CBN on ‘Brave German Woman’

A month or two ago, one of Vlad’s long suffering translators (Thank you Oz-rita and Carpe-Diem) translated a video of the defiance of one German Christian horrified of seeing her church used to advance the cause of Islamic supremacy in Germany and the absurd taqyyia used to do it. (At the time I did not know that it was an ‘interfaith concert’ where the Christian side has a rather staggering cannon of brilliant instrumental and choral music and the muslim side had some tard calling people to submit to Islam)

CBN has now done a news piece about this woman and her brave action:

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10 Replies to “CBN on ‘Brave German Woman’”

  1. And the stupid appeasing church leaders kicked HER out instead of the tard. The very concept of trying to stage an “interfaith” event to “bring islam and christianity together” is a testament to the utter ignorance of these church leaders regarding Islam. I’ll bet the arselifters at the local mosque are laughing their muzzy turbans off at this one.

  2. Muslims have no place in a church. There is no such thing as interfaith with Muslims because the Muslims will always use it to push their dawa.
    This inbred weasel probably thinks that the church is a mosque now, because he dedicated it to Mohammed’s lazy useless false god, but thankfully he was interrupted during his inane ranting.
    While the Christians were playing music, the Imam (a winner on ‘Islam’s got talent’, no doubt) was giving the tard’s contribution to the event, a mindless piece of crap that deserved to be interrupted.

  3. I bet you’re right, Softly. Inbred weasels have permission to claim any territory they’ve pounced on long enough to moon Moh’s imaginary friend, Allaha.

  4. Softly Bob

    Muslims are sinners. They are also misguided. Its very difficult. Jesus said “I came to save sinners and not the righteous”. What is one to do?

    Somehow we have to get to Muslims that Mohammed is leading them to death – spiritual and physical. They must be made to see that the example of Mohammed has always led to internecine bloodshed. The only reason they live peaceful lives in the West is because Islam does not yet hold sway here.

    I don’t believe for a moment that Islam will win. The only question is whether the defeat of Islam will cause huge suffering to Muslims, or will they abandon Islam before the onset of mass suffering.

    As Heidi remarks, Germany (and the West), is lost. It is lost as it has slipped its spiritual moorings.

    Pray for Muslims, and for peace in the world.

  5. Not lost DP111, so long as people like these bear witness and stand firm.

    I can’t regard these marauders as sinners. They’re stark raving mad. Utterly devoid of reason, consumed by blood-lust. Suicide-murder games? Can anything this far gone be redeemed?

    They’re racing to hell. Soon they’ll be annihilated by their own fires. This can’t go on.

  6. Yucki

    You are right. As long as there are people such as Heidi, we are not lost.

    As I said before, “I don’t believe for a moment that Islam will win”. The only question is how many will be suffer as a consequence of the death cult of Islam – the sword of Islam is drenched with the blood of Muslims.

    And Muslims are human, “made in the image of God”. It is difficult not to feel a touch of sympathy for them.

  7. If there’s ever been a time for Judgement on a cosmic scale, it’s now. Who am I to judge the Judge?

    Florid psychotics delight in destroying creation. Those who promoted them and their devil worship must be consumed utterly. We’re not meant to enjoy the show. Why else was Lot told: “Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain…”

    There’s a time for mourning, and all I know for sure is: NOT NOW. Grab your Christian brethren, bring them out, lest they perish in the great conflagration that’s imminent. Those who have seen the light are your responsibility. And your reward.

  8. God bless this brave German woman and may her tribe increase! The German people, like all of Europe, have turned away from their Protestant and biblical heritage due to the plague of liberalism. The people have become secular, humanistic and godless.

    I believe God is judging the descendants of the brave Martin Luther for their total apostasy from the truth. And now Islam stands ready to carry out the hand of God Himself in judgment. I see it no other way. But Germany is not alone. The same is occurring among all white, european nations throughout all of the west. God is bringing the Philistines into our midst.

    The only hope, as I see it, is to return to historic, biblical Christianity and to renounce godless secularism and Leftism. Maybe then God will stay his hand and mercifully rid us of these filthy Philistines? We shall see.

  9. Bluff-
    “And now Islam stands ready to carry out the hand of God Himself in judgment.”

    Never! Did you mean ‘the hand of Satan’ maybe?

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