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27 Replies to “German Freedom party video. What the left has to pay for”

  1. Sadly it appears far too late for Germany…. Their new Government is a bad as always in pandering to the Islamists… The Germans are doomed. Only Norway, Italy, Greece, Holland and Russia seem to have any hope at this stage.

  2. Ross don’t give up on any nation we can still win and keep the entire west free. Granted it will be a hard fight but it can be won.

  3. Of course I am completely in LORVE with this truly courageous Michael Stürzenberger, but in this occasion I think the highlight is that passionate ‘WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANY MORE’ cry of this wonderful lady (ex teacher). No meek little German Hausfrau that one. BRAVO!

    Did you know that one of the big German News Papers “Die Süddeutsche Zeitung” (formerly a respectable paper) called Stürzenberger and his party “extreeeeeeeeme Right wing” and implied “Nazi” etc. But not only that. They accused him of “Anti-semitism” because one of the left and/or muslim agitators who follow him every week and harass him and his people, shouted anti-Jewish slogans – and the paper (and others) maliciously described this interjector as belonging to Michael Stürzenberger’s party.

    The other thing, in case you wonder why he seems to look at his stop watch a lot: Apparently his speeches were “too loud” so he had not only to turn down his microphone, but also limit his speeches to 10 minutes. That is why after 10 minutes he takes a break, but comes back afterwards…otherwise he will be schlepped before the courts again.

    Another court order against him decreed that he cannot film any of his attackers, and interjectors, but they can film his group.

    I think he could write a book about all the obstacles that are put in his way (by the “officials”), add to that the death threats etc. Truly a brave man to continue while under such stinking fire.

  4. @ yucki: YES !

    @ Ross A Lloyd: Angela Merkel used to have a bit of a spine – this has now been removed since she is “cohabiting” with the SPD (Socialist Party of Germany) who are now calling the shots. Many members of that party might as well have “allah-u-akbar” tatooed in Green on their foreheads !

  5. Yucki:

    Germany doesn’t have to atone for WW2. The Nazis do. There is no issue with the Germans. For that matter, Hitler was Austrian and Beethoven was German. We could, by the collective national guilt logic, punish Austria and thank Germany profoundly for the above facts. (Other than Beethoven’s adoration of Napoleon perhaps) It would be a great loss to civilization to see Germany fall to the barbarians. I hope Israel continues to offer valuable intel and training to deal with their 5th column. And yes. That is a sweet irony and a very nice one.

  6. Rita, I hadn’t known about the various ways the authorities were making life difficult for Michael Stürzenberger. Disgusting. He is brave indeed to carry on.

  7. Eeyore, I’m relieved you agree.

    Germans are a noble people. They’ve suffered terribly, yet their dignity ensures they’re never properly appreciated. They embraced the rot that was East Germany and did for their brethren what Jews have done for co-religionists all over the world for thousands of years. Did they complain?

    German Jews generations removed from the homeland are still more German than Jew. That speaks for itself. The warm friendship between Israeli and German security services is kinda personal. It transcends the vagaries of party politics so it’s of little interest to the MSM or hoi polloi.

    While the rest of continental Europe went on an appalling, self-indulgent, socialist binge, Germany was cast as Daddy Warbucks. Do they get thanks? No, they’re called “crafty bankers” and sinister industrialists.

    I feel so sorry for them. They meant well, they’re not suicidal.

  8. @yucki: “Germany doesn’t have to commit suicide to atone for WWII.
    And I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.”

    🙂 .. but I dont think that Germany (and France, Sweden, UK etc.) are committing suicide, it is their leaders (cowardly, opportunistic and sometimes even ideologically aligned with totalitarianism) who are selling out an leading their people to the slaughter. And people do, what people do: they follow. 🙁

  9. @Eeyore: “Hitler was Austrian and Beethoven was German”

    Yes, but Mozart was Austrian, that’s why I sometimes keep schtumm when they call him German.;) As to Beethoven’s adoration of Napoleon: later in live he woke up and even deleted (if I remember correctly) his dedication to Nappy of the (7th?) symphonie .

    PS @ yucki: regarding German (Ashkenaze) Jews – there is a deep affinity between the two people (I speak subjectively and only from my personal experiences) – from Cuisine to Culture. I am quite often sneered at when I say that the “normal” German Mensch is not anti-semitic as the “normal” French person might be. In view of the holocaust, that sneer is understandable, but that is what I feel.

  10. @ don c

    The “Authorities” would just LORVE to do away with this “Gadfly” (à la Socrates). He makes it very uncomfortable for the powers that be who are fully corrupt and in the pay of the Saudis. The “Left” (largely in power in the Munich town hall ) have even managed to enlist the big banks to a point where they refuse to open accounts for Stürzenberger’s Party “Die Freiheit” .

    Another disgusting action: It is deep in the German culture to meet at the “Stammtisch” in the pub. Well these nasties have agitated at Stürzenberger’s Group so intensively, and so successfully, that nearly every Pub in Munich now refuses members of “Die Freiheit” to meet there, before and after rallies. I dont think we can even fathom the hoops through which they make Stürzi jump.

    Yes, I think here we have to do with a real hero.

  11. Rita: “German Mensch is not anti-semitic as the “normal” French person might be.”

    I believe you’re absolutely correct. Many Israelis & Holocaust survivors share that point of view. Of course that’s not the sole measure of a country’s “civilization” [for want of a better word].
    ~~~> If we don’t underscore that up top, we’ll be drowned in the dirty stream of comments we generate. <~~~

    There just happens to be a close correlation between enlightened, successful societies and the participation of Jews within those societies. No doubt that’s equally true for citizens who are ethnic east Asians.

    Too bad their birth rate in the West is so low.

  12. @ yucki: “There just happens to be a close correlation between enlightened, successful societies and the participation of Jews within those societies.”

    I am in 1000000000 % (never claimed to be good at maths) agreement with that and happy that someone articulates so well what I KNOW to be true, but sometimes fail to get across. The other day I dropped into one of those sites, where you need a shower after you come out of it, and I basically said that “I’d rather have Jews as neighbours than arabs/muslims etc.”. WOW…. I did need Dettol and wire brush after the responses I got to that, if I ever wanted to feel clean again. But you are sooooo right – and as much as participation of Jews in a society will lift it, you only need to look at history very superficially to see that exactly the opposite happens after arabic influx (not to say “invasion”) and islamisation of a country.

    And I also agree with you about the contribution of ethnic east Asians in a society. At the moment I observe in the part of Paris where I live that the ethnic influx into this quartier is chinese, vietnamese, korean and when I realised that I was soooo delighted. And yes, pity that they seem to continue voluntarily the 1 or 2 children policy….if only one could IMPOSE such a policy on this other mob who seems to breed like rattlesnakes (if I may be vulgar for a moment or ten) 😉

  13. Rita and yucki,

    Okay, I will rush in where angels fear to tread.

    Why exactly does France need an ethnic influx of Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese? Does it not make more sense, on the whole, for Vietnamese to live in Vietnam, Koreans in Korea, Chinese in China? The Vietnamese, for example, certainly thought it was better for French people to return to France, and they went to some trouble to persuade them to do that. Vietnam has no enthusiasm for multiculturalism. I thought France was losing its own zeal. And why are the Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese in a quarter? Isn’t it better that they disperse and integrate, intermarry, become French?

    Koreans, Chinese and Vietnamese might find themselves living in the same quarter in Paris, but I can’t imagine that that is from some newly-discovered love of each other. East Asia is as shot through with long-standing, deep-seated racial, ethnic and national hatreds as any other region you would care to name. Which I’m sure you know, really. Just those three groups have been at each other’s throats for centuries.

    I think it’s a very interesting study how much the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia has benefited Southeast Asians and not just Chinese. I don’t know what the balance is finally – I would be interested if anyone knows a good study of this – but there is widespread resentment of Chinese in Southeast Asia, to put it mildly.

    Would Israel welcome a large influx of peoples from East Asia, practicing a mix of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, animism, agnosticism and atheism, going in for real estate, let’s say, buying up great swathes of land, building and renting out to Jews? I ask because I don’t know. Whether or not they move a lot of the money they make out of the country, sending it back to East Asia.

  14. @ don c : from one non-angel to another 😉

    In a short answer I would simply call on the Einstein argument of relativity and leave it there. But I have never been able to be simple, short and concise.

    All my evidence is anecdotal:

    When I spoke of an ethnic “influx” – I probably used the wrong word and should have said “presence”. The Vietnamese have been here for a looooooong time – and are mainly (I think) South Vietnamese coming when the French left Vietnam and fleeing the communists. There are lots of intermarriages between French and Vietnamese. If I included Koreans and Chinese it is mainly because of the restaurants around here calling themselves that. (the present “fashion” being “sushi”, I hear from my French friends that Chinese etc. just re-name their restaurants “Japanese”).

    In my immediate neighbourhood (5th Arr.) I have 1 Iranian grocer, 1 Arab green grocer, a couple of Kebab shops, an italian eatery, 5 asian restaurants (incl. Korean, Chinese), 2 bakeries (vietnamese) the rest of the commerces here are what they call “Francais de Souche”. (Real French). The area feels and is safe. Not something you can say about parts of the city where Arabs/sub-saharan/muslim etc. moved in – they have become no-go zones.

    That is the difference: (at least here in France): where you have east asians move in, they actually bring colour, work hard and contribute, and people like to go there (especially if they like asian food as I do), same thing the “Marais”, one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of Paris, for a long time nearly exclusively the Jewish quarter – lately there has been a big influx of the Gay community – both communities won’t have a chance of survival if the islamisation of France progresses even further, but so far it is still an area where one goes to visit and to shop.

    Arab/sub-saharan/muslim migrants will take over a whole area and replace/deplace the ‘natives’. It used to happen only in the outer suburbs which have long since become a no-go zone – even for police and ambulances etc., but now the “overflow” has reached the city – the 20th, 19th, 18th have been flooded for a while, but now even the arrondissements next to what used to be the most posh 8th arrondissement of Paris – i.e. the 17th has experienced car burnings etc. after e.g. football games, or after New Years Eve “celebrations”, or any of those excuses the “canaille” take to wreck havoc.

    And now I rush where even devils fear to thread:

    I have observed that where Chinese, Vietnamese etc. move in, they seem to be a bulwark against arab/african/muslim invasions – a bit like the presence of ants seems to signify (or even cause) the absence of termites in a house.

    You also write:

    “Would Israel welcome a large influx of peoples from East Asia, practicing a mix of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, animism, agnosticism and atheism, going in for real estate, let’s say, buying up great swathes of land, building and renting out to Jews? I ask because I don’t know….”

    Speculatively – because I have never been to Israel yet, nor am I Jewish:

    Since freedom of religion in Israel is real, and since the religions you mention are not proselytising ones, I dont think that this brave little country would kill them as its arab/muslim neighbours do. As to “buying up great swathes of land”, seeing the tiny size of Israel, I dont think there are “great swathes of land” to have.

    Have a look:


  15. @ Rita, thank you for that interesting thumbnail sketch of Paris at present. It’s always worse than I know (Islamic invasion-wise).

    I can imagine the French and Vietnamese having got themselves sorted after a fashion in France. When I traveled in Vietnam 20 years, a lot of the older people were eager to speak French with me, and in a very animated, ebullient, French sort of way (and they had far better French than I do, though that isn’t saying much).

    There is this idea of a cosmopolitan city I have which I’m not sure anymore wasn’t just always an illusion or self-deception. It has quarters which are somehow not ghettos, variety without balkanization, an assortment of interesting religions, an open and lively exchange of ideas, a free press – many independent news sources – civic-mindedness all around, rule of law, equality before the law, a tradition of hospitality to strangers, colourful markets and a bustling quay, why not. I’ll think of more things later. I don’t know history well enough to be sure if that ever existed anywhere in a stable configuration for any length of time. In any event, we appear to be moving away from the possibility of its coming around again in the foreseeable future.

    Thanks for the Pocket Facts! Looks like a nifty resource – I’ll check it out this evening.

  16. Rita,
    Great brochure. Thank-you for introducing it here.

    There are many superb websites devoted to Israel and Israelis. Some are explicitly directed to Jews living in the Diaspora, many of whom have close family and friends there. Or they will soon, the way things are going in Europe.

    Spiritual attachment is a whole different subject. Jews pray for Israel daily, have done for thousands of years. There’s a yearning, a disordered conscience among many who believe in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    Most Jews and Christians read Scripture metaphorically. Yet the prophecy of the New Jerusalem is immediate and compelling. At a minimum we feel a moral imperative to protect and defend it, if not in body than with soul.

    Fact-sheets may inform those who read them without bias. Nothing will convince the ignorant haters.

    **** ****
    Q: Do you know why you shouldn’t try to teach a pig to sing opera?
    A: Because you won’t succeed. And you’ll annoy the pig.

  17. An aside to our discussion of French bigotry above:
    ___“What North African anti-Semites learned from the French.”___
    Damian Thompson reviews a book by Andrew Hussey entitled, “The French Intifada: the Long War Between France and its Arabs”.

    Venerable French anti-Semitism meets the rabid North African version in the banlieues of the French Intifada. Two sub-classes of Jew-hate blended during the century or so of French colonial adventurism in North Africa. Once again the French prove themselves masters of style, the “différence”.

    “French anti-Semitism… it still flavors French traditionalist Catholicism and the Front National…attacks on synagogues and cemeteries are predominantly the work of young males of north African descent (something the EU has tried to conceal).

    The French Intifada joins the dots between the two. You might think that, given the gruesome racism of French Algeria, the Arab gangs of the banlieues (squalid housing estates encircling Paris and other cities) would despise no one more than the nominally Christian descendants of their colonial oppressors.

    Wrong. It’s French Jews they really hate. Worse, Jew-hatred isn’t confined to gangs. Hussey spells this out in uncompromising language that you don’t expect from a contributor to the BBC and Guardian, which shy away from exposing non-white racism.

    Anti-Semitism thrives in the banlieues, says Hussey: young people’s chatter is full of references to sale juif, sale yid, sale feuj (backslang), even youtre, an old slang word derived from the German Jude that carries overtones of the deportations of Vichy.”


  18. Alan Dershowitz: “Europe’s Alarming Push to Isolate Israel”

    Why are so many of the grandchildren of Nazis and Nazi collaborators who brought us the Holocaust once again declaring war on the Jews?

    Why have we seen such an increase in anti-Semitism and irrationally virulent anti-Zionism in western Europe?

    To answer these questions, a myth must first be exposed. That myth is the one perpetrated by the French, the Dutch, the Norwegians, the Swiss, the Belgians, the Austrians, and many other western Europeans: namely that the Holocaust was solely the work of German Nazis aided perhaps by some Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian collaborators.


    The Holocaust was perpetrated by Europeans — by Nazi sympathizers and collaborators among the French, Dutch, Norwegians, Swiss, Belgians, Austrians and other Europeans, both Western and Eastern.


  19. Yucki you got that right, all of the collaborators were prosecuted but the various nations don’t want people to know that there was local help for the Nazi’s. One of the things being done is the way they are trying to soften the condemnation of the local women who slept with German soldiers, after the war in France they were stripped either half naked or full naked with swastikas painted on their breasts and butts and paraded all around town, now the left is trying to pass the sexual collaboration as being normal and not to be condemned.

  20. There was an interesting editorial yesterday – I’ll try to find it. Something like, “The question is: Should we give up on Europe altogether. The answer: Emphatically No.”

    Then followed a discussion – a great one.

  21. With luck they won’t have to, however I am sure the Jewish faith would survive and would return to Israel at some time in the future.

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