News items for Feb. 12 2014 – 3

1. ‘American’ jihadi, Al Bagdadi in Iraq doing his jihad vid.

2. Seventy members of the Al Shabab mosque in Kenya detained for another few weeks.

3. Police: Boys among 9 family members killed by militants in Pakistan

Peshawar, Pakistan (CNN) — Militants in northwestern Pakistan have killed nine family members of a slain leader of a pro-government militia, including at least two children, police said Wednesday.

About 20 to 25 militants attacked the family’s house on the outskirts of the city of Peshawar early Wednesday, said Najeeb ur Rehman, a senior police official.

4. 2 wearing Afghan security uniforms kill 2 coalition soldiers

CNN) — Two coalition service members died when two people wearing Afghan National Security Forces’ uniforms shot them on Wednesday, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Forces said.

5. At least 2 dead in Venezuelan student riots.

More graphic videos linked below:

“He is dead, he is dead”

Guns fired by uniformed men

Extremely loud riot footage

Some good pictures


6. Afghanistan to release detainees despite US objections

Afghanistan is preparing to release 65 detainees from Bagram detention centre despite the US condemning the decision and insisting they are “dangerous”.

US officials say they have evidence the men were responsible for carrying out attacks on Nato and Afghan troops.

But the Afghan authorities say there is not enough evidence against them and that their release will go ahead.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M, and many more. Venezuela was an amazing place before the Socialist and Islam ally, Hugo Chavez took over. It really was.

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  1. AUSTRALIA – SYDNEY- Afghani asylum seeker Mohammed Salem Nazari pleads guilty to two charges of indecent assault of seven teenage girls

    AN asylum seeker who “traumatised” seven teenage girls by indecently groping them in the Sydney Olympic Park pool had only been in Australia for six months, a court has heard.

    Mohammed Salem Nazari pleaded guilty at Burwood Local Court yesterday to two charges of indecent assault on two 18-year-old girls and five offences of indecently assaulting a person under the age of 16 at the pool.

    The 33-year-old, who doesn’t speak English, assaulted the girls — the youngest aged 14 — in the Rapid River Ride whirlpool within 25 minutes on December 8.

    The asylum seeker had recently arrived in Australia from Afghanistan and was on a bridging visa.

    His lawyer told Burwood Local Court last year that Nazari was “a poor or non-swimmer” and only came into contact with the girls due to the current in the pool.

    He will be sentenced on March 3. It is expected he will be deported on the completion of his sentence.

  2. “a poor or non-swimmer” and only came into contact with the girls due to the current in the pool.”

    Facts from elsewhere:

    > Nazari, who is from the Hazara ethnic group in Afghanistan, was the 31st asylum seeker facing criminal charges to have his bridging visa cancelled under the new rules.

    Nazari, who does not speak English and required an interpreter during all of his court appearances, had been in Australia for only six months on a bridging visa when he assaulted the girls.

    The girls reported the groping to pool security, who watched his movements on CCTV footage until the police arrived.

    Police claimed Nazari had been “nonchalant” when confronted about the accusations and insisted all of the contact with the girls had been accidental.

    He will be sentenced on March 3. It is expected he will be deported on the completion of his sentence.

  3. TORONTO – Hassan Jarrar arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 14 year-old girl

    TORONTO – A high-risk sex offender, who served 15 years in prison for beating a teen hooker into a coma, is back behind bars for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

    Hassan Steven Jarrar, 41, has been re-arrested less than two years after his release after allegedly luring the girl over the Internet throughout the month of January, Toronto Police said Friday.

    “During this period, it is alleged the man extorted the young girl into meeting him in person,” said Insp. Joanna Beavens-Desjardins of the sex crimes unit.

    Jarrar allegedly befriended the teen by pretending to be a young boy, then convinced her to send him sexual images of herself.

    The former male stripper is accused of using those images to coerce the girl into travelling to Toronto last weekend to meet him at a hotel near The Queensway and Royal York Rd.

    It’s alleged Jarrar sexually assaulted the teen at the unnamed hotel on Feb. 1 and 2.

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