raided Mombasa’s Musa mosque on February 2, detaining scores of suspects whom they accused of attending a radicalisation meeting. The raid sparked riots in Mombasa in which three people received stab wounds.

    “The suspects were arrested as they planned to perform a terrorist act,” prosecutor Onesmus Towett told the court.

    “If released on bond or bail they will further an act of terrorism and there is (an) intelligence report which indicated they were plotting to execute an act of terrorism on unspecified and specified targets,” he added.

    The 70 were also charged on six other counts: possession of firearms without a licence, possession of ammunition, incitement to violence, planning to commit a felony, being in possession of illegal material in the shape of Shebab flags and robbery with violence — on the grounds some men in the group allegedly wrested an assault rifle from a member of the security forces.

    The 70 denied all the charges, and the court is set to make its ruling on whether bail will be allowed on February 26, 2014.

    Security was tight around the court as hundreds of families and relatives jammed the premises to hear the proceedings.

  4. Re the hope not hate:
    Actually, I was thinking about this earlier today, in general. It started off thinking, worrying about family members who are struggling to find work, and a good friend, who, after a lifetimes work has had two heart attacks and several small strokes is not eligible for sickness benefit, or any benefits after having worked, paid tax, national insurance since he was fifteen – OVER FORTY YEARS – yet people who have contributed nothing to this country appear to just be able to turn up and get benefits showered on them, and thats NO exaggeration. Then I was thinking about the future for my kids – NO retirement at sixty – NO company pension – just work till you drop – for peanuts. Then of course I got into all the other ‘benefits’ of immigration- the child rape gangs – the no go areas for white people, and the fact that by the time my grandkids are in their forties they will be in a minority. You only have to look to South Africa and the middle east to see how blacks and muslims treat others when they are the majority – in fact you only have to look at what they are doing in the areas that they control in our respective countries NOW – very depressing.
    Which brings me back to hope not hate and other like minded people. You know what is the absolute worst thing about all this ? IT IS BEING DONE TO US BY OUR OWN PEOPLE ! Our kith and kin, our own countrymen, our governments, our own institutions, the very people who we should be able to rely on to preserve and protect us – THE ONLY people we have to rely on to preserve and protect us. And then we have organisations like this – ALL run and sustained by idealistic middle class white people, who’s mad idealism trumps even self preservation, who’s only motivation seems to be to stick the boot into us at every chance, stifle any chance of us being a coherent, cohesive, united people ever again.
    I try not to think to much, the bitter sense of betrayal, not on my behalf, but on behalf of future generations is VERY bitter indeed, and profoundly depressing.

  5. (Word on the ground that the “thugs” resposible for this are muslims but this is being surpressed atm)Last moments of defenceless man with the mental age of a nine-year-old who was brutally stabbed to death for no apparent reason captured on CCTV

    Read more:
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  6. Phil said:
    “You know what is the absolute worst thing about all this ? IT IS BEING DONE TO US BY OUR OWN PEOPLE ! Our kith and kin, our own countrymen, our governments, our own institutions, the very people who we should be able to rely on to preserve and protect us – THE ONLY people we have to rely on to preserve and protect us.”

    You’ve put my thoughts in your words. This is what truly breaks my heart.

  7. 2/ Naked Truth About Real Photos of Arab Girls
    January 8, 2014

    How they prefer women to cover up in public in Muslim countries?!

    Ok, Malala Yousofzai got FLOTUS and First daughter to dress modestly when she was invited to the White House.

    But, I really thought I was going to be shut down as a porn site after I posted,

    15 Real Photos of Arab Girls on The Real Jerusalem Streets.

  8. The infantilization of the public goes on. One day you’ll be arrested for watching these videos as though you downloaded kiddy-porn. It will be the European Offence Act 2016. Glad you fight for the Right to not be Offended. All those who laughed here in print at the death of the Muslim woman on the escalators, will be incarcerated.

    The guy behaved like an arsehole. That is all he did. His opinion. The threat of David Cameron’s early demise is wished by everyone from the Right to the Left. That is what politicians get. The blame. He is the pussy they want to mount. He gave Muslims the right to beg to receive subsidized homes for four wives. He is the criminal, by his deeds and not his political thoughts he puts on youtube. They don’t mean anything.

    Do you get it? What he says is totally different from what he does. You don’t arrest the taking head, you arrest for the criminal acts. That’s British Justice. He is a Quisling by referring to it and doing exactly the opposite. Bolster marriage in rhetoric, destroy the institution by deed.

    So he attracts Communists and Muslims alike. They sense his very weakness and by his lack of character and they are elevated into saints. They are made righteous. UK politicians are the most protected they have ever been, living in a twilight world of privilege and power.

    You can watch hundreds of videos celebrating Lee Rigby’s death. This one makes his own video. That is freedom of speech. Destabilize Libya for oil cries one cabal, and Gaddafi living the Muslim life on Earth as it is in their Heaven, dies. Wanting someone to die is not the same as acting upon it.

    Broadcasting to all to coordinate a riot? That is incitement to violence. To know the difference, is justice. The thought-police you applaud will be the last thought you’ll be allowed to have. Is-lamb-ized by the other side.

  9. Attack on the ginger man.

    “The court was told that the four teenagers, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had given themselves up to police after confiding in their teachers following an appeal for witnesses.
    A 17-year-old from the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester pleaded guilty to common assault and was sentenced to a four-month detention and training order.
    Two others, a 16-year-old from Cheetham Hill and 17-year-old from Fallowfield, admitted grievous bodily harm with intent and got six-month orders.
    The fourth, also 17 and from Fallowfield, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent and assault by beating in relation to a passer-by who was also punched. He was sentenced to a six-month order.”

    Rusholme/Fallowfield and Cheetham Hill/Crumpsall are the most islamised areas of Manchester.

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