News links for Feb. 7 2014 – 1

1. Dispatch International interview Britain First, UKs Christian anti-sharia patrol

My friends Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard are running Dispatch International – a highly recommendable newspaper. They recently did a short interview with Britain First, a Christian anti-sharia group that patrols the streets of London in armed vehicles, confronting Islamic sharia patrols and handing out flyers inviting people to report sharia-patrols to Britain First. Excerpt from the article “Christian resistance in London“:

“Britain First does not hide its intentions. It has started a counter offensive against the ”Sharia Patrols” that have for some time intimidated non-Muslims who have ventured into ”their” areas and threatened common citizens who have dared to drink beer or display other forms of non-Islamic behavior.

The Christian Patrols have now joined the battle for the country’s future in areas that Muslims have declared to be theirs. Democratic elections are useless, says Britain First’s leader Paul Golding – a well-trained man who used to be a cage fighter. Even the organization’s spokesman, James Dowson, knows how to fight. He tells Dispatch International that he used to be a protestant militant in Belfast. That was where he learned how to set up an organization based on military principles.

But when a Christian Patrol entered the Muslim lion’s den for the first time – on a Friday, the day of Friday prayers – it was not in order to pick a fight but just to hand out flyers encouraging people not to be intimidated by the Sharia Patrols. What happened? Were they accosted or attacked?

– Nothing happened, says James Dowson. The sharia boys are very brave as long as they don’t encounter resistance. But faced with people who are prepared to defend themselves, they’re not so courageous.

Paul Golding emphasizes that so far nobody has dared take the fight to the Muslims’ front door. That is what Britain First intends to do. It is about time, says Golding, to put a stop to the Islamization that is 70 percent paid for by Saudi Arabia.”

2. Hollande says the new Tunisian constitution is proof that islam is fully compatible with democracy.

3. The Obama admin just keeps getting classier!

4. Interesting old world fight in Italian train station between a man with a meat cleaver and another man with an umbrella. Abdel Kader Farth, 31, was arrested after the unnamed hero broke up a brutal fight in a Milan underpass

5. Al-Madinah free school in Derby to stop secondary education

Al-Madinah School
The school closed temporarily after inspections in October

Secondary education at the troubled Al-Madinah free school in Derby will stop in the summer because of government concerns about the quality of teaching.

A report from Ofsted in October found the Muslim faith school was chaotic, dysfunctional and inadequate and it was placed in special measures.

6. Passenger claiming to have bomb reportedly tries to divert plane to Sochi

A passenger claiming he had a bomb has reportedly attempted to divert a plane to Sochi. The plane landed safely in Istanbul after leaving Ukraine, with Turkey’s transport ministry confirming a bomb threat had been made.

7. The last moment of the British jihadist who blew himself up to free Syrian rebels: UK fighter drove truck full of explosives in prison suicide attack

(Click over for pictures)

8. Exactly how did Russia get the Winter Olympics? As I recall, they used to have standards that included not having water you couldn’t put on your face “because it contains something very dangerous.”

Thank you Nicolai Sennels, M, UK Pete, Fjordman and all! More to come. A lot more. Sorry about that.

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14 Replies to “News links for Feb. 7 2014 – 1”

  1. #2

    “Flamby” (as the French call Hollande, and it’s not flattering) deserves the 19 % approval rating, the lowest of a President only 2 years into his 5 year mandate in the history of the 5th Republique.

    Spineless blanc-mange who is sooooooooooo strong following the execrable Obama like a little Dackel into boycotting Putin’s Olympics, yet bum-kisses at the drop of a hat not only “moderate muslims’ derrieres” as those of Tunesian politicians who just made a “compromise” (compromise with the Islamists, dass ich nicht lache ! ha!) but he also has no problems visiting and kissing bums in Saudi Arabia, Iran and what not.

    From time to time I actually feel a little sorry for the hapless little man, but not right now ! Hmmmpfff!

  2. #4: Is that meat cleaver wielding Abdul Kader Farth really called “Farth”?? And what is it with “them” and meat cleavers.

    #1: Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard are heroes – and if only there were more Paul Goldings in Britain.

    #7: the things they do call “British” these days – like those “jihadists” who by now are thankfully mincemeat. “British”? *rolls eyes*

  3. Oh, and one more thing: Re #3:

    The difference between the vulgarians at Obama’s White House and our morally, intellectually and physically elegant Geert Wilders, whose message about Europe is the same in essence but so much more civilised in form:

  4. Syria troops ‘retake most of Aleppo prison’ from rebels

    Syrian troops retook Friday most of Aleppo’s prison, lost to rebels a day earlier, in fighting that has killed at least 46 people over two days, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

    But the fate of hundreds of prisoners reportedly freed after Islamist and jihadist fighters overran the facility was unclear, with suggestions that they may not have been able to flee amid the fighting.

    Clashes in part of the jail and on its perimeter resumed between government forces and fighters of Ahrar Al-Sham Brigade and Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra front, the Britain-based watchdog said.

    The 46 dead over two days were 20 soldiers, 21 rebels and five prisoners

  5. #3 one of the things the left does is lower the vocabulary of everyone, having a large vocabulary is suppose to be talking down to the uneducated. The Russian spoken in Russia is not near as elegant or poetic as that under the Czars.

  6. The opening ceremony was electric and set the bar so high it will keep it for several decades. Compare it to the sick comedy done by retards that embarrassed Canadians 4 years ago in our very own Hongcouver.

  7. #1 It isn’t ARMED vehicles but ARMOURED vehicles. There are no weapons involved, just grilles (like on police vans) and armour plating.


    For several hundred years, people have thought of Britain as the epitome of modern civilisation and land of Enlightenment that gave rule of law, individual freedom and democracy to the world. In early decades of the 21st century, this image is being eroded, as pockets of Britain are being transformed into isolated enclaves, administered by Islamic clerics associated with different mosques and madrassas…

  9. @ yucki 🙂 each time I see Geert Wilders I think: “light at the end of the tunnel” …no wonder they want him dead.

    @ Martin: Whom will the Nato blame/strike this time time? No “non-muslims” left to bomb or bring before the kangaroo-courts of Eurabia !!!

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