Mystery solved in Tower Hamlets.

Some of you may remember an article and video we posted here at Vlad and, as I recall, a few other sites posted as well, about a woman who was harassed by a bylaw officer in Tower Hamlets for failing to pick up after her dog.

It was obvious to anyone who watched the whole video that she was clearly not guilty and that some kind of conspiracy was afoot.

Tonight a video was sent to me that explains this story. A story that even many readers to this site showed displeasure at seeing posted at all. Nonetheless, the mystery has been solved and wether you feel it was important or relevant or not, it can at least safely be put to bed.

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  1. Ox AO:

    It is a joke that probably only about 9 people are gonna get. You need to know, A Who Alex Jones is, a classic massively famous in the US conspiracy nut who actually fabricates his own evidence to support the things he says are ‘true’. B. The oft repeated nonsense of the Kennedy conspiracy nuts that Kennedy was shot by some secret second shooter on a grassy knoll in Texas and C. you have to be slightly familiar with the overblown case of a woman being harassed by a corrupt little official in the UK who appears to be trying to puff up his paycheck by writing tickets for mythical offenses in Tower Hamlets.


    You are correct. Well strictly speaking, no you are not. It is indeed a real video. But the contents are an attempt at comedy and not news. Sorry if that wasn’t clear enough.

  2. Sounds too… I’m sorry, I can’t let it go. It’s too important.

    Muslims want to ethnically cleanse Tower Hamlets of the indigenous Brit, a dog-loving people from the Queen on down. Incomprehensible to Mohammedans who hate the kuffar more than they love their own children.

    The Tard sees this as a strategic weakness easy to exploit — the soft underbelly, if you will.

    Ruin the homely pleasure of a walk in the park with Rover. Create HUNDENFREI areas. Turn the pack of youths to sport-dognapping.

    Post videos of ingenious torture scenes. (Plus animal abuse is excellent training for baby-jihadis; most serial killers have a history of cruelty to animals.)

    The videos go viral; the MSM slobbers. Talking heads bark; far-right activists howl. Escalate to vaporize morale: mount grotesque displays of scores of puppies crucified upside-down.

    Eerie wailing covers the land, punctuated by the call to prayer. Five times a day everyday, that all-pervasive sound affects the bereaved in different ways.

    For many it will mark the beginning of a new routine, and as such it becomes strangely comforting…

    **** ****
    Do you see where I’m going? Where’s the Poo?

  3. Yucki: You are correct. I suspect in this case though, it was a combination of factors. The bylaw officer comes from a culture that, as you say, loathes the unbeliever and hates dogs but also within which corruption is the default. Muslims from Islamic nations and raised within the ethos of Islam would not lose a moments sleep about abusing a system for personal gain and may even sleep better if they corrupted a system meant to be fair to disadvantage the kufar.

    As they get a commission for tickets they write I think that was his motive as much as anything else. But I made this cause I just couldn’t resist the ‘second sh*tter joke and wanted to take a poke at Kennedy conspiracy people as well as at Jones who knowingly falsifies information to support conspiracies he promotes.

  4. Oops, sent the comment before refreshing the screen and didn’t read the comments above.

    Eeyore, this may be an intimate GoV moment. I’m a lurker so I can’t pass it on – along with comments on this thread. Dymphna will love it.

  5. Eeyore I love what you have done.

    Jones is a real nut job with great sources of info, but he reaches the wrong conclusion 99.99% of the time and then as you say fabricates evidence to support his conclusions. I don’t trust anything he says until I can trace it back beyond his stupidiy.

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