Huron University, a muslim only course and the woman who teaches it.

Michael Coren interviews Tarek Fatah about the man expelled from a public university course for not being a muslim.

Here is Ingrid Mattson in her own words and here on what she was teaching not so long ago) Here is another expose on sister Mattson

Here is a course she taught in 2007 at Hartford

Here is the interview with the man who audited the course and was expelled for not being a muslim

Thank you CB very much for this material. More to come. This is no small thing. This is capitulation to the very kind of Islam that the weak-kneed apologists for islam, the ones who claim there is several kinds of Islam and only a tiny minority are violent and misunderstand their religion, well this is promoting those exact ‘few’ and at our expense in every way.

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  1. Hello there……its me again…….Don Laird…..

    Here is all I need to know about Islam……..a young woman, strangled to death in a public square… terribly alone, she slips quietly away, in silent terror, no friends, no family, just the leering eyes of her Muslim tormentors and the grasping hands of her murderer……this… Islam……the religion of peace.


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. That ‘Quran and its place in life and society’ course is a horse of a different colour, at first glance, sugar-coated half-truths for the non-Muslim or the Muslim who knows little about Islam. Besides Mattson’s own ‘Story of the Quran’ (lauded on Amazon) the course texts include a book by Michael Sells that covers only the Meccan revelations (Ali Sina takes Prof. Sells to task at for precisely this) and Speight’s ‘God is One, the Way of Islam’ (‘clear and comprehensive knowledge about Islam’ for readers ‘willing to move past barriers to mutual understanding’). But students also get Qutb and Mawdudi. Maybe at the end, once they’ve been softened up.

    Against the background of all the IPT and Center for Security Policy material on Mattson at the links here, there is little for it but to try find humour in Wikipedia’s remarks on this vile propagandist under the subheading ‘Critics and Islamophobia’:

    ‘Since rising to a position of public prominence, Mattson has come under unrelenting attack from a small group of critics who have accused her of being everything from a Wahhabi to a Hamas sympathizer. These critics have mostly been linked by the Center for American Progress with an “Islamophobia Network” in the United States.’

  3. Is this the reason why our intrepid ancestors braved the cold and freezing to support a Muslim-only college course? what is ext? a Muslim only public college?

  4. So the question begs, why then was an infidel not allowed on the course? You’d think these Korang-utans would want the kuffir to learn about the beauty of the religion of Islam.
    Could it be anything to do with the fact that the course was probably full of tips and tricks to fool non-Muslims or plot against non-Muslims that the Umma does not want the infidel to know about?
    And just who is this Ingrid Mattson? It doesn’t sound like a Muslim name to me.
    Oh, of course – she’s just another convert, a sanity-deficient moron who has embraced a religion that enslaves her sisters and will enslave herself, and that offers her nothing but misery and a one-way ticket to Hell.

  5. Don Laird
    It is painful to see this woman being strangled to death. Yet she bears in with composure an decency that is truly remarkable.

    Poor poor woman She died alone, surrounded by jeering and rabid Jihadis.

    God will have mercy on her.

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